David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery

General Shipping Information 

As our customers know, the David Coffaro "Crazy Futures Program" is an attempt to provide our wines at very reasonable prices. As a part of that program, here's our "not so crazy" way of getting the wine to you.


We bottle our wines at various times throughout the year. Most 10-month aged red wines are bottled in July of each year and most 16-month aged red wines are bottled in late January of each year. There are various exceptions for specific, unique wines. Please feel free to contact us by email if you have any questions about our bottling schedule. 


Although we do not have an official release date for our wines, we believe they all benefit from at least a few months of aging and we therefore recommend holding the wines here for a few months after bottling.

You may pick up your previously ordered wine or have it shipped anytime after you receive our release notification in August of each year. We are open 11:00 to 4:00 daily (except for a few major holidays) for pick ups. If you wish to have your wine shipped, please fill out and submit the shipping form


For most parts of the country, we prefer to ship wine during the months of October, November, March and April to avoid the extremes of cold and hot weather during the wine's journey. Remember trucks, loading docks and front porches may not be the best place to leave wine for any length of time! However, we will defer to your judgment as to when would be the best time to ship the wine to your particular area. Therefore, you may instruct us to have your wine shipped anytime during the year, based on your knowledge and experience with wine shipments to your area. You may choose your preferred date of shipment by using our shipping form which allows you to indicate any date throughout the year. Please keep in mind that a signature from an adult over the age of 21 will be requested for all wine deliveries.

Where it is legal for us to do so, we will make arrangements to have your wine shipped to you. As the legal status of shipping alcoholic products seems to be constantly changing, we ask that you contact us before placing an order (which requires shipment) if there is any question about whether or not we can ship to your state.

Please note: All shippers prefer a business address for delivery rather than a residential address due to the fact that they know that someone will always be available to sign for the package. As there is also a surcharge of $3-$12 for residential delivery (depending upon the carrier used), please consider the possibility of using a business address for delivery if possible.


Whenever we receive online orders and shipping instructions from you, an automated confirmation will be returned to you by email. Once we actually process your request, you will, in most instances, also receive a personal confirmation from us by email. However, during our initial April pre-harvest offering period, due to heavy volume, we are sometimes unable to personally confirm all orders. Of course, checking to see if your credit card has been charged or your check has been cashed can help you determine if your order or shipment has taken place. Most banks provide automated services that allow you to check that information by phone or online.

Given the possiblity of mis-directed faxes, e-mail and other correspondence, please do not assume that we have received your orders or instructions unless they are confirmed.