David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 6
February 2, 2003 to February 8, 2003 

Monday February 3, 2003
  Tomorrow, Brendan and I have an appointment with Julia over at Lambert Bridge Winery. I have talked with Julia about our Sauv Blanc wines and she now would like to taste them. As I said last week, I am somewhat concerned about my late harvest since it has a high amount of total so2. She does not seem too concerned and wanted me to check the total from paste years. I did and found out that this new 2002 Late Harvest Sauv Blanc does have about 25% more So2 than the past. I have had customers here who find the wine to be fine, so maybe again I am being too concerned. As far as the dry sauv blanc wine is concerned, I still feel it is too high in acid, and Brendan thinks it is fine. We will see what Julia thinks tomorrow. 

We are now selling our 2002 Zp2c for $10 per bottle, but only at the winery or by printing out our .pdf form for snail mail or fax. Also on the PDF, we will be offering the Late Harvest for $16 per half bottle. Find the .pdf form by following the link from our main order page

Thursday February 6, 2003

Julia likes my wine. Julia is a very opinionated person so I am happy. I know she would not say she likes a wine unless she believes it. 

I received a review in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat that was not favorable. I received 2.5 out of 5 which is not horrible for my 2001 Zinfandel, but the comments where surprising: "off flavors". I contacted Peg Melnick the head taster to find out what the panel of tasters found offensive and she sent me back an e-mail stating that she thought I was a gifted winemaker and I should not feel bad. Why would I not feel bad when her e-mail stated her notes as: 

"Reviewing my detailed notes from the panel's discussion on 12/18, your wine, which was number 7 in the blind tasting, was said to have an off nose, with dirty, skunky aromas, old wet wood, off flavors. Individual comments in notes included: hint of skunk, off flavors? Raspberry aromas, with flavors of red fruit. A slight spritz. Brett, VA."
I relayed to her that I was confused. Julia nor anyone else has described any of my wines this way. I can only guess what could explain there misconception. We have decided at this winery to send Peg off three more bottles; one for her and two for the next tasting of Zinfandels if she wants. 

To get back to Julia: Besides liking the 2001 zin, she was very pleased with the 2002 Late Harvest Sauv Blanc. She felt it did not have too much so2 and it had a good balance of acid. That made me feel great. Also she felt as I do, that our 2002 dry sauv blanc has too much acid. So, I have started some trials which have 4 different barrels with different amounts of acid. The ph's will very from 3.0 to 3.4. I hope some of you will come and taste them in the next few weeks before barrel tasting. 


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