David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

March, 2009 

Wednesday March 4, 2009

I have been told I will never be regarded as a winemaker from a high end winery unless I charge much more for my wines. So I have decided to charge even less for my wines because in this economy I want to be know as being fair. I have checked out most all of the wineries around us in Dry Creek Valley and almost all are charging much more than we are. Also these wineries (Don't Ask me to identify them) have been in all the press lately. Now, are they hiring a marketer to promote their winery? OR am I not making wines as good as theirs? Well of course I think my wines are as good or even better than the wines from those wineries and I have tasted wines from most of the wineries around here. I guess I have to give up and realize I am not up to promoting my wines to the extent of charging too high a price. 

I hoped to have a great description of what I thought our new Wine Club (promotion's scheme) would entail. BUT all of us have been having a heated discussion about the details. The bottom line is I am making it too complicated according to them. I wanted to be fair, but I now know I will have to think about it tomorrow and get back to you Friday. I am the President of David Coffaro Winery so I have the final decision. Prices are going down!!

Friday March 6, 2009

I know I promised you the final rules for the wine club, Circle. I have had a few distractions. First second or third not in order:

I have another tooth problem!! Since last Harvest in September I have had a problem with pain in my right ear and jaw. I have consulted two doctors and my hearing aid doctor along with two dentists. They have not solved my problem. My second dentist I went to two weeks ago and years ago before that has been a great acquaintance from the past. We know each other socially well. I respect him immensely. He is great at adjusting my teeth correctly. I went in to see him yesterday after having the evaluation two weeks ago. We decided together that two teeth needed to be changed. So two crowns had to be removed and temps were put on for three weeks. Immediately when I got home I had to have a glass of wine and one of the temps came off with one swirl. I went back today, a trip that took 100 minutes out of my day to have the crown put back on again and with one soggy bite of a burger it came off again. I am not happy!!!!!!

My second concern requires me to prepare for tomorrow since we will be having well over 1,000 people in here for the Russian River Barrel Tasting event. My third problem has been another computer printer crash. I need to print in color tomorrow and my printer is not responding. I need to get some sleep, please. My wife told me last night I was cussing in my sleep!!!

Tuesday March 10, 2009

I finally got my printer problem solved as well as a greater problem involving Quickbooks. Thus we were ready to roll Saturday. We did have about 1,000 people in here Saturday and maybe half of them were under 30. Needless to say most of the people were not interested in purchasing and were only out to have a good time. That's all right because hopefully some of them will buy next time. Overall for the weekend our sales were down about 10%, not bad for the worst economy since the Depression.

My crown came off  two more times and I finally gave up and started leaving it off Saturday afternoon. The dentist is trying to figure out what to do next. In the mean time I am perfectly happy with the crown off because my tooth is not sensitive and I can even eat pizza.

We have finalized the details on our new wine club. We have not chosen a name yet but here are the details:

4 shipments per year (3 bottles) $60 all inclusive (tax and shipping is included in that price!) 

Club shipments are 1 bottle library wine (2003-2005 vintage)
                                  1 bottle limited release wine (Not offered on our current order form)
                                   1 bottle featured in Matt's Quip

Discounts offered: 40% off prices on bottled wine, $3 per bottle off on futures

The Club includes an invitation to a BBQ from 4 to 7pm once a year (There will be many older wines served).  Those who can't attend the BBQ will receive a $20 credit on any purchase. 

The Vintage Circle will remain in effect as usual.

Those of you who purchase 4 cases or more from us and choose not to join the club may receive similar discounts.

The first 3 pack will go out in April. We will notify you of the wines to be shipped in the third week of March.

I know most of you are wondering how I can afford to offer these great discounts. Obviously my prices will have to go up a little but not 
until next year. What do I get out of this? We still have many cases of the 2006 and 2007 vintage to sell and this will be a way of distributing some of them. We also have many cases of wine from past vintages that were never claimed on "Futures". This will be a way of rewarding our present customers. I promise the Library wines will only be from our 2003 vintage and beyond, all in screwcap. Those wines, especially some 2003 and 2004 wines that are in short supply, will only be served at the special BBQ dinner. I am excited about this new offer and hope many of you will take advantage of it.

Wednesday March 11, 2009

I've been thinking about library wines suggested for the Wine Club. Assuming we have several sign ups, in a year or two I will run out of wines older than the 2006 vintage. Part of those library wines are wines previously sold out but unclaimed by "Futures" customers, like the 2005 Aca Modot. Every year I should have more of those wines to offer to club members. We have also decided to produce a wine or two every year that will first be offered in a wine club shipment. Here is what will give me more options:

Each shipment will contain 3 wines selected by our Winemaker from the following categories:

    * Wines no longer offered, from the 2003 vintage forward
    * A wine club exclusive never before offered for sale 
    * A wine featured in Matt's Newsletter Quip

Thursday March 12, 2009

We have finished deciding on the way Dave's Wine Club works. The benefits and discounts take effect on March 30. That will be the first day our 2009 Pre-Harvest Futures will be offered. I will hold the price at $15 for most of the 2009 wines. The Block 4, Cabernet and Aca Modot will be $17. That means if you join the Wine Club you can purchase the 2009s for as little as $12, $3 per bottle off. Here is a link to Dave's Wine Club sign up form. An e-mail announcing the club will be sent out by tomorrow. I have no idea how many customers will sign up, but I do know we already have two members. 

Saturday March 14, 2009

As of 9:30Am we have 85 members of Dave's Wine Club. I am real happy of course. I have decided to do something special for the first 3 pack shipment. We will send out one bottle each of the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Aca Modot to the first 100 who join. We have been sold out of both the 2005 and 2006 Aca Modot for a few years but we had several customers who purchased "futures" who did not claim their wine. I have only 100 bottles of the 2006 Aca Modot. I am happy to offer this special vertical of our Bordeaux wine. You loyal first 100 will have the option to choose different wines if you are not a fan of Bordeaux. I have not decided what the second group of members will receive in there first shipment but I am confident I will come up with something special. In the first week in April we will contact all our new Club members with more details.

Friday March 20, 2009

I am happy to report that we have about 165 sign ups for our new Dave's Wine Club. We expect several more will sign up after March 30 when we officially start. The new order form will be up and running that day. As I have said before the 2008 futures will go up by one dollar on March 30. Those who are in the Club will get $3 off so the price is the same today or on March 30. Our bottled prices will stay the same so Club members will receive 40% off on bottled wines. The new 2009 pre-harvest Futures will start off at $15 per bottle on most wines, the same as last year. Vintage circle members will get $2 off per bottle and Club members will get $3 off. Unlike past years the price on those futures will go up by $2 a bottle on June first, not $1 as usual. We also will take some of these futures off our order form when they become in short supply. In past years I have offered futures until they are completely sold out. The wines in short supply will be offered to Club members after they are bottled.

Some of you might have noticed that several of our wines have been removed from our order form already. They are either sold out or in short supply and will be saved for Club members at a later date. I have tentatively decided to offer two options for our first shipment: As mentioned last Saturday I want to offer a vertical of one bottle each of the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Aca Modot as one option. Originally I was going to offer it to the first 100 who joined. I now realize I only have enough 2005 and 2006 Aca Modot to satisfy 70 Club members. I actually have had no one contact me that they would like the Aca in their first shipment. Many customers have stated in their notes that they want red wines and mostly Zinfandel. I have plenty of Zin. So the second option will be a vertical of Zinfandel, one bottle each of the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Estate Zinfandel. I have been advised that I should just send out wine without asking what the Club member would like. As you know I like to give customers a choice. I have also been thinking about looking at all customers to see past orders and make up an excel sheet that would show me their preferences. We will see how the first shipment goes and I can always fine tune the next one.

I want to announce that those customers who have purchased 4 cases or more from us will receive the same discounts as Club members so those of you who don't want the special 3 pack shipments and do want to buy 4 cases from us will have the option to not join the Club. I will send out e-mails to those customers next week.


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