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arrow May 7 - May 27, 2023

Monday May 8, 2023

My birthday celebrations are over. Yes, I celebrate my birthday for days!! On Saturday we watched the Kentucky Derby with relatives and close friends and also celebrated my 80th birthday. Yesterday Pat, Kate, Susanne, Bryan and Maia celebrated my 80th again with pizza. Now I am back to making great wine. The vineyard is sprouting Green all over with some shoots out 3 feet.

Thursday May 11, 2023

As I have said before there is not much happening this time of year, except a lot of personal things, separate from the winery but I assure nothing is a problem. The new storage building is coming a long and soon, tonight I will go out to the vineyard to see what is happening, especially over by the storage building and out in the vineyard tomorrow, because it looks like we will get a lot of warm temperatures in the next few days so the grapes will be stressing out further. We have been sulfuring to keep any dry mildew to form so things are OK right now..............

Friday May 12, 2023

8PM........Pat is away for Mothers day so I am here waiting for Fathers day? I know Fathers day officially only started in 1972.

So while she is away, my wife, I decided to do something different, OH I always do something different!! So I made a guacamole pizza. I looked up recipes but did not see much I was interested in, almost all had me put Guacamole after the pizza was cooked! I decided to put our left over guacamole from my celebration on the pizza. SO

I layered the guacamole on first with cheese and left over meat from a few days so yes left over pizza? I put salsa on also, very nice!!

Too much fun, just went out for a quick scooter run and saw shoots out 4 feet, I need to go out further tomorrow night when it will be warmer........BTW, the Cat did not go out, he just sits waiting for his next food and we have mice and rats out eating our tomato plants.............

Wednesday May 17, 2023

I am out soon to see what is happening in the vineyard, so much fun.

Also I sent Jose the wines we will be bottling in July so he is ready to give me his schedule. It looks like the bottling for our 2022 10 month wines will start on June 24 and may be finished by the weekend which looks like a 4 day weekend celebrating July 4 on July 3 and 4 Tuesday so it looks like most of you will have a 4 day weekend.

Anyone had an MRI? I had one today. I counted to 60 several times slowly to guess when I could come out under the dome!!

Have I mentioned 102 inch long shoots? I see them now.............long story, simply sandy loam on the bottom creates a lot of nutrients and loose soil to send out shoots a long way........

Friday May 19, 2023

OK, now I want to ink up tags for the vineyard varieties and then head out to put them at the end of the rows. We have posts to staple the tags but we have Two problems.........

1) After being in the vineyard through rain and some snow and again during temperatures like last year went up to 122 degrees.........the ink on the tags disappears. So I bought 6 different so called permanent ink pens and put them out for 6 months SO I have 3 that look still good.........

2) Get this!! The birds like the color on the tags, or something else attracts them, yes they attack the tag and it drops to the ground. I think Catarino has a solution, I will talk to him tomorrow....I love What I do

Tuesday May 23, 2023

I have been setting up tags for the vineyard posts TO SHOW what is out there even for me, since there are so many rows, maybe 200 tags to put on so I am happy I finally found a great permanent marker pen.............

Did you know there are many options for permanent markers? Yes, the ones I found the best are Paint designated so I bought 6 markers last year and put them out in the rain and sun and Uni marker is the best after 6 months SO

 Catarino and I went out today and started screwing the tags in the posts..........Catarino says lets put the screw down lower, the woodpeckers won't attack them
..............long story!!

So I am going out soon to see what is happening in the vineyard............so much fun, but it is windy so not too far........

Saturday May 27, 2023

I know some of you have a grandchild already, my sister got married when she was 19 so she has many grandchildren. Pat and I have our first, so proud.......so here is one of the last pictures, this new child at 1.4 years old.............

grand kid

Penfolds Grange, more to say tomorrow because I tasted it tonight after trying it the first time back in 1996.


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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