David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 44 - 45
October 30, 2004 to November 13, 2004 

  Monday November 1, 2004

As you know I have stayed away from politics in my diary. I really don't think it would be wise for me to state my thoughts. But I must say one thing. All my life I have been worried about what people around the world think of us. I know many Americans don't care what they think. I desperately want us to be respected. 

Wednesday November 3, 2004

I want to get in trouble tonight in Politics. I know I said it wasn't wise, but I can't help it. And then in the next few days I will get in MORE trouble with my concerns about Artificial corks. But First. I was struck today that VALUES, according to news sites, was considered to be the most important thing that compelled people around the States to vote for George Bush over John Kerry. What are values? Have we forgot all ready what real Values are in depicted in movies like Frank Capra's  "It's a Wonderful Life" or especially "Mr Smith Goes to Washington? I don't get it! Most of us value, values, so why are people, who care about others who are in need, considered liberals, and that has become a bad thing? Of course it is many things, including WAR, taxes, greed, religion, abortion, gay marriage or many other things, but it all boils down to most Conservatives want to impose their values on others while most Democrats want people to chose for themselves. The Republicans won this time. The Democrats Lost!! I am going up to see Mr Smith Goes to Washington. It is late and I have had little sleep, so I will only watch a little tonight, but I will finish it soon. There is hope!! 

Thursday November 4, 2004

I wrote the previous paragraph last night. I was tired so conservatives, don't hold it against me. I am only a winemaker. This was a close election, but if you turn on the television, you find everyone saying the Democratic Party is in big trouble. What would they be saying if Kerry had won Ohio and Bush had won the popular vote by over three million. Kerry would be President. It was that close. As you know, I am most concerned about the War in Iraq. As my 82 year old Mother said last night: "Bush got us into this mess so it is only fitting that he try to get us out. I hope he finds a way. 

Friday November 5, 2004

We have been using an artificial cork known as Neocork since 1999. This company only recommends using this cork for wines to be aged for 5 years. I find that my 1999 wines are tasting mature and are aging faster than I want. With screwcaps, the wines may have aged much better. As I said back on April 22, I feel screwcaps are the way to go. At our open house on November 13 and 14, I've decided to have a tasting of some of my older wines and newer wines. These 6 wines will be tasted blind and will include wines that have some Brett and all will have a neocork closure. I am interested in finding out what my customers like. If any of you do prefer an older wine, it may be purchased that day. If we do go exclusively to screwcap closures, how many of you will stop buying from me?

Last Wednesday we sterilized all our equipment with our new ozone machine and re-filtered my 2004 Late Harvest Sauv Blanc. So far everything looks stable. Hopefully we can bottle by the end of the month.

` Dave 

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