David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 22
May 26, 2002 to June 1, 2002 

  Thursday May 30, 2002

I just got the final paperwork on my corporation so I have officially established David Coffaro Winery as a California C Corp. I have decided to hire Caterino (Steve's Vineyard Forman) full time with a fixed monthly salary and Steve (My vineyard manager)  with a fixed monthly salary also. Steve, besides overseeing the vineyard work, will do the tractor work and bottling as well as helping me out with setting up the payroll. Brendan will probably be on a fixed salary also. I hope to visit with my CPA next week. 

Well, June starts Saturday and thus we are anticipating the bottling of our 2001 wine in July. Monday July 8th we will bottle our Estate Zin and by Saturday the 15th we should be finished with all 9 red wines except the Zp2C.  I will be open starting on the 15th of July for tasting of all our 2001 wines. I plan on leaving for vacation on Sunday the 4th of August. Until then any customer may purchase bottled wine or pick-up Futures. We have no official release date. Our Zp2C will be bottled toward the end of August. Remember Zp2C will be equal amounts of every red wine we made. This year for sure it will be the bottom of the barrel. So far  it looks that I will not be disappointed in the final blend. All the wines for 2001 will be wines to enjoy now or keep for many years. 

Brad and I have tried to up-load our new weather station data and also our web-camera. So far we need to work out a few bugs, but the good news is that both the camera and the weather info does work for most of the time. We hope to have everything running before bottling. That way we plan to up-load every 10 min pictures of the 8 days of bottling in July. 


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