1997 Aca Modot
    Q Correll, November 3, 2002

    Hi All,

    I snagged a case of David's first Aca Modot effort.  Tasting in the barrel I had decided that it needed a few years for my taste so, I decided on five years from the vintage date.  Well, it's been five years...  I cracked a bottle for Willy and I to have with dinner.

    The cork is one of the combo synthetic ones David used that year.  It was well sealed and the end was covered with some fine sediment which trailed a little in the bottle neck as I extracted the cork.  I used a paper towel to remove the residue from the neck.

    The color is deep, almost opaque, black-plumb garnet.

    The nose was strong with plumb, a hint of tobacco and the Cabernet Franc grape.

    The taste, swill and swallow confirmed what I felt about this wine over four years ago.  It's a bomb!  Excellent body.  The taste of plumb, both the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc grapes and the zing of pepper  (The pepper surprised me a good bit since I do not remember any such character from the barrel tasting.).  Strong tannins abound that still coat the inside of the mouth.  Some acid and plenty of alcohol.  Looooong finish tailing off into some essence of currants.

    There are plenty of tannins, acid and alcohol yet available for continued bottle aging.

    This wine, while it doesn't seem to have the complexity it did when young, has superb character and an integration one rarely sees in David's wines.  I think this wine will be fantastic in another five years.  And I'd rate it a 90 to 92 right now.

    I guess I don't have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the bottle we opened? I really like this wine.


  • 1997 Aca Modot

  • Q Correll, November 3, 2002
  • 1997 Aca Modot

  • Q Correll, March 22, 2004