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arrow June 3 - June 9, 2012

Sunday June 3, 2012  

Ok, here is the first report on the new ice maker. I am happy, even though I got no ice at first. It seemed like the auger needed to be turned around a little to loosen the first batch, but now I have all the ice I want and more. If I am not careful, it comes out so fast, some goes on the floor. Time will tell since I need a lot of ice.

9:00:  I just realized I only have one sacred place in my life that no one touches. Otherwise I have to watch everything I do. Even though that one sacred place is mine, everyone who comes into my office can see. It is my 8 foot long desk.....pasties all over and with three monitors from 15 inch, 22 inch and 32 away a little. I keep CNN on all the time during the week, but with no sound. I see the news later. I watch because I am mostly interested in the Market and as most of you know, it is one of my passions. Tomorrow the market will be down and I may have to buy more. The market is so easy in the long run. If capitalism is the choice, all markets will go up in the next ten years........we will have to feed many more people.......and if capitalism does not survive the Market will be down....in any case we must take care of our people.

Thursday June 7, 2012

8:00 Pm: I just fell down. They say never to fall down after your surgery. Of course I had some wine this eventing so I am loose and having a good time. Pat is in the bedroom looking at the Giant game and I was excited too much so I turned around too fast and hit a plant that of course did not support me. I am fine and had no trouble getting up and I will rest a little on the computer and up stairs in the Movie Room. There of course is a little pain so I will monitor it.

I am doing so well including my slight misshape this evening. We have decided to take a trip up to see Susie in Seattle. I will travel in my BMW with a clutch. I will have no problem. It will be a nice trip.

Catarino and I walked out in the vineyard today and agreed......this is the biggest crop potential we have seen in years. Of course I was grouchy as usual....complaining we have to thin this TOO BIG crop. Catarino takes all I have to say and smiles. We know each other.

I am writing because I need to rest and see how my knee is doing after my fall.

I love Nadal and there is a new lady on the tennis seen, Errani. She is in the finals. So I have a lot to see tonight in tennis.

9:45 Pm: I am tasting a little Heineken, late for me but I want to make sure my leg is Ok. I was just up looking at the tennis and Iced down so I seem to be fine.

Tomorrow we will continue to prepare for our first Sparkling Wine event for this Saturday June 9. There will be many cheese choices and all the sparkling wine you may want to taste. There will be a small fee.  

Friday June 8, 2012

I just want to let anyone who was concerned about my graceful fall last night THAT I am fine. I plan to take it easy today, no exercises and rest before our event tomorrow.


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