David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 31 - 32
August 7, 2005 to August 20, 2005 

  Tuesday August 16, 2005

Today we bottled 122 cases of 2004 ZP2C. That finishes our bottling for 2005. We will not bottle again until the 2005 Chardonnay or 2005 Late Harvest Sauv Blanc (If we produce one). We had a lot of trouble with the bottling line again. I am very disappointed in this new GAI screwcap and labeler which was bought from Prospero, know as AWS here in California.

The high temperatures have decreased in the last several days. Saturday, Sunday and Monday we only reached up to 80 degrees, but today we are back into the 90's. I checked with our Pinot producer and it looks like Harvest is about three weeks away. We could start in the second week in September. 

8:30 Pm: Pat is away visiting Kate in Australia so Susie and I (We are the most care free) are left with the cats and Koovy. Leroy who has already cost us more than $1000 in medical bills has developed a tendency to expel his supper into where ever he presides. That has been my Movie Room recently. So three days ago I through him out the front door at 9: Pm. That is a No NO. and I worried about it all night. You see there are coyotes around here at night that prey on cats. Leroy disappeared for 24 hrs and I was relieved (I certainty do not want to be responsible to the demise of this siamese cat who has cost us so much money. Remember Leroy was the one to survive a rattlesnake attack, check out a previous diary.) I found him, but his foot is all mangled up. Susie and I have observed and feel he is OK so far.

Since Pat has been away I have tried many wines. I have even had John Hart from Heart's Desire and Rick Huchinson from Amphora here for pizza. Actually we may have pizza for our August 27th and 28th open house release party or depending on how many RSVP, we will probably have Pork on the spit. What fun!! Since the bottling I have come to the conclusion that 2004's may be even better than 2003. That would make make me think that each vintage since 2000  has been at a higher quality. I am tasting the 2003 Block 4 and 2004 Block 4 tonight. I think the 2003 is better at this time, but I can see the 2004 will be a better wine in a few months. I am curious, so I can see the level of the 2004 Block 4 bottle tonight is a little lower than the 2003. That obviously means I already like the 2004 Block 4.

` Dave 

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