Re: Restaurant wine prices
    Jason Lovejoy, July 28, 2002

    As a restaurant manager, I cannot agree more with the disadvantages of a 250% hike on wine prices. Really, an establishment should stay by the industry standards:

    By Bottle:115% mark up
    By Glass :130% mark up

    I would never charge higher than that for fear of losing valuable clientele whom I could never replace. While most people do not understand the pricing difference between a distributor (whom by law we MUST order from), and a retail situation (i.e. grocery, wine or liquor store). We pay sometimes double for our inventory from a distributor. It can be frustrating for us, as well.

    If this was a part time venture, where I was supplying the wine for friends, of course it would cost less. But when you enter a dining environment, you pay for the ambience, food and wine. It's all about the environment and entertainment.

    Take a look around. Is the ambience that you seek really worth the price?

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