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arrow January 23 - February 12, 2022

Sunday January 23, 2022...........4 More days until Kate is due with her first baby.........


Monday January 24, 2022...........3 More days until Kate is due with her first baby, she is doing fine.........

I have been looking at NFL and Tennis and having a good time. Also the Market has been down so I may start investing in short term trades if this continues, BUT there was a recovery today.

We are still waiting for proofs on our labels. We need to bottle our 2020 16 Month wines soon..........................

7:15pm.....I just looked at my email and I did get the proofs late today so I will go over them tomorrow, fun, fun, fun

Tuesday January 25, 2022...........2 More days until Kate is due with her first baby, she is doing fine.........

So I did not get much sleep worrying about Nadal so I looked last night at his last match in the 3rd set and went to bed and he finally won in 5 sets when I got up and watched again.....I need an IPA, but I have not had one for awhile, maybe tonight

and then I had to work on our labels to be approved........a few mistakes but I was told it will be 3-4 weeks until we can bottle............

and I had to do dinner with my new Air Fryer.........tonight we had some great eggplant appetizers and some great salmon.........tomorrow who knows but it will be more air fryer. I have a new book for me, old book from my friend in PA who has sent me her favorite book for air frying...........

Yes stocks were down again, remember my first life was in the late 60's and seventies when I made enough money to survive without a job.........then I bought this vineyard in 1979.............I digress.........look in the past diaries

So I may start trading again.........it is all about the money supply........inflation is fine and interest rates are fine so I suspect, with 57 years experience, this is the time to start investing again if you are brave............the stock market always goes up, but it may take awhile..........buy low sell high

Wednesday January 26, 2022...........One More day until Kate is due with her first baby, she is doing fine.........

I have a new air fryer and I like it. Had another one, a Ninja foodi dual one and I could not get anything to be to my liking. This one has a basket, unlike Ninja which has trays which to me do not have as much air going through, but Ninja is more popular so what do I know? I like this new one,Tintalk and I have tried a great eggplant appetizer, everything I have tried is simple, put in some egg and then in some rice flour for me, not Panko, rice flour for me is better. I did soft shell crab tonight and it was so good, crispy!!

The Market, I have not started trading yet, but it looks like we are ready to go up, read my last entry.

Our labels are off until February, maybe in the third week so we will not be bottling our 2020 16 Month wines until then.............

Thursday January 27, 2022...........Day One and Kate is at the hospital she is doing fine, but it will take time.........

I don't know what Kate and Bryan are haying this evening, I know I did not like the hospital food when I was there a few weeks ago. BUT Pat and I had a great meal tonight. I did some air fry sweet potato fries in my new Air Fryer spinning basket and they were so moist and crispy, a keeper. We also did BBQ thighs seasoned perfectly.

SO I did start investing in TSLA today. The stock was down 12 percent so I have bought 20 shares to combine with my long term trades. I think the Market for tech stocks are near a bottom, just my experiences since 1965.

Our labels are still being approved so we are still out 3 or 4 weeks until we can bottle................

Friday January 28, 2022...........Kate is at the hospital she is doing fine, but it is taking time.........

8pm,  the baby girl is born, more details tomorrow.....................................................

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Maia Vivien
6 lbs 13 oz


Monday, January 31, 2022

The baby, middle name my Mother who lived to 97, Vivien nice.

The new parents, Kate and Bryan have not gotten much sleep. Maia did not sleep much today, she must feel a little uncomfortable, think, the new world in front of her!!!  but the last time I heard she fell to sleep. Kate and Bryan will go to their doctor tomorrow to see how things are going, she is so small, under 7 pounds still.

I know this diary is about our winery also so it looks like we are still off 3 weeks to bottle our 2020 16 months wines. Finally, the labels are approved..........long story.

BTW, I still like my new Air Fryer.

TINTALK Air Fryer Oven 16-Quart: 10-in-1 Air fryer Toaster Oven Combo - 1700W Large Air fryer Convection Oven Counter top Combo with Rotisserie | Dehydrator

I will try those great fries again tomorrow night and do some fish. It could be interesting???

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Kate and Bryan were over here twice today one time with the baby and then dinner tonight. They have a monitor so they can see the baby, Maia. We had a great cod fish with lime and the fries need to be done again. I tried russet wedges like I did with sweet potatoes the other night and they were still not crispy, I need to cut thinner next time.

TSLA is up since I bought 20 shares so I may sell some or maybe I should buy more since it is down 25% from it's high? It was down the other day by 30% from its high so that is why I have a profit. I will look tomorrow to decide...................

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Bryan went off to check on Kate and Bryan's adventure in Albany. Remember they bought a house there and have decided to raise it 11 feet so they have more room downstairs and also expand to the garden area. Bryan took my new Model S over there today and he says the contractors are doing a horrible job so he did make it make at 4pm and he went straight to help with his new child. Pat the new Grandma was over helping Kate while Bryan was gone so she had a nice smile on her face later today.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

I am always upset about something, that makes me think about what is next so today are more of the same. I do not get much sleep............

Sure the market has been up and down with earnings coming out. I am happy that Facebook is down!!!!!!!!!! I know it is not called Facebook anymore, what is going on?? Why would they change their name? Sure Tesla changed their name from Tesla Motors to Tesla.com because Tesla is more than about motors and I could go on with other companies, but the bottom line for us is Facebook is blocking us access to our old account, this is real complicated and I do not need to go in to this, except we as a business can not communicate with Facebook, or is it Meta and what is going on??????????

Maia is a very young child, 7 days now so she is not ready to accept us yet. As some of you know Maia will be more functional in a few weeks.........

I have not heard from the label company!!!!!!

We had crab cakes tonight and will have lean sausage tomorrow and then there will be Roast lamb on Saturday...........
I have been eating a lot of Chocolate lately and will stop that!! I found out it was 500 calories a night..................I need to get on the the scale

Friday. February 4, 2022


It was almost two months ago ago when we made a recipe we've made before. Spaghetti and meatballs. Based on a recipe by Lidia Bastianich, tt has always been good, but it was the first time we had some Coffaro Italiano to go with it.

Now we've known Dave for about 25 years or so and Dave will tell you we are tough customers. We know what we like.

So, the thing is, when we made this the last time, Dave was in the hospital just having had his triple by-pass. We told Pat that we'd made our Spaghetti and meatballs and had it with Dave's Italiano and it was great. We asked her to tell him. Don't know if he will remember it (remember, he had JUST had a triple bypass and was still in the hospital).

In any event, we made the exact same dish last night (you can see the recipe here.) And, like the last time, at least with this recipe, the Coffaro Italiano was one of those perfect matches. Try them both for a simple, pleasurable meal. We thought it was great.

BTW, this is totally unsolicited.... As webmaster we can get onto his diary without his knowing (but he's said thats ok).



First of all We, had a portobello mushroom dish tonight in the Air Fryer and Kate and Bryan and my new now 7 day old granddaughter had some too.......

I hate Facebook, I hope you are fine with buying now, I am sure it will go up, Most I hope have an average cost of under 100.........The company is crazy and is not organized. The attachment I want to put up..............is what they want from us to access our own account........................... what is their problem, this has been going on for a year...........long story....

Brad can I put up the files I had to send them so they will give me the chance to post something!!,

Yes David Coffaro is not allowed to go on Facebook and post for our Winery. One of the forms is a trip!!!! I know now, this company wants to get all the information you will give them.............long story, but if anyone out there knows more than we do, please let us know................

Saturday. February 5, 2022

My Mother Vivien would have been 100 years old today. We all miss her deeply.

The other day I opened a few Cab based wines and one stood out as very appealing: Anakota Knights Valley Sonoma County, Helena Montana Vineyard. At $135 it is not cheap. It is slightly confusing to show Helena Montana on the front label since the capital of the state of Montana is Helena. Obviously this is a California wine.

As far as the documents sent to Facebook, called Meta now, They requested my corporation certificate, the proof of California licenses, proof of TTB, the US government licenses and proof that I can use many names for my winery, including David Coffaro Vineyard and Winery. We had used David Coffaro Winery. With the government I had stated all possibilities that contained Coffaro. We sent it to them, but they STILL have not given us access to our account

Meta has come into many investigations. Here is a link to one:


This is a BBC Investigative report. Scammers have convinced Instagram users that they can make 5 times an investment overnight. Some people have lost huge amounts of money. Part of the scam involves the scammer getting access to the users' account. They then convince other people to fall for the scam by using those hijacked accounts. Yet, META (Instagram) has done nothing about it. If anybody has an idea how we might contact somebody at Facebook to finally fix our problem, we'd appreciate your help.

8......The song I like the most on the Let It Be sessions on Disney +  is "Don't Let Me Down" and it was included on the roof top concert but not on the "Let it Be" Album

"Don't Let Me Down" by the Beatles...............

Monday February 7, 2022

Here is an update from Facebook. As you can see they still do not have their act together to approve David Coffaro Vineyard & Winery!!

David Coffaro has submitted details and documents to verify David Coffaro Vineyard & Winery. We'll update your organization's verification status after we review this information.

Thank you,

The Facebook Business team

8pm, now

As you know, Wine and Food are important to me, they keep me thinking, I love to cook and make wine. Tonight I did a more healthy dinner, the docs want me to change SO we did scallops with yogurt, Of course i looked at 3 recipes and combined so nice.

Still not heard about the labels.

Olympics is OK, as long as I am looking at Figure Skating..............

Tuesday February 8, 2022

If I lived in New Orleans, like I have said I would have been a happy person. I love fried food and the last time I was there I had soft shell crab every night for 6 and I love fired chicken so I bought this Air Fryer to see if I can fry food close to deep fry...........

I hope to put up tomorrow a picture of my first attempt tonight to do wings and chicken drum sticks in the air fryer.

I did my usual batter and added some cornstarch. I saw a recipe for using some yeast to rise more or would that make it more crunchy. I am happy with how it came out tonight but I will for now wait for real crunchy, but I will not have that great deep fry from a lot of oil. I need to be good so I can live to 100?

air fried chicken

I heard officially we will not be receiving our labels until March 11 so we will not be starting bottling until March14.................

Thursday February 10, 2022

I started buying TSLA a gain for a short term trade, especially since I need some money to buy some new wine. As you know I love my red wines but I am still trying to do a white wine that excites me as many I have have purchased from other producers. The problem is I like french whites and also Ramey, now Ramey is not as much a problem since they give me a Growers discount but their wine is still much more than mine SO, I could make a white wine for a cost of $8

Do we make a different wine or two different white wines, maybe one with oak? Do we make a Sauvignon Blanc with oak, no one I know is doing that. Do we keep our Sauvignon grapes separate and do not add oak and make our Luminaire blend with oak?? So many decisions and if any of you have opinions, let me know.

Friday. February 11, 2022

Tonight I did softshell crab in the air fryer, very challenging, tonight was the second time. This lime was good, sure not what most would like being that the middle section was very moist, good for me but not for all. We also had steamed mussels which can not be a loser.........Also I made wheat bread which was a big success for all.

Kate and Bryan are doing well and enjoying Maia who is now 2 weeks old,............

Like I said I have been buying some whites to see what I want to do with all the grapes we have, enough to make 150 Cases total, so should we make a varietal or use oak, time will tell.

So I bought some more TSLA today and now have 40 shares for a trade, time will tell

Our irrigation system electrical has a problem so it may cost us $12,000...........only money?


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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