Re: 99 Petite Syrah
    David Rich, October 16, 2001

    This past August our little wine group met and the theme was Petite Sirah. I knew this ahead of time so while in Wine Country for a wedding in June I went in search of something yummy to bring back with me. A friend recommended that I set up an appointment to visit Coffaro while in the area and I did (along with my in-laws) and grabbed some '99
    Petite Sirah to carry back home with me. Now, let me just say that our wine group is very informal and mostly made up of folks who like to drink wine (as opposed to those who like to sit around talking about drinking wine ;-). We had a wide variety of Petite's to choose from (some nasty, some nice) and the overall consensus at the end of the evening was that the Coffaro Petite was most wonderful (runner up was a nice Petite from Christopher Creek). I think I would agree with Keith (in the previous posting) that the Coffaro Petite was more "approachable" but there was definitely no lack of character to the wine. It very much challenged your palate to wake up and be an active participant. There was much reward for doing so. Yum. ;-)

    Anyway, I was kicking myself for only grabbing 6 bottles while out there since I'm not very good at letting good wine sit around for too long! :-) I just finished signing up for some 2001 futures and grabbing a few bottles of what's left in the 2000 stash.

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