David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 21
May 19, 2002 to May 25, 2002 

  Monday May 20, 2002

I know it has been over a week since I have posted, but I have several excuses. Can you believe that one is that I had a tooth removed today? Yes, it is true!!! As a mater of fact 5 hours ago two people where whacking away on my mouth. I must admit as I write this that I have  had a good amount of Rafanelli, Mayo and of course Coffaro wine.

Last Friday I was informed by my dentist that I had to have another tooth removed. I had already a tooth removed before with his recommendation. This tooth was called NUMBER 3 in my mouth and it was removed about three years ago. I was not happy about this suggestion since when #3 was removed It was quite an event. I try to forget the time, but I remember a lot of yanking around with my head.

This time I was greeted with a great deal of smiling. Of course if you are going to inflict pain on a fellow human, it would be a good idea to be friendly. Immediately, I was inflicted with the dreaded "We need to take your BLOOD PRESSURE" Every time that has happened to me, I have had high readings. I get nervous, but this time they used a machine. I asked if it was accurate and I was assured this machine was the most accurate of all. The first reading came in at 171 over 108. The assistant went "wow, I'll let you rest and lets see if it comes down. I was not informed that in about 5 minutes, this cuff on me would knock me back with another tightening of my arm. All along I was trying to reassure myself that these machines, from what I have heard, are not accurate for all arms. 

This new reading was 158 over 98. I was encourage, since I thought then that maybe this reading would convince them that I could not have my tooth pulled. I of course got more concerned when I knew that the cuff would inflate sometime in the next minute or so. When the results came in at 166 over 100 (No one was present for these last two readings), I was hoping to go home soon. 

All of a sudden the MD came in proclaiming that he was so happy to see that I had a reading of just 100 and that we could proceed. I asked him several questions, probing to see how he liked what he did. He prided himself that these procedures were easy and that since mine was a smaller tooth that we should have no problem. I told him that I was happy to hear that since I remember the bigger tooth back in my mouth took a great deal of time.

After about 5 minutes of pulling and tugging (Don't worry, I assure you that I was injected with many shots of pain killers), He told me that the tooth was loosening and that I may hear a snapping or breaking sound if the tooth does not completely come out all at once. I heard a snap then I was inflicted with many jerking motions. After another 10 minutes I realized that this was not his routine tooth pulling.

At that point I was told there would be a pounding motion that I would hear. I was not told that this pounding with a pick would be inflicted on me with a force that would hit me so hard that I thought I would be knocked out. I was told much later that he was pounding away on my bone since a small part of my root was stuck. After another 10 min I was told that he had to cut away my bone to extract the root.

Eventually, after another several min (I was in the chair for one hour exactly including the prep) I was shown the last part of the tooth. I was relieved, but in pain already. 

I hate pain killers such as Vicodine. (they don't work for me) so I was happy that I was encouraged to take Ibuprofen and of course, wine. 

Tuesday May 21, 2002

I had a very important person ask me whether the tooth I mentioned yesterday was a wisdom tooth and I told him that it was not. This may be of interest to a few of you (I don't want to lose the rest of you with boredom so don't worry, I will get into the new blends in the next section). A wisdom tooth is a number One in the upper right section of your mouth. This tooth was removed when I was about 18 years old, because I was told my mouth was too narrow and thus the tooth would not have enough room to grow in.  In 1975 Pat and I explored France and while there I cracked one or more teeth during a dinner. I suffered for many years with a sharp pain every so often when bearing down on a delectable food of substance. Finally in 1985 I decided to figure out which tooth this was that was giving so much pain. After a long journey over several years it has been determined that I should have both teeth that were suspect be removed. I do have number two left with a small chance of being crowned, but number 3 and now number 4 have been extracted. I hope to retain, as I get older, 8, 9 and 10 which are at the center of my upper mouth.

I have re-worked the possible blends for our 2002 harvest. I have definitely decided to make two different zins again. BUT this time I will make my zin and a zin that most of you prefer. My zin will consist of more alcohol ( 14.5+) and darker flavors of cab and petite sirah. I need more Petite Sirah Wine so I may blend some carignan into it. I do plan on making a 100% Carignan from old vines and the zin for you light weights (G) will be over 80% zin. I have not included the barbera in the blends, because I have no idea what the acid levels will be at this time. As some of you know, barbera is very high in acid and I feel it is necessary to add to my blends that may need a shot.

2002 Potential Wines (Only Possibilities)

Estate Wines:

Sauv Blanc (300 Cases)
Petite Sirah: 83% Petite Sirah, 17% carignan (380 Cases)
Zin (Dave's) 75% Zin (Dark Sections) Not necessary old vines, 10% PS (tannic), 10% Aca Cab and 5% Block 4 (125 Cases) 
Zin (Old Vines) 95% zin 5% Cab (950 Cases) 
Carignan 100% Old vines (225 Cases)
Terre Melange 55% carignan, 35% petite sirah, 5% Mourvedre, 5% Syrah.  (350 Cases) 
Aca Modot, Estate Cuvee and Block 4 same as last year.

Syrah (50 cases) and Pinot(3 styles) (300 Cases), from Bennett Valley


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