Re: Restaurant wine prices
    Dave D, November 12, 2002

    Another hidden issue is the politically driven liquor laws, varying from state to state.  Here in New Mexico, the liquor lobby is very strong.  While we are a reciprocal state (whew!) (and thus don't have to reship & label as "china" or whatever in order to get the stuff...), it is illegal for any restaurant to allow any alcohol to be consumed which was brought in by the customer. I have had some small unlicensed restaurants let me bring in a bottle & pour it for me in the kitchen, usually into a coffee mug... but that's rare.

    Restaurants are limited in the distributors they can use, only a few exist, and thus end up paying premium prices for their stock. Typical markup at a high end restaurant is 200% or more.  I can get, for example, St Francis Merlot for under $20 at Sam's, and it was on the list at Ger----- for $68.  Ouch!

    We're ok with takeout gourmet food to be eaten at home with a bottle of Coffaro that we bought as futures for $13.50 :-)

    I think it would be great to have BYO restaurants but the liquor lobby will not let it happen here, nor most places, I expect.

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