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arrow January 29 - February 25, 2023

Sunday January 29, 2023

Nice time yesterday for our first grandchild, Maia, a trip over to Albany and met with my sister after 4 years, nice get together, Maia's First Birthday!!

Tuesday January 31, 2023

Did I say we have had another cat come around? She is small, not like Cory, the cat I have never been happy with so it seems after many days, Cory the fat cat who always is looking for his next meal, like me.........is friends with this new cat.. OK, I do not know what to do!! I have liked many cats in my life as I have said in this diary, not a fan of dogs so it will be an adventure to see what happens..........

So our bottling line is set up for regular bottles, 750 ml as most of you have received, but we want to bottle a half bottle for Late harvest, that means we have to figure out how to do that with our bottling line!! Jose worked on it all today and finally figured it out, he is great!!!!!!!! so we will bottle: 375ml 2022 Late Harvest Viognier, 17% Residual..............tomorrow

Wednesday February One, 2023

Hey we did get the Late Harvest done today. Then we have another problem, what is not new, our bottling line has issues after 15 years in one aspect, sure we have had many other issues so I still like controlling what we bottle...........organisation is the name of the game.........

And Brent did install some concrete for our new building so I will have more......

TSLA is still moving up.........so I have plenty of money to finish the new storage building!!!

Thursday February 02, 2023

Brent got everything done today so he will take a day off so we can move in A LOT of rock to fill in where we are constructing our new storage building. The rock will be in here by Monday and then we will set up to do the foundation concrete pour.......then we can start on the new storage building which will make life a lot easier!!

Wednesday February 8, 2023

It has been an interesting past week, too much as usual to relate...............

Our new storage building is coming along.........and

We had a guy Chris come by Monday and offer me Asphalt for a great price since he had too much, he said he could help us with everything around here So

I showed him where we are setting up for the storage building and he said he had it all figured out and he would be back at 8am yesterday........So no show, big surprise..........oh and he promised to come back today, what did I have to lose, I want asphalt, not concrete.............He showed up at 7:30 this morning!! It looks like we will have asphalt where we need it, outside approaching the building and up to the door. Concrete is much more expensive. We will still do concrete inside the building so we can stack safely what ever we need including any wine in barrels or cases.

Thursday February 9, 2023

Our friends said it was Pizza Day so we did do a pizza, different, what is new!! I marinated mushrooms in my new mushroom extract and put Ricotta cheese and broccolini with a small amount of peppers, a few green onions, so gggggggggggoooood but it did need a little more moisture for when I do pizza on Sunday. Pat gave me some pictures....

pizza pizza

Friday February 10, 2023

Oh, my !!! Chris did come in this afternoon to put down asphalt!! He had promised $5 a sq foot, and as I suspected he lied!! He tried to claim 1800 sq feet and I only saw some of what was going on out there AND he said I will take you out there, it was 4pm so I know he wanted to get out of here so I asked him: How wide is it and how many feet long is it and he had no answer so we agreed it was less. Finally we agreed on $8000 and he wanted $9000. He said: "Such a great deal, Dave".........Hey every asphalt dealer I have dealt with over the years have been a wheeler dealer so no surprise.

Oh, and Chris wanted a check to his uncle. I did not care who I made the check out to, it is educable........oh and I got a call from my bank, said there was a guy named Cliff who wants cash on an $8000 check, wow that was only 15 minutes later......OH, My, this was a side job for Cliff, the uncle and Chris is doing this on the sly. The bottom line is we have some asphalt!!! I will have more input on the new storage building, next week.......... 

Wednesday February 15, 2023

So we had a nice weekend, still trying to recover from The Super Bowl!!

Brent is still working on the the New Building and he should be ready to pour a concrete slab inside where the case goods with be stored.

Now should I sell more TSLA.

I have been tasting several wines again now, I bought them because I made money on TSLA trades over the last 3 years........... and Coffaro stands up to $500 wines. Tasting blind but, Hey like I say, I must have the Coffaro palate?

BUT, BTW, our Sparkling wine will be featured at The Madrona for a Passport Event on Friday evening April 28. Jose and I will make an appearance for the cocktale time and head home. It is an honor especially for Jose who did all the winemaking for the sparkling............

Thursday February 16, 2023

OK, TSLA was up and down so I sold some at the high.........Oh it was down because of BAD Press. The Press said there was a Recall for 330K cars from the past, but it is not really a recall?? It will be fixed by and over the air update so no need to go into a dealer!! Tesla was the first to figure this. When I first got my 2017 S, I was amazed even then back in 2017 they sent me corrections.....I love my S

Oh, another day of actions........Pat left me for a few days to babysit........I made the right decision? I had an asphalt company come in today and patch all our parking lot, looks good..............It is only money!!!!!!

Monday February 20, 2023

So another week..........We have concrete to be poured on Wednesday, we should get it done?? It is going to be very cold around here on late Wednesday and especially Thursday.......But no problem with concrete, water if raining will be no problem. Yes there will be low temperatures here late in the week so we are ready, snow??

Wednesday February 22, 2023

Today we will be installing concrete for our new storage building so I will have info later.

So last night I tasted 4 Cabs, one our 2021 which was just bottled and 3 others which are all 2018 wines. I rated all high but I was surprised as usual, 2 from Chile were smooth and had less complexity and 2 ours and a $400 wine from Napa had more intensity and complexity. What can I say, I think we have Cabernet that will stand up to all cabs in the world.........hey do I want to buy a Screaming Eagle to compare. I am sure I would think is was great but not any better than what I have been tasting over the last 2 years.

8pm: So we did install a slab for our new storage building and it was fine, but it is costing me more than I thought, sure it is only money and it will help to provide, family members and even someone after the Family sells?. I have the passion........strong and barely controllable emotion. I do not see anyone in the future.

TSLA, I have a lot of money in the stock and I could sell some, but I think the stock will go up..........

Friday February 24, 2023

We got snow overnight!!

We'll put up the pictures in next week's diary, here


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