Re: Screwcaps
    Grant Wakelin, April 30, 2004

    I note the comments about screw caps, and your concern over making the right decision.  It is a difficult one for no other reason than snobbery!  After the research I am sure you will find the error rate with the caps decreases from cork.  It will affect orders in the short term - I think you will find that as well from your research, so accompanying the decision with education of consumers is important.  Actually just read your latest diary note and your decision to go screw cap - good on you.  I for one would be happy to have screw caps sent to me!  The only downside is losing the ceremony of
    opening the wine with my fancy corkscrew!

    I have some fun now with screw cap wines - mainly from NZ (from which I originate).  I enjoy taking a screw cap bottle to a dinner and watching the host's face as I give them the wine.  I then insist they open the bottle and try the wine - and see the sense of relief and disbelief that the wine could actually be as good as it tastes!  This may of course be my warped NZ sense of humor.

    Love the wines - and will buy if and when you go screw cap!

    Here are a few links to articles and such on screw caps.  Anyone can find a lot of information on it these days.

    International Herald Tribune
    Wine Spectator

    Screw caps are the way forward now.


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  • David Coffaro, April 24, 2004