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arrow March 19 - April 15, 2023

Tuesday March 21, 2023

It is raining again and we should see less in the next week or so but still some showers. The installation of the metal tubes for our new storage building has begun and we hope most of the construction will be finished by early May. That way we can take delivery of our glass for bottling in July.

The final decision regarding our vineyard budding over has been decided. All the Muscat vines will be budded over to Chardonnay. So in 2 years we will have enough Chardonnay to produce about 75 cases. Some of our Barbera will be changed to Sangiovese. We budded over to a lot of Nebbiolo last year so with the addition of some Sangiovese we should be able to make about 100 cases this year. A lot of our young Zinfandel vines which go into our Block 6 Zin will be changed to Cabernet Sauvignon, thus in 2 years we could increase our production of Cab from 175 cases this year to about 250-300 cases. We still should be able to produce about 200 cases of our Block 6 Zin. With all the budding over our production this year should be down a little.

Thursday March 23, 2023

Brent is still working on the new storage building and I will have more later.......

tiktok, Pat had never heard of it, I will look at the special tonight on CNN. First impression, it is free speech?

Bottles, I have decided on getting Glass from a new distributor, sure there are plenty around in the Wine Country. I usually don't like to switch to a new company but the last one, in 2 times has been a failure.

Up Now for.........Bob Dylan...............less bass but incredible lyrics.........like, Lay Lady Lay

Tuesday March 28, 2023

It is raining hard again so no sun until Thursday, BUT

Catarino and all the warriors finished pruning yesterday, even though it was a tough year with all this great rain SO let it rain, the great warriors are off for Two Days...........

I know some of you who read this diary want to protect your gun rights.......as a person who does not own a gun, I do not understand. Of course I do have a gate and I try my best to be somewhat nice to everyone. I hope some one is NOT going in to the winery and shoot someone. I do not plan to have a gun, especially an assault weapon.

I have said many times in this diary, I am not a believer in one supreme god. There are so many religions, but if there was only one, there would be no assault weapons...........

Sure you are thinking in this world we would not have assault weapons, especially for war! Gee maybe that would be a good thing..............

Wednesday March 29, 2023

I am getting more upset, The congress is doing nothing as usual to solve this violence in The United States. I will be gone when this happens.........when we have no assault weapons in possession to any one, especially all people who have been in therapy. Sorry this is so upsetting and I hope I see something different but the only solution is to change the 2nd and state really what it is meant.............I am soon to be 80 so I hope to see it, but I may have to live to over 100????

Thursday March 30, 2023

Finally Trump is indicted, but what does it mean? Pat wants to know why would anyone like this guy? I tried to convince her at dinner time, great Steak Diane recipe, I have modified, gee surprise, that is what I do, blend wine and change a little, a recipe..........oh I digress.........

I can say, obvious "He lowered taxes!!" I can go on about the deficit he messed up but that does not matter to some so he is so popular with people who want to keep their wealth...........

Wednesday April 5, 2023

This week we are racking our 2022 wines. About 40% will be bottled in July as 10 month barrel aged wine. The other 60% will be bottled next January. At this time we are looking to clear up the wines as much as possible. We do not filter our wines so by racking now, we separate out about 3 gallons per barrel of slightly cloudy wine which then goes into barrels to settle more and eventually bottled as Zp2c in January.

I know I have mentioned this before? I made a white wine in 2021 that has Oak! We did only bottle 23 cases. It consists of all our white grapes and I aged it in a new American oak barrel for 5 months. We bottled the 23 cases in February 2022. This is the first White wine I have made that has balance on your palate from the Beginning, Middle and End. What surprises me is Pat likes it to. We usually only agree on Chardonnay that has good balance with French oak. So again I am making a white wine this year with oak, so do I use French oak or American and is anyone interested??

BTW, we were surprised to hear so many people loved our DC Fusion special we sold out of SO we have decided to make another one this harvest.  I am not sure which grapes we will use but I do know it will be under 13% alcohol...fun......fun.....fun

I just took a look at the other white wine blend with oak we produced and bottled in January and it was aged 5 months in new French oak. I have tried the wine compared to the 2021 white I mentioned above and it shows very little apparent oak. As you have noticed over the years I have been a large fan of American oak so this year I may bottle the same white wine in both new American oak and French and see what the difference is. Now this time I may even age the wine for 10 months.


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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