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arrow June 25 - July 22, 2023

Tuesday June 27, 2023

We are bottling!! But we have been having a lot of trouble with the bottling line. It is going slow, but we are getting it done..........

Wednesday June 28, 2023

Monday we did bottle our Dave's Cuvee and 52 cases of Dry Creek Road Red and yesterday our 2022 Estate Cuvee and Block 6 Zin but today Jose has the flu, not Covid so we will not be bottling........

Friday June 30, 2023

Jose has been back the last two days so we have now bottled 8 of our 2022 10 Month Aged wines. That is Dave's Cuvee, Carignan, Estate Cuvee, Block 6, Grenache, Zinfandel, Terre Melange and Pinot Noir. I am giving everyone the next 4 days off so our 2022 Block 4 will be bottled next Wednesday.

Wednesday July 12, 2023

Pat and I have been in Santa Cruz a nice place right on the beach SO I could hear the crash of the waves just 100 yards from our room with nice balcony. All the bottling went well and now we are looking forward to seeing some berries turn color in a few days.

There are a lot of great wineries that have a reputation by marketing and wineries who have won a lot of awards, because they have entered 30-40 wines? But we do not market our wine and we have only entered 6 wines last year after 15 years so my point is because of those things I will never be recognized as a great winemaker. But I do know we make great wines since I have compared my wines to expensive priced wines up to $600 and we stand up to any of them. I am not going to change so I have decided to not enter wines again in competitions. I will continue to enjoy my life on this great vineyard and hope by word of mouth we can continue to make and sell about 5000 cases a year.

I am having so much fun in the evenings seeing the shoots growing after the budding to more Chardonnay, Nebbiolo and Cabernet and now I am looking forward to seeing some color later this weekend or next week. Since we have budded over so many vines this year, it looks like we will have a small crop this year, maybe as low as 4500 cases, but next year we should have a great crop of Cab, Nebbiolo and Chardonnay.......

Thursday July 13, 2023

Out in the vineyard again tonight........so much fun

I remember last year at this time when Kate, Bryan and Maia stayed here and were going out with me in the vineyard, so much fun, now they are in their new home in Albany, but I am sure they will be here soon for a walk in the vineyard......

So tonight like every time this year I LOVE scooting out to see what is happening, still no color tonight but it will be over 100 degrees for days soon so I will go out every night to check when I will see COLOR.............

So some of the time when out in the vineyard I think of The God Father movie, not at the beginning but toward the end of the first one where he is in the garden, I thought that was a great time IF he had to die SO if I had to die why not in my Vineyard. As I have said to my Family I want to be scattered out in MY Vineyard............BUT I must say I have to be more careful as I drive fast in my scooter, I have to stay attentive........Dave do not run into a post or even a vine...................

Wednesday July 19, 2023

This week we have been racking our 2022 16 Month aged wine which will be bottled in January next year. We need to rack off the cleanest wine from the barrels so that we leave a little sediment in the bottom of the barrel. We top off the little wine lost with last years 2021 16 Month aged wines that were bottled last January. It usually amounts to a case of wine for every 6 barrels, 360 total gallons so less than 1%.

Thursday July 20, 2023

Just back from the scooter run and I think this is the latest I have ever seen COLOR in grapes in this Vineyard so what is going on??? Is it because all of a sudden after several years we finally had some Rain, maybe. I just state the facts most of the time.......



For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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