Cafaro v. Coffaro
    J.T. Charles, November 30, 2002

    I know you have a lot of visitors over the course of the year, however I wanted to share a recent experience in Carmel, CA with you. In November of  2001 I had the pleasure of visiting you and your winery at the close of a  tour of the Dry Creek Valley. Friends of ours met  you through a mutual friend. They wanted to pick up wine that they had previously ordered from you.

    While nine of us had been touring various wineries throughout the day on a  private tour, they insisted that we make Coffaro our last stop. I have to say it was memorable for all of us, as your hospitality was amazing. You not only
    closed your doors for the day, and turned on the music, but treated our group to some of our very first barrel tastings as you climbed the racks with thief in hand. I will never forget that experience or the great wines we shared.

    On a Saturday evening at Roy's at the Inn on Spanish Bay in Pebble Beach, I noticed under Cabernet/Merlot a Cofaro. I asked our server it if was Joseph Cafaro or David Coffaro, for it was David Coffaro to bring it on. The server returned with a 1/2 bottle of Cafaro, Napa Valley. I told the server that I did not want the Cafaro from Napa but the Coffaro from Dry Creek. She returned quite upset and insisted, per her sommelier that this was what I had asked for.

    I asked for the wine list again and saw a 'G. Ferrier' Pinot Noir. I asked if this was Gloria Ferrer not 'Ferrier'. The sommerlier came out with the bottle which was clearly misprinted on the menu. Upon reviewing the bottle, I accepted it, and he poured a glass. He then went on to try and explain that 'Cofaro' frequently changes label but the original bottle was the David 'Coffaro' I was seeking. I advised the sommelier that while wine labels may change, you certainly did not change the spelling of your last name or where your winery was located.

    Later in the meal our server stopped by and said 'Did the sommelier straighten you out?' I replied, 'No but I did educate him on the difference between Cafaro and Coffaro". She clearly did not appreciate my explanation.

    Suffice it to say, I do know the difference and am working to get the menu corrected as well as to further educate the sommelier through management (if you know what I mean). The bottom line, I'm sorry that we could not enjoy a
    Coffaro but our experience of your winery will never be forgotten.

    Thought you would appreciate the support in Carmel.

  • Cafaro v. Coffaro

  • J.T. Charles, November 30, 2002