David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 24
June 9, 2002 to June 15, 2002 

  Sunday June 9, 2002

We have our main webpage updated with our webcam and weather info. There is one person so far who is upset with the uploads: that is Susie my 14 year old daughter. As you can see, the camera is pointing to our crush pad and will include the winery next week, but Susie says she walks out that door all the time. I have rarely seen her walk out this door, but I told Susie to walk fast. 

Tuesday June 11, 2002

Aren't computers wonderful and very frustrating at the same time! Brad and I have been working frantically to help make this weather station information upload consistently. We have also at the same time been working on our web-cam uploading. We are learning and have been able to make both the weather info and camera upload most of the tim in the last few days. Tonight I have turned off the camera, because we are checking out why my computer was freezing up. Also tonight we had no e-mail for a time. Most of this we try to blame on Starband, our satellite provider. 

Our weather info as of 10:00PM is working on my computer right now. Hopefully it will be working tomorrow. What is interesting is that the wind direction has changed. Right around 10:00 AM the wind direction changed from a NW direction, which it had remained for days, to a south east direction. The wind speed as you may notice, had also increased. These two events predict that the night time lows will settle into the high 40's again rather tahn staying in the 60's for most of the nights. You will also notice three other leading indicators that forecast impending cooler days. The barometer is rising, usually indicating this time in the year, lower temperatures. The rising figures for the dew point and especially humidity indicate that fog may be present down further near San Francisco. You will also notice that the temperature at 57 degrees is 10 degrees lower than last night at this time. To me, I am captivated. I hope some of you are also. What is also interesting, in the summer, night time lows into the low 50's or high 40's and thus fog in the bay area, do not indicate that our highs during the afternoon hours will not still get into the 90's.


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