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arrow February 26 - March 18, 2023

Sunday February 26, 2023

We got snow early last Friday morning!! Pictures were taken at 7am Friday during a light rain so some melting already.

We are actually at about 200 feet elevation here. This is the first snow of a few inches in 34 years. BTW, the vines are still dormant so there should be no damage to this years crop.

pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza

Here is a link to pictures taken in Cloverdale, 7 miles North of us.



7pm..........So I am doing a different pizza lately it is different because it has mushroom extract included. I have tried 2 Mushroom extracts before but both have too much sodium and as my doctors say I need to cut out salt. So I checked out what I have and found there are 2 or 3 products I bought with no salt included, even a few nice Cajun possibilities so I am real happy to night with my pizza. I could say more if you want to ask questions..........but I have to worry about TSLA and other stocks tomorrow morning...................

Monday February 27, 2023

So it is raining now and most of the day, good. We have our big Barrel Tasting event this coming Friday into Sunday. The forecast is rain on Saturday and Sunday, sure we can deal with it but can our customers, we hope the weather will change but if not............at any time, we can accommodate 50 or more inside our winery tasting area. Bring warm clothes, I will be wearing a thin polo........see you

Tuesday March 7, 2023

Our Barrel Tasting event went real well, our sales were more than we expected so I now have more money to complete the new storage building.

We are budding over all our Muscat Blanc. I was not crazy about the new Muscat Blanc we just bottled so we are changing the vines over to Chardonnay. Next year we may have enough to make our first Chardonnay and we will use French Oak. We are also budding over some Barbera and Montepulciano to Sangiovese since I am impressed with our first bottling of Sangiovese. After budding over vines last year, this harvest we will make our first Nebbiolo. BTW, we will still have enough Barbera to add to our Italiano Style and maybe even add some Nebbiolo and Sangiovese next year.

With the cold weather we have been having, our vines are still dormant, but I see this next storm will be warmer so after the rain scheduled in the next two weeks we should see some green growth.

Thursday March 9, 2023

Tonight we are having a lot of rain, up to over an inch so far and should be more by tomorrow morning. We are hoping for a small break tomorrow morning so we can finish our concrete pad. Yes, we will then be ready to start installing our new storage building, that way I can order some bottles for our next bottling in July and store even some for January bottling. The prices for bottles are coming down so I can wait a while and see. The past bottles company has not been easy to deal with so we are looking at our options.

So it looks like we will have a break tomorrow and we hope to complete our concrete, time will tell.............

Friday March 10, 2023

As you know I like the new tech, so I received a new iPhone 14+ to day and I was amazed how easy it was to transfer all my apps from my 12, including, Tesla, solar, Powerwall and my Model S seamlessly, only took an hour at the most. ?

We finished our last concrete today for the new building and it looks great. I will have to take some pictures tomorrow with my new 14+, maybe if
it stops raining. Our pond is full again and overflowing in the vineyard but the section over by the new building is great since we left the pad where the building goes, raised a foot. That meant we installed concrete today around the building and will make it easy to go into this new storage building with case goods on a gradual grade, it work even today, if we had a building, maybe in two months.

Even though I know TSLA has gone down recently and I have made some great profits in the last few months, I am thinking of buying back next week if it goes down.

The Fed keeps raising rates and now with this great jobs report, they could raise more. Like I have said the money supply rules the stock market and it has been going down and the Fed controls the Money Supply, that means the Market will keep going down. 

Maybe tomorrow, too much to say, I am having a lot of problems dealing with bottle suppliers........long story

Sunday March 12, 2023

I had trouble uploading the diary so the Friday posting was just uploaded.

Now about bottle suppliers. We had a lot of trouble with deliveries with our last shipment of bottles, called Glass in the industry. There were supposed to be two trucks and it took 3 for some reason and they charged me extra for the delivery. The company changed their mind and refunded me some money. There was also trouble with the boxes. The bottles were put in the boxes upside down so the writing was also upside down after taping up. Also the flaps are way too large so hard to fold. I can also confirm prices doubled for glass in the last year but the prices are coming down so who do I use this time? One company which offers me a better price has asked for payment before delivery. In our 29 years we have never paid for Glass before we inspect after delivery. This is a long story and too hard to explain all.

Monday March 13, 2023

I love movies and I love the Academy Awards so I was dissapointed at times before because I have sways liked movies that  are uplifting, but not violent so I suppose I understand the winners last night BUT when I looked at that movie here in the past in the movie room I was impressed by the sound but I could not get into it........too much Kong Foo!! I will look forward to more movies like Elvis this next year.

OK, You know I have this cat who is not my favorite. I have always liked cats better for sure than dogs, they are cleaner and do not destruct things, like get in my way, sure they are more friendly to some, but not me. So this cat we have now, a Family member gets n my way like a dog. He really only thinks about getting fatter so I assume he is not happy here, or is he only thinking about his next meal as I am?

We are still waiting for this big rain event, sure this year so far we have had 35+ inches of rain and may get more, but this new rain event is stalled, BUT we are hoping for another 2+ inches, I actually like rain BUT I have to go down to Santa Rosa on Wednesday and it looks like it will be clear. I have to go down 30 miles to check out my heart, an EKG, I asked for it since my doctors are not concerned........I feel fine like all before.........time will tell............

I am amazed, we got a new shower head!!

Thursday March 16, 2023

I am not a fan of Consumer Reports, anything I have used and they have given a review, I usually disagree with their ratings. I even sent them a complaint and have not heard back! They do not rate cars correctly. They love gas guzzlers because of repair ratings but they do not take in consideration the recalls which seem to be the most for Gas cars! I think recalls where you have to take the car in for the repair should be considered in their ratings. Just today I heard one of the darling gas guzzler car dealers, Honda has recalled 500,000 cars so do you think Consumer Reports will take this into consideration when rating Honda, nope!!

Yesterday I went in for an Eco cardiogram not because it was recommended by my cardiologist only because I want to make sure I am doing well. As most of you know I did have a triple bypass 15 months ago. I hope to get the results soon.

Friday March 17, 2023 My First Love's Birthday, I was 17 and she was 16.....happy Birthday Sharon Gabilan..........

ECO................I called yesterday and I got an input from my primary doctor but not my cardiologist, but she said it looked better than before my surgery, but is that really that good? I won't see my cardiologist for another 4 weeks so I will wait. In the mean time I will have a blood test in a few weeks before both my primary appointment and the cardiologist.

Besides Pat and I having great created dinners the last few days........I have been having fun picking out new barrels for this season..........more to relate..........

Saturday March 18, 2023

Disappointing, I did not hear back from my first love on her birthday yesterday so I hope she is still alive. I think she is only 79..........

We are getting ready for a scissors lift!! Look it up but I can say it will lift a person or more up high. To assemble this NEW building...............we have to get up as high as 15 feet...........more next time especially after the delivery Monday


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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