David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 29
July 15, 2001 to July 21, 2001 

  Tuesday July 17,  2001 
Those of you who happened upon the buy section of this website will notice that I am offering a new 2001 wine called D.C. Cuvee. We are still thinking about the name and may change it. On June 15 I mentioned that we may drop our varietal carignan next year. We are not offering carignan in 2001 anymore unless some of you would choose to buy it. We will make about 155 cases. Carignan is one of my favorites, but it is less complex than my estate cuvee. By making the D.C. Cuvee 50% carignan and possibly 15% alcohol, I am hoping it will be more complex. Also you will find that we are no longer selling the syrah and cab franc. We are not sure how much syrah fruit we will obtain from our neighbor Bruce Simpson and we are only planning to pick the second crop of cab franc which is less herbaceous than the first. 

I have already been tasting the 2000 wines that we finished bottling last week. The cab franc, block 4 and estate cuvee are the most complex and the syrah and Aca Modot the most gutsy. I will be tasting the two zins tonight. The 2000 ZP2C is coming along real well and will be bottled in a month. In May we racked all the barrels and left about 2 gallons in every barrel.  That wine was put into barrels that we identify as MUD since they have a good deal of sediment in them. When we racked off the clear wine last week, we found that we recovered more wine than we thought. Originally we had 8 barrels of ZP2C; we now have 12. When we bottle next month, we will add the three barrels of new MUD, acquired from the one plus gals left in the bottom of all the barrels we emptied to bottle in the last two weeks. I am very happy with the balance of the wine now and I am confident that the wine will improve at bottling. We hope to bottle the week of the 13th of August. We won't be open on the 4th of August, but will be open on the 11th as well as the next two weekends. Come buy and taste and even pick up your 2000 wines if you want. 

Here is an update on the bottle situation. I have found out that the specific gravity of water is 1.000 so that weighing the water in milligrams should come out the same as measuring in milliliters. It would not come out the same with wine because wine weighs less. That is why Scott came up with the same results as I did by weighing. If any of you can clarify this any further, please e-mail me. 

All but 120 cases of the problemed V glass was replaced. Those bottles that we did not catch were used the first day when we bottled the cab franc. I try to underestimate the total cases of wine that will be bottled so we ended up with an additional 2 cases of 2000 cab franc, 13 cases of estate zin, 8 cases of estate cuvee, 3 cases more petite sirah, one carignan, one Aca modot, one mourvedre, and 5 neighbors' zin. We did blend a little estate cuvee into the Block 4 to obtain a few extra cases. We ran out of labels for our syrah so we ended up 3 cases short on that wine. We blended the extra syrah we had, because of the lack of labels, into the Pinot which gave us 6 extra cases of that wine. We now have a few cases of these bottled wines left in case any of you would like to trade or purchase additional. The 2000 Pinot is $20 and the Aca Modot and Block 4 are $23. All the others are being sold for $18. The only wines that will definitely be seen retail stores are the 2000 Neighbors' Zin at about $19 and the 2000 ZP2C at about $16 at discounters such as Bottle Barn in Santa Rosa and Wine Club in San Francisco.


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