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arrow February 13 - March 5, 2022

Sunday February 13, 2022

Super Bowl!!

Monday February 14, 2022 Happy Valentines Day

Hated the end of the super Bowl with too many penalties.......................................

This is my diary.........

I have some dreams and they are never good, maybe as I have said I do not sleep well? The dream last night was good at first!! I was in front of several people but one was talking to me and then we decided to get together later but then as usual everything went wrong so I woke up. I can remember some more about it which is not usual for my dreams but nothing too interesting. I did fall back to sleep as usual but woke up 10 more times during the night..............................

My trade with TSLA has increased to 40 shares and I have a small profit.

As I said, I need to make some money to justify my obsession with purchasing more white wine from other areas and countries. As I have said i like oak in white wines lately so we have to decided what we will do with our Luminaire. Do we put some oak in the wine to smooth it out and give a hint of oak or do we keep the wine without oak and thus keep it more complex by tasting more varietals?

Tonight we tasted many variations of our white wine over the years and also some nice wines form other producers. From our vineyard, I have a 2017 all Sauvignon Blanc wine with a lot of American Oak, tonight it was the most intense, then there was one, a blend of 2019 in American Oak, less intense, I suppose because it had many other varietals in it besides Sauvignon Blanc? Then today Jose brought me a sample of our soon to be bottled 2021 Luminaire out of a Neutral barrel and one in a new French Oak barrel for 6 months. The neutral had more complexity and the oak had more smoothness. NOW

How many different wines can we make to please all our customers????????????? of course including me which is simple, just give me a barrel of each and I may be able to consume it over the next 100 years???? 

Tuesday February 15, 2022

As you know I have an air fryer. I have tried several things including pizza and softshell crabs.........I know they are very different but both have to be crisped up, one perfect in a dedicated pizza oven and the other deep fried in oil...........sssoooooo

In my Air Fryer, tonight, I tried softshell Crab and also crawfish tails, both battered, in my air fryer, and it was not good So I am either a failure or the recipes I followed do not have a high standard for food because neither result was crisp and I tried in the rotisserie cage, I know rotisserie did not work, and I have tried in the tray they recommend and both were not crispy.......my convection oven does a better job!! Now maybe this air fryer is not great, but I am on my second one

Big news for me and some of you. This year we will be making 2 white wines..............one will be 100% Sauvignon Blanc so all the crop, but it will have some oak, all the rest of our white varieties will go into Luminaire and have no oak. More details tomorrow.

Wednesday February 16, 2022

OK, so I have done some experiments with our white wines and the first was in 2017. When back there in 2017, I was interested in oak in white wine again after 20 years........so I took some of our Sauvignon Blanc grapes that year enough for a barrel and kept it separate and put it in a new barrel, I will have to look back to see if it was American.

So in the last few days I pulled up a bottle of it and compared it to our Luminaire 2019 which had the same 100% oak and I can say the 2017 SB was much more intense.....now most around here think that 100% SB in new oak is too strong so we will see what happens in the 2022 Harvest...........what will I blend in our two white wines???? I think Luminaire has so much complexity from the varieties grown in our vineyard, I do not want to use oak, it would add something NOT from the vineyard.

So why do I add oak in our Red wines.........gee, more to think about................

Thursday February 17, 2022

OK, I finally figured out Air Fryers and why they are important. Some people are not as fortunate to have a large kitchen AND have a great convection oven. A convection oven has many settings, like a fan in the back that circulates air all over the food and a setting for a fan in the back but also heat on the top and bottom. I thought an air fryer would do the later but I have found out it does not!!!!

I have tried many recipes in my Air fryer, and some turned out OK, but most are sure not as good as deep frying, especially for softshell crab which I love. They do OK for chicken to try to duplicate fried, but it is an adventure since you have to move the chicken around constantly to get consistent circulation for the fan and heaters on the top and bottom to work good.

Tonight I tried in my air fryer a recipe that is great, eggplant in flour and egg and then bread crumbs. I did it in a layer rack I bought on Amazon that uses mesh racks and and it has a bottom rack, a middle rack and a top rack so, yes the top cooked faster than the bottom and middle racks. Obviously this and my other air fryer does not circulate the air through the heating elements to do a great job for me...........So

I took the eggplant out and put it in my convection oven and it turned out great So, yes not everyone has a great convection oven and maybe they are satisfied with an air fryer which I know now does not do as good a job as an expensive Convection 30 inch oven.

I have now looked more extensively into some recipes for my convection oven, like fried chicken and french fries and I am going to try my nice mesh racks that are tiered so the food is not touching together and I will have more to say.................

Sunday February 20, 2022

Bryan's parents are here to see the 3 week baby, nice people. So we had pizza last night and it was great. Tonight on Sunday instead of pizza as usual Pat and I had chicken. As you know I have tried many things in my Air Fryer and I have had issues SO

Tonight I tried chicken legs and thighs in my great convection oven. It is large so I did sweet potato fries also. I found out quickly it created a lot of smoke in my kitchen, what I did is below seasoned for sure, gee after 45 minutes of smoke in our kitchen the chicken came out perfect, almost like deep fried. SOSOSO

To stop the smoke I will try this same recipe in my Air Fryer which does not create smoke, so does that mean it dose not do a good job..............so

Tonight in my oven, I seasoned the chicken in flour before and then in to egg and then into ground up bread crumbs, of course all seasoned.........time will tell..............

Monday February 21, 2022

I hate holidays for one reason, the Market is closed and I have nothing to do this time of year but do Taxes. I have to give my accountants all the info that I have done over the last year. That takes time so I will be working on it for several days even paying attention on my TSLA trades. As you know I have to make money to buy other producers wine TO Compare how I stand. SOSOSOS

We have agreed I can deduct one third of the price I spent for wine last year. As I have said I made a lot of money on TSLA stock so I will have to pay taxes on those profits So what should I deduct???

We are having a problem with our generator again and also our irrigation pump. There are a lot of problems here on this 25 acre property with a total of 20 acres of vines and 10,000 square feet of buildings including where Pat and I live. Like I have said it is a real advantage to live on the property that includes the winery and all the storage and especially all the vines.............

Over the years just like most of you, our costs to produce a bottle of wine has increased a lot so we are going to raise the prices for our Dave's wine club, it is still the best value anywhere around here. It has been a hard decision for me, I always want to keep my prices down. I am making enough money!! I give a lot to charities around here and I want to give back some to my customers so we will continue to give great value and price..........

Wednesday February 23, 2022

As most of you know the stock market has been going down. And as most of you know I like to invest when THE Market goes down, I like to try to buy low and sell high SO that is why I have been buying TSLA at 5 share increments so I am up to 70 shares. I know that does not seem a large amount, but it does amount to a lot of money since TSLA sells for about 750. I am really waiting like most of these traders to buy again, how far can it go? It is down from 1240 to 760. I know

My last pick besides TSLA was any airline and cruise ship stock and if you have them now you have a nice profit. So I think TSLA will make you a double in less than a year, I know those airlines and cruise ship stocks have gone up more than that.

Yes, one of my  many passions, the stock market. Now we did send out an announcement, look it up, yes the Dave's Club Wine Club, still a great value.

So back to the generator and irrigation pump................................: We are still having issues with our generator!!!!!!!!!

Pump, We did have to order a control for the box, it may take awhile because I ordered it from a company headquartered in Europe. WE need to have a pump by the beginning of May at the latest. I will make it happen, even if it costs more.

OH, taxes, I am spending 2 hours a day on them and I will be finished by Friday. It is a break from the day but involved!!!

Pat and I are off to Safeway tomorrow so I will drive my car...........

Tesla has the best customer satisfaction rating but, Tesla is not the best run as far as customer relations, service is OK, but hard to deal with!! Phone them, sure it is easy because of Google!! Just type in ""phone number for Tesla"" and you can call, but what will you get???????????????? Tesla needs to get their act together, but they are growing too fast, 30-50% a year depending on predictions so the company has to figure out how to have enough qualified people to run the company. I love my car But Obviously, what will the Market DO. In ONLY 6 WEEKS Tesla stock has gone down by 36%, how low can it go?

Thursday February 24, 2022

What is on my mind, a lot as usual, much more than I can relate, but this is my diary..........

We have had several cancellations after sending our announcement today about raising our Dave's Club, but no one else out there is giving as good a deal. We even give free shipment in our club and charge no sales tax so I assume the customers who are cancelling which are not that many, think they do not need wine? Otherwise where can they get wine like this somewhere else, so maybe they are looking for a different style of wine, but it does keep me thinking, how do I please everyone, I know never!!

So my trades with TSLA are still going on and it is not a big problem right now. A big loss on these trades will have less than .0005 percent on this winery, but I like the challenge!!

Maia is now 3.5 weeks old so she is trying to focus, it is hard for her but she is also more interested in sleeping and having milk.

Tesla, yes Tesla is a problem, not the stock TSLA, but I still do not have a valid registration for my 2022 model S taken possession on December 27, yes DMV does not have the records so I am driving around with out a valid license. I put on my old plates so I am sure I am good?????

Friday February 25, 2022

We had great ravioli tonight, lobster filled, but I am not a fan of ravioli because it tastes too gummy, does that make since. I like things that are crunchier!!

We always have problems here so tonight about 5pm we had no water!! We are out in the country so not like most, and we rely on electricity to power our well water so to make this short, I called the guy who does our water for the winery to make sure it is clean and working well, so he sent someone out right away and the guy said he made a mistake and got it running again.........I could go on but we are so happy we have water again out in the country!!

We are supposed to do  the Wine Road Barrel Tasting starting on March 3rd. We will have some nice discounts, but the Wine Road is restricting how many customers can come in. In the past we have had as many as 1000 people in one day, this time we may only get 50 for the whole day?

We have 2 pumps, one that irrigates our vineyard which has the big problem over the last few weeks and the small one that is crucial for our home water and winery. The irrigation pump is not resolved!! Time will tell

Hey!! taxes and a cuckoo clock still to deal with

Saturday February 26, 2022

No stocks on Saturday so that is good.

I tried a Turducken roll with stuffed wild rice pecan and it had so much flavor, I suspect some was from a lot of salt? But I did cook it too much, I followed the directions so maybe I like food more moist?

So we have this small barrel tasting next weekend, only 60 people a day so I have a tentative discount form made up so let me know, those who can not be here, whether you want some. It is here in .pdf format. If you need help give us a call.

Sunday February 27, 2022

We had a great pizza dinner tonight like most Sundays. Bryan makes 2 and I make one. I put cilantro at first on my crust, Bryan put cabbage and kale, so much fun!!

Kate likes a vegetarian pizza so Bryan took care of her. Maia is now 4 weeks old so she is coming out of her womb. She is trying to see better now so in the next 2 weeks she will give us all a smile and recognize us. It will be so much fun.

I see Futures are off for the market tomorrow so I will be up early to add to my stock holdings...........this is the time to buy........unless you think the Russians will prevail? IF, The Market goes down again, the low the other day should hold, unless?

Monday February 28, 2022....Maia, one month old today

Tonight Pat and I had left overs. We all had great pizza last night so as usual there is too much left over.

Also on Saturday Pat and I had a Roll, not just any roll, a Turducken stuffed with wild rice. I cooked it too much but I did have a nice turkey sandwich tonight SO too much food and more left overs for tomorrow.

Tomorrow night I am going to try Air Fryer Panko wings............marinating, started now in Ranch dressing, seasoning and wine for tonight into tomorrow evening. Then tossed in a seasoned flour, then dipped in egg and of course Panko at the end. I was successful in my Convection oven so now I will see how it turns out in the Air Fryer and hopefully have no smoke.

Even though the market was down today my Tesla stock was up so I have started taking profits, remember, these are only short term trades.

More on the pump and labels tomorrow.

Tuesday March One, 2022

Our pump works for a few hours and when it gets warm outside, it shuts down. So we are good for now and we hope the Italian company comes through with our new part.

We have not heard anymore about the Labels, hopefully we start bottling on March 14. Time will tell

Wednesday March 2, 2022

Today was a usual day too much happening to relate.........but some here

We have a forklift that I use for harvest and bottling and it is down for repair since January 3. So that was just after my open heart surgery, but I have kept up with the company asking to repair it AND now I heard the service person has left her job. So I called twice again today, I know I am annoying and we have an appointment next week. It is a small forklift and I prefer it to our other two...........yes asked by Pat, do I need 3 forklifts, don't ask..........

The labels are still coming so we hope to bottle our 2020 16 month aged wines starting on March 14.........

Pat and I have gone on and on tweaking our form for the barrel tasting event. It is 4 days starting tomorrow until Sunday. WE are offering big discounts, so I know I showed the form earlier on my diary, but it has not gone live on our website So we will make it live after the event........

Yes I am still into the trades with TSLA

Strange for me I have no desire to go to a restaurant lately, We are having some great food at home, that is lower on things I should cut back on, like that skin on the Panko Air Fryer wings, still so crispy, how could I resist!!!!!!!. So why would I go out? I like going out and trying new things so that could be interesting eventually........but we had some scallops tonight marinated in lime and cumin and crispy on the BBQ........

Thursday March 3, 2022

OK, I have not heard anymore about the part I bought from Italy for our irrigation pump. 2 days ago I was told by Serena over in Italy my part would be sent out by the end of this week or the beginning of the next. We can get the pump running for an hour of even more so we are good for a week or even 3 before we have a reliable pump to irrigate,,...,.  yes we see pop corn and close to green.........

........OK, if this company over in Italy can get it here, I could save $4,000, gee I could buy more high end cabs, like two coming at a high expense, but gee I can try them blind side by side with many other cabs and of course mine. Yes we have a small event and we have an excuse to get together with Rick and Sharon, Pat's Sister and Brother in law so we can have fun tasting and I am sure Kate and Bryan will try also.........

I love what I can do and others are here to help.......OH

By the way we are working hard to find a place for all the 2020 16 Month wines. We have to rearrange stacks of older wines that are on 45 case pallets, 3 level high and we stack 4 high on a pallet to make 60 cases so we only lay down one 15 case to start. So it is complicated,,,,,,patients,,,,,I have to find a place for the old and the new.........I know how to do it.........move them out and move them in, organization is the name of the game

Sunday March 6, 2022

A quick update, we had a nice Barrel Tasting event, nothing like the past but we still had new customers who purchased wine.

According to what I see, the Futures market for stocks will be down big again tomorrow morning, do I buy or sell?

I think we should do more to protect a country who has the Russians invading, I actually agree on a no fly zone. I hope and suspect the Russians will be careful and step back because they have plenty of forces on the ground and they do not need air, but it would be another step we can do. Also I hear we are still buying all this oil from Russia...........to keep the price of gas down? Even Elon Musk is saying we should produce more oil...............


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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