1999 Aca Modot
    Greg McCormack, July 1, 2003

    Yesterday (Sat June 28th) I am at the house that we are remodeling in Kinwood on a lake overlooking the golf course working from 9:00am until 6:00 pm. This is far too long for an aged challenged person. I was removing carpet underlay which was incredibly filthy and replacing electrical outlets and switches. Which I did without a single flaw (the electrical work that is). I arrived home to be greeted by my wife. She is the most incredible person that I have ever had the privilege to know. She said that I had a choice for dinner between a pasta dish of chicken and artichoke, fresh salmon or a filet steak. These are all fabulous choices. Bear with me I am getting to wine. I chose the steak which then begged the question of what wine.  When I had already barbecued the steaks, medium rare, I went to the cellar to quickly retrieve a bottle of wine. I snatched up a 1999 Aca Modot and cracked it open. What a wife, what a steak and what a perfect wine for the food and the occasion. I fell in love all over again with my wife during the meal. Deep, full bodied, great long finish and fruit galore, this is the wine that I am talking about. It drank superbly with the meal and I am finishing the bottle as I type this email and reliving the past nights experience all over again. The wine took away all of the aches and pains of a long day of work. The only downside was this is the last bottle of Coffaro that I have in Texas. I do have 4 cases in California held by a friend that I must rescue soon very soon.

    I am sorry to take so long to talk about the wine but I felt that I had to set the stage since the wine enhances the experience and takes it to a much higher level of enjoyment. This was one of the best meals in a long time. Keep up your hard work in making great wines.

    I miss California .


  • 1999 Aca Modot

  • Greg McCormack, July 1, 2003