2000 Futures Worth the Wait!
    Tom Regner, March 4, 2002

    Picked up our 2000 futures on Saturday, March 2nd, 2002, the first full day of the Russian River Barrel Tasting weekend.  As David predicted in his Diary, it was pandemonium with hordes flocking to the tasting tables and the smell of the garlic potato(e) [Quayle version] soup filling the air along with the strains of "Woodstock: The Movie."  Several tasters were heard singing along with Crosby, Stills and Nash's "Judy Blue Eyes" as they moved from the spectacular Block 4 to the Petite Sirah.  Always such a treat to visit the winery with the party in full swing...

    Last night we popped the cork on a 2000 Neighbor's Zin.  At first sniff, my English skills reverted to a more rural dialect.  "This ain't yer reg'lur zin," I thought.  This seemingly odd mixture of grapes yields fruits and spices I haven't visited in awhile.  The usual bramble-fruit mix of blackberries and currants, but also... what's that?... horehound drops??  The first taste is loaded with a complex and ric h blend of red and black fruits, with a distinct note of pomegranate that brought a big red smile to my face.

    Balance is the key.  Some of my winegeek friends might find the fruit in this wine over the top, but I find the acid gives it the backbone and the blend gives it impeccable structure and a long, spicy/fruity finish.

    A real winner.  I'm glad to be a customer, and will be again!

  • 2000 Futures Worth the Wait!

  • Tom Regner, March 4, 2002