David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery Winemaker's Diary

Week 20
May 12, 2002 to May 18, 2002 

  Monday May 13, 2002

We are making some big changes to the tasting area inside our winery. Those of you who have been here know that we have a bar to the left when you come in. The tasting of our bottled wine is usually done there. The dishwasher has been inconveniently located across the room 35 feet away. Any clean glasses and of course dirty glasses must be moved to the appropriate location requiring a great deal of unnecessary time. We have now decided to tear out the back area behind the bar and relocate the dishwasher. Also Brendan and I will have a real lab setup all year long. We actually cut out the metal building with an opening that is 8 ft high and 16 ft wide. We also poured a concrete slab that goes out 8 ft beyond the building. We are going to have a concrete counter top with two sinks and a backsplash made of the left over granite we used in our remodeled kitchen. This project should be finished within three weeks. 

I had a meeting last week with a local CPA and a lawyer regarding estate planning and possible incorporating. I have made the decision to incorporate the winery under the name "David Coffaro Winery". We will form a C Corp with the corporation paying for all the production expenses. Pat and I will continue to own all the land, buildings and equipment and then lease back to the corporation. I am also excited about our other decision to form a living trust for our family operation. We should have all this set up within the next few weeks also.  


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