David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 37 - 38
September 24, 2006 to October 7, 2006 

Sunday September 24, 2006

Matt Steve and I are exhausted. Since Tuesday we have processed 29 tons of grapes and also pressed 4 tons. I wish I had time to tell you everything that happened everyday we harvested. Pat is away with Susie so one of the hard things was to service our many customers who came in to taste during that period. I have been told that we should shut down, but I don't like to let our fans down. Here is a tabulation of what we harvested. I can now safely say this will be a great year.

Tuesday: 4.3 tons of Estate Zinfandel
Wednesday: 1.1 tons of Peloursin and 1.1 tons of Syrah fermented together. Also 7 tons of Russian River Pinot Noir and 3.1 tons of Trieb Cabernet.
Thursday: 4.6 tons of Estate Zinfandel.
Friday: 2.9 tons of Estate Zinfandel.
Saturday: 1.6 tons of Bennett Valley Chardonnay and 3.1 tons of Block 4. 

Tuesday September 26, 2006

Today has been the toughest day logistically. I don't even have time to go into much. We have brought in half of Ponzo Petite Sirah. I thought we would have to wait on the section down by their pond, but since this first 2 tons came in at high sugar I can ferment the two sections together. We will press 4 tons tomorrow and many more Thursday, so then we will have fermenters available for Friday when we will crush all the Lodi fruit and Carmine from Gallo. The new big problem is to free up bins to send off to Lodi and Gallo. I hope to have more time to discuss this later. 

If I have time to upload, on Monday October 2nd, our prices on the 2006 Futures will go up by one dollar, so if you are interested in purchasing these Futures at mostly $16 a bottle please go to our order form

Thursday September 28, 2006

Every year Harvest is a challenge. There are always puzzles to be solved. This year we have  had too much fruit come in at once. That usually happens atleast one time during the Harvest, but this year we have had trouble getting fermenters ready for the next grapes. It usually takes about a week to ferment and then press. Last Tuesday 9 days ago the fruit stated coming in in mass. We started pressing yesterday and will fill 30 barrels today freeing up 15 fermenters. It changes slightly from day to day, but right now, I have contracted for about half my fruit. I am estimating that our vineyard will produce about 55 tons (3500 cases) and I will purchase about 55 tons. The problem is that I know my vineyard well, but it is harder to predict when fruit from other growers will be ready. So far this year we have harvested 47 tons, 28 from our vineyard. In the next few days we will receive about 15 tons from growers. That will put us up to 65 tons. I am excited, I will be over half way through and the puzzle has been solved. I can see the light. Harvest is almost over, but the challenge is almost over too. I am sad.

Thursday October 5, 2006 

I am making two types of Cabernet's. As A Matter of fact I am making 5 wines with Cabernet!! 2006 Estate Cuvee, 33% Cabernet; 2006 Escuro, 30% Cabernet; 2006 Aca Modot, 50% Cabernet and two 2006 Dry Creek Valley Cabernet's one at 100% and the other atleast 75%. I like intense tannic Cabernet Sauvignon so the one that is 100% will be what I strive for. The other Cabernet will be a more rounded Cab in the style of the winners in Napa County. Yes I may want to copy the other County.

I have received more grapes than I wanted. It is a long story. We are on track to produce another 7,000 cases this Harvest. That is why I have had little time to write recently. We are now selling (and consuming through tasting) about 6,000 cases. I love making wine so I welcome the challenge.


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