David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 28
July 8, 2001 to July 14, 2001 

   Monday July 9,  2001 

 I have to make this quick. I have to go up in the movie room to see "Bring it On" again with the kids. I know you might think it is SAD that I want to see this movie again, but I need a diversion. 

Tuesday July 10, 2001 

What a great movie. I know most of you would not agree with me. Please do not hold it against me? 

I got myself into big trouble in the last two days. As some of you know I am a righteous SOB. I have a real gripe with the bottles we have received from out present supplier. This supplier mostly sells recycled glass including  new bottles. But we buy new bottles that they acquire from manufactures. The bottle in question comes from a manufacture in Mexico.

This was a very disappointing day. This was the first day I have thought that it may be a good thing some day, to give up and sleep for a very long time . Don't worry I am far from that day and I am fighting more than ever. I was treated like a lunatic today by the manufacturer. My language and tone of voice prompted some of their actions, but I was right and they were wrong and they do not want to admit it. I will explain more tomorrow. 

Wednesday July 11, 2001 

Most of you are big wine consumers. When you buy a bottle of wine you want it to look normal. Wine bottles are made so that when 750 ML are put into a bottle, the fill level is about 2.5 inches from the top. We use a cork that is 1.75 inches which can expand to leave less than .75 inches of space. The bottles I received from the manufacturer were too big. To comply to BATF regulations the wine level would be 3 inches from the top (750 ml).  Just take a bottle and measure down 3 inches. Would you buy this wine if the wine was at this level? If we used this bottle we would have to put in a little over 5 ml additional wine to bring it up to 2.5 inches. Sure, it would be nice for you to receive 755 ml instead of 750. 

As most of you know we sell most of our wine before it is bottled. Most of the time we sell completely out of a wine before it is bottled. If we had used these bottles we would have had to use more wine. For instance if we had bottled all our Estate 2000 Zinfandel in these bottles, we would have been short 5 cases of wine that we had already sold. 

I need to continue this tomorrow. I've only had a few hrs sleep so I