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Wednesday February 6, 2013

My Mother was 91 years old yesterday so we went out to lunch with her and spent the afternoon with her and drove the short trip from Millbrae back to Kate's Condo in Lower Haight. We had dinner with Kate and her friend later when she got off work from her structural engineering firm. It was a busy day, and with many stops home today including starting our remodel of Kate's kitchen.

I have a lot of my friends and acquaintances upset with me the last few days. It seems I can not have my opinion, regarding the San Francisco 49ers. As I have said before I was a big 49er fan when I was young and then became a Raider fan when I was 24 years old. As a Raider fan I have to admit it is hard to like the 49ers now. I am sure some of you on the East Coast know what I mean regarding the Giants, Jets, Panthers, Patriots, Bills, Steelers, Ravens all with in a few hundred miles. We only have two teams..........The Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers. Sure there is the San Diego Chargers, 500+ miles away but no L.A. team, a mere 450+ miles away. I am a Raider fan so I was rooting for the Ravens and only a few people around me were happy. The 49ers were the best team but they made mistakes. Maybe they will become the team of the decade by winning more games. The Raiders were that team back in the late 60's and seventies and up to 1984. They won more games than any other team.........So 49er fans should have another great run. BUT watch out for Seattle.............800 miles away.

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