David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 50 - 52
December 21, 2003 to January 3, 2004 

Friday January 2, 2004
  Happy New Year! I guess you thought I took off the last two weeks. That is wrong; I have been working, on matters concerning the winery, every day. Susie passed her driving test with no errors so she has been pushing us hard, to drive on her own every day. It has been raining almost every day, but most of the time we have let her escape (as she calls it). Kate has been home from Cal Poly after her first quarter in Architectural Engineering and we have seen a lot of her. She seems to be very happy and should be since she received all A's. We are very proud of her. She has been working at the Dry Creek Kitchen as hostess. They even got me to go in for two nights last Monday and Tuesday. The Kitchen pared three dishes with my 2002 Late Harvest Sauv Blanc and my 2000 Aca Modot and I got to meet people who ordered the special meal. I had some great food and even enjoyed myself. 

I have a new accountant and he has kept me busy by rearranging everything within Quickbooks. What a mess it was, but we are getting close to clearing it up. Now I am putting the final touches on the excel files related to the blending of our 2003 wines. We will taste wines from new barrels on Monday and start blending on Tuesday the 6th. 


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