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Wednesday January 30, 2013

Facebook reported their earnings after the close today........very unusual, the chart looks all over the place.....what will it do tomorrow......

AMZN, is a mystery. I have made more money on that stock than any before. They continue to report no profits and the short traders keep shorting the stock and keep getting caught, because the stock goes up after poor earnings. Really........we have to pay sales tax now.....why is the stock going up? As everyone who knows me I receiver at least three deliveries a week from Amazon. I always look to buy something on Amazon First!! Even if I have to pay more I always get my product soon, sometimes before I expect it. I assume many of you think the same thing. Is that important in a stock? Valuations......., my diary tonight

Facebook is valued at 67 Billion dollars, do they have a monopoly?

Amazon is valued at 123 Billion, do they have a monopoly?

Apple is valued at 429 Billion, do they have a monopoly?

Google is valued at 248 Billion, do they have a monopoly?

Microsoft is valued at 233 Billion, do they have a monopoly?

Netflix is valued at 9.3 Billion, do they have a monopoly?

Sirius Radio is valued at 16.4 Billion, do they have a monopoly?

3D Systems is valued at 3.45 Billion.............

I could go on but my point is.............. which company is over valued and what company is undervalued. I believe Amazon is undervalued.

8:30 Pm: Pat is away so I have been watching politics mostly but I decided to look at the rest of "Raisin In The Sun". Amazon again.........I started looking at Amazon Instant Video so i saw one of Sidney Poitier's first big movies. He is dynamic and the acting is great, way ahead of its time So I have to head up to finish this great movie.


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