David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Weeks 27 - 30
July 16, 2006 to August 12, 2006 

Sunday July 16, 2006

We have finished bottling. It has been a big job and we are tired, but we are proud with what we have in the bottle. In the last two days we have bottled the 2005 Estate Zinfandel and the 2005 Estate Cuvee. At this stage I prefer the Estate Cuvee. The Estate Zinfandel needs some time to develop it's complexity. Remember I am more interested in blending for balance. This year I prefer the blended wines those being the Block 4, Petite Sirah, the Terre Melange, the My Zin, the Escuro and the Price Zin, not necessarily in that order. Even though I bottled the Estate Cuvee yesterday I also think for my tastes it is the best Estate Cuvee I have produced in years. Now to mention the 100% varietals: the Pinot Noir and the Sangiovese have great promise along with the Carignan. The Aca Modot Bordeaux blend and Cabernet need much more time and could develop into the most complex wines. Did I forget to mention the Barbera? Yes, I am not a fan of Barbera, but we have no trouble selling the wine to those of you who enjoy it with food. This year I believe it is the best I have produced. I am trying to evaluate these wines just a day after bottling so give me a chance to change my mind in the next month or so. Tomorrow we blend again our Zp2c and we will bottle it on August 16th just before our open house on August 19th and 20th which will announcing our 2005 wines. We will have food and all our 2005s open to taste and maybe a few Library wines so if you are in the area, don't miss it. 

Tuesday July 18, 2006

Some of you have probably noticed we are having another heat spell. Yesterday we had a high of 108 and a low of 58. That was the second day well over 100 degrees and we expect more today. I took a long walk in the vineyard yesterday and there was very little burning of the berries. Everything looks fine. We saw the first signs of verasion (color) so I predict we are about a week behind normal. Last year we were two weeks behind, but still started harvesting in the first week in September which is right on time.

Friday Pat and I take off for our trip to Chicago. Here is the itinerary:
Day 1) July 21, Friday: Winnemucca, Nevada, 416 miles. We have a kitchen so we will cook our own food. 
Day 2) July 22, Saturday: Twin Falls, Idaho, 291 miles. We have another Kitchen and probably go grocery shopping before.
Day 3) July 23, Sunday: Jackson Lake Lodge, Grand Tetons, Wyoming, 281 Miles. They have a restaurant so hopefully we can bring in our wine.
Day 4) July 24, Monday: Rock Creek Resort, Red Lodge. Montana, 189 Miles. Restaurant.
Day 5) July 25, Tuesday: Rough Rider Hotel, Medora, North Dakota, 346 Miles. Restaurant. I have heard that North Dakota does not allow a wine to be brought into a restaurant.
Day 6) July 26, Wednesday: Hotel Donaldson, Fargo, North Dakota, 328 Miles. Restaurant.
Day 7) July 27, Thursday: Grand Superior Lodge. Two Harbors. Minnesota, 352 Miles. Restaurant
Day 8) July 28, Friday: Bay Front Inn, Bayfield, Wisconsin, 225 Miles. Restaurant
Day 9) July 29, Saturday: Concours Motors, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 389 Miles. I pick up my new 2007 BMW 530i and trade in my 2004 530i with 3
32,000 miles. We will stay with owners of the dealership. good friends. I have reservations at Baccus Restaurant. Our two daughters will fly in to join us and of course the Wuesthoffs will be there to have dinner on Pat and I.
Day 10) July 30, Sunday: Crown Plaza Silversmith, Chicago, Illinois, 97 Miles. This first night will be at Alinea Restaurant for 24 courses.
Day 11) July 31, Custom House Restaurant
Day 12) August 1, Topolo Restaurant
Day 13) August 2, Staybridge Suites, Lincoln, Nebraska, 517 Miles. We have a Kitchen.
Day 14) August 3, Peak To Peak Lodge, Estes Park, Colorado, 509 Miles. Restaurants in town.
Day 15) August 4, Sonnenalp Resort, Vail, Colorado, 157 Miles. Restaurant
Day 16) August 5, Rubys Inn, Bryce, Utah, 477 Miles. There is a restaurant with a wine shop next store. Alcohol in Utah must have a sticker of approval.
Day 17) August 6, Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, 245 Miles. This day we will watch the Hall of Fame game between Eagles and the Raiders on a 42 inch plasma in HD and eat in our room. You never know, we may go through two Coffaro wines. I plan on starting with 4 cases.
Day 18) August 7, Bartolotta Restaurant in the Wynn.
Day 19) August 8: we may drive home (638 miles) or stop off at Harris Ranch, 385 miles.
Day 20) August 9: we will be home for sure!!

Thursday August 10, 2006

Pat and I our Back!! We enjoyed this trip as much as our last trip across the United States two years ago. The United States is a vast incredible place. I may do this thing again. But I do have interest in seeking the adventure of other lands. I will go into more detail in the days to come.

Within ten minutes of arriving home at 1:00pm yesterday, I had to take a walk out into the vineyard to find Catarino. I needed to find out how close we are to harvesting.

Now, I need to digress for a time: I am reading  a great book right now. Actually I may not finish it, since I read very little when I am home. The book is titled "Angels' Visits". I know one of my customers gave me the book. I also know some of you have heard of it when it came out in paperback in 1992. Some of us were into Zinfandel already at that time and this book was very popular with some of us. The book starts off with information on everything related to Zinfandel going back to the 1800s. It focusses on the Harvest of 1987. From what I was reading the Harvest of 1987 sounds similar to 2006. That got my attention. Many of the pioneers making Zinfandel at that time are mentioned with great information about harvesting the 1987 vintage.

The book had tweaked my interest about this impending Harvest. I walked out in the vineyard. I felt guilty since Susie and Pat had to empty the new BMW we bought, long story. As I walked through the old vines I was really happy. And then I saw the new Petite Sirah and Syrah. They were burned at some places. Then I found Catarino down by his beautiful garden, I hope to get some vegitables...actually now I remember, we tried some peppers last night. I roamed around the vineyard some 45 minutes. I have been in some really hot weather lately, but this was hot. Yesterday we were up to 104.

Most of you have heard. We just had the hottest July on record. As  a matter of fact the Nation might of had the highest few weeks on record. I have been in humidity in 1968 in the ARMY, that was NO FUN!!! ...................... This heat spell was unique. There was little humidity. That is why the temperatures could get so hot. The West knows all about the affect of LOW humidity. With out vapor in the air, the heat can rise to higher temperatures. All the highest temperatures recorded in the world occur in low humidity. Remember Las Vegas and Phoenix? 

When we left here on July 21, we had already had two heat spells. Then the day after we left it got up to 113 degrees here. That is one of the highest we have recorded here. At temperatures that high there is always some burning, but the old vines look great and I am hoping for good quality. Time will tell, but it looks like Harvest will start about the 10th of September within a few days of normal. 

Next Tuesday we will bottle our 2005 ZP2C. 


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