1997 Aca Modot
    Q Correll, March 22, 2004

    Hi All!

    Well, here I am again,... replying to my own message of sixteen months ago about this wine.

    I had nine full bottles of David's '97 Aca Modot left in my stash. So, after having a problem with some other wine in my stash, I thought I had better test one.  As if one needs an excuse to "test" a wine. <g>

    The composite cork is deeply colored and was well sealed.

    Typical Coffaro nose... with a melding of the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc... with just a very slight hint of 'barnyard' or 'tobacco' as my glass warmed over a few minutes.

    Great legs, portending the complexity of character of a well aged wine.

    The color is deep, dark, opaque garnet; essentially black in low light or shadow.

    The first taste with the tip of the tongue SINGS with that combination of flavors and complexity with alcohol that says: "This wine is WINE!" Rolling in the mouth the tannins still available for continued maturation make their presence known.  in spite of the strength or heat of the alcohol with the first tongue-tip, taste, the wine does not burn going down.  Not yet as mellow as I expect it will be in a year or two, it has definitely matured in the last sixteen months and it displays its alcohol with the berry and strong plumb fruit flavors as I swallow, the currant I detected over a year ago now melding with the berry and plumb.  The finish is long and pleasant and makes me reach for the glass again for a second 'hit' of this marvelous wine!

    As good as it is now, it should be fantastic in a year or two.

  • 1997 Aca Modot

  • Q Correll, November 3, 2002
  • 1997 Aca Modot

  • Q Correll, March 22, 2004