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arrow November 6 - December 10, 2022

Tuesday November 8, 2022

Pat is not into politics but I am a junkie so I will be up soon to see. We had a great Steak Diane tonight. This is the second time in 11 months since my surgery so I am enjoying.

I read The Notebook in Kindle for the first time, it was so interesting and so different so now I am on to another book that has a great start, The Guest List. I love to escape.........

Jose is sick because he has 3 children so we are on hold for our new sparkling disgorging, but Catarino and Salvador are starting pruning so they are fine..........

Wednesday November 9, 2022

I can say I never thought TSLA would be so high so quick and now that I know more, I am surprised the stock has gone down so much. I do know more today, Elon has sold even recently so that may be the reason, that sad I still have a great profit on my long term trades but I have been buying some short term stock on the way down. I will continue to buy more!!

Politics!! I will be up stairs soon to see if Nevada, and Arizona has any more input. Georgia will have a run off.

Nothing new at the winery but we will have a sale soon............

Friday November 11, 2022

I di d??????? survive in the Army!!

My short term trades, TSLA and CCl are doing well. I have sold some CCL at a big profit but I should do much better.

Jose came in for a short time and we are ready for next week to do sparkling..........

I read the Notebook recently and it was different! I am a romantic so it captivated me.............now Pat says she wants to see the movie tonight so it could be interesting!! Could it be better than the book...........OK Rachel Anne McAdams. one of her first ones was Mean Girls got everyone's attention, the movie will be interesting.........

Monday November 14, 2022

OK, another weekend with a lot of new customers here and sports of course and politics.......OK

Jose is back so today we started disgorging our new 2021 Pinot Sparkling. It is going to take us 3 days so Pat wants to raise our price...............I let her know you can buy Korbel at Safeway for $10 and we are charging.......$30, I know we give a 40% discount to our Club members and I must admit, it is nothing like Korbel, which won a gold this year..........OK, our sparkling has more bubbles and no sugar left so maybe too tart to some? I convinced Pat to not raise our price, but she and Jesse and Catalina usually decide the price.........I have some input........

Time for NFL and Politics

Saturday November 19, 2022

We are back from a nice time in Santa Cruz!! I wish all of you could hear the waves at the Dream Inn!! It is less expensive now in the Fall and then again in the Spring...........so we had a great time and we are back now.......

I hope some of you are taking a break from business. Pat and I still look at all our emails!!

Monday November 28, 2022

I assume some of you look at this rant about my thoughts?

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

I hear China is protesting and I hear Trump is in trouble so do I believe either one will make a difference in my life, I suppose no, but I do hope for some of you especially those protesting, they have a better life going forward, I have hope...........

Jose and all of us are getting prepared for blending our 2022 just harvested wine. So we have moved all the 2022 barrels outside in our large yard and it is cold so we are fine leaving them out until next week when we will blend and have already decided which wines go in to a tank and blended back in a barrel. Now this is where we start making up our ZP2C which we collect the sediment from the bottom of the barrel and settle out for 2 or three weeks.........then we take the clear wine off the sediment and start the process of making ZP2C for 2022...........

So there are developments in my 6 month old quest for a new Ag Building here..........and I have decided to terminate the new battery backup which would have cost 100K........tomorrow is Another Day?

Tuesday November 29, 2022

Some of you may remember I bought a generator 2 years ago. You also may remember it has not worked properly. A few months ago I had service done on it and was charged $181.85 AND IT STILL DID NOT WORK!! It should have been under warranty. I contacted my credit company and sent them a lot of information and after a few months I got the payment of $181.85 reversed. About a month ago I had a different service company come in and they finally found the problem: It was a faulty flywheel and it was under warranty. So finally after 2 years we have a backup for the winery. That means I do not need a battery back up that would have cost over $100,000!!

And back in May I started the process to build an agricultural building that would give us needed storage for our wine operations. The whole project was to cost close to $100,000. I asked for a permit from Sonoma County which should have been simple since an AG building does not have to be inspected partly because it has no plumbing. It can have electrical. After now 6 months the County has not approved the permit!! Don't get me into it!! I have tried everything, I know it takes time to get a building permit but an Ag Building should not take this long.

Also I ordered a pre fabricated building from Great Western Buildings and they still do not have a date to deliver. I have put a down payment of about $10,000 down. Part of the reason to add this building was because Kate and Bryan were staying in the Guesthouse and Bryan wanted to keep his Tesla Model Y stored in one of our buildings. That meant it was harder to find a place for our wine in the other 4 buildings, Yes we need a lot of room since we need some of the bottled wine on the floor to hand out to our customers, and access for shipping. The rest of the wine is stacked high for the future.

Now that Bryan and Kate have moved to their new house I have more room. I originally hoped to get the building installed by this time so I could have room for our new round of bottling. So since the County has not approved the project and Great Western Buildings have no idea when they can deliver, I have decided to cancel this project. The company says they will not refund my deposit. It was a direct withdrawal from my checking account so I assume I can not go after them. I guess it is OK since they have put a lot of work in the plans so far. So I will continue to take many hours of moving wine around to find room for our new bottling in January!! Hey what else would I do with my time, read more books?

Wednesday November 30, 2022

So now that Kate and Bryan have moved to their new house in Albany, I did not need the internet over there in the Guesthouse!! I have Starlink here where Pat and I live so it is about 150 feet across the parking lot so no way to put a line under the road........too many water pipes going across so 2 years ago we set up a nice wireless system from AVISP so we could get about 20 Mbps for Kate and Bryan to conference, it worked out so well but it costs $200 a month. They do have internet for less money but less Mbps....

Now that we do not need internet over in the guesthouse we started thinking of moving Starlink over to the Guesthouse......so how

Before Starlink, to get AVISP over here where Pat and I live and have our office, we set up a Bridge a small dish to collect the signal from AVISP and send it back over here. When we got Starlink to try over here we disconnected the Bridge. Starlink has worked flawlessly for months and is $110 and on average, 100 Mbps. So now that Kate and Bryan are not staying in the guesthouse why not redirect the Bridge signal to pick up Starlink back over to the guesthouse so visiting relatives and friends could have high speed internet while staying there?

We asked AVISP if they would be willing to do that and they said yes and yesterday two techs came out and within minutes they had the Starlink signal working over in the guesthouse. It was real nice of AVISP to do this since I had canceled their service. Thus if anyone around here needs high speed internet, I recommend AVISP or Starlink, they are both about $110 for nice service.

7+ So I sill have trade on TSLA, my favorite stock and by far my favorite car since I bought  2 Porsche and 2 Corvettes before I was 30........that said they were all great cars but Tesla, Model S is far superior so I invested n TSLA the company back in 2012 and have a profit of 1 mill, what could I do with it so I bought 5 model S............ Tesla cars.

Thursday December One, 2022

There is a nice lady who reads my diary, her initials are JJ. She wants more pizza recipes and Brad and I can help her out to cook on a BBQ or oven OR Air Fryer so Brad and I will think of a few more than what we put up on our website:???

He would not give me a refund..........................................The guy in head of decisions at GWB, remember that entry....

I ordered a building for storage, now not happening...... The guy in charge has not sent me the one to sign but I give up all I deposited..................They have a contract, iron clad so what could we do, it is only 12K......think about me, I got out of Plaza Farms a loss at about the same, look back, this diary is long........but the bottom line, I played the stock market starting in 1962 and I know when to cut my losses,,,,....hey I take chances, that is why I am still here?

Friday December 2, 2022

Pizza recipe for JJ, in stead of the BBQ, turn your oven up to the limit and cook on a pan:


Wednesday December 7, 2022

OK, as usual there is nothing too pressing happening this time of year at the winery. We are very organized.

Jose and Salvador are doing a great job blending our 2022 new harvested wine..........I say new since I have been tasting some samples and find some of the Zinfandel based wines seem to be a little tart now, don't get me wrong, we all like tasting wine way before it is ready, but we do compare notes on what we tasted last vintage........Hopefully time will tell.

We are also starting to set up bottling for our 2021 16 month aged wines in January.

I have decided to purchase a less critical metal building which I should have done before instead of using Great Western Buildings which is a very disorganized company. I even think they are not reputable since it is now 7 months since I ordered their building SO I just cancelled and they refused to refund any of my $11,000+ I put down. It is only money and the new company, Versa Tube will have the metal frame here in the first week of January. In all their building will cost me less even after losing the $11,000+ I gave to Great Western Buildings out of Colorado. The Versa Tube metal building will be just fine for what I need it for.

BTW, the other good news is the generator is coming on for the test every Wednesday so it is finally working great and should be a great back up for the winery when we have another electricity outage. Our 2 Tesla Powerwalls work only for our residence and office but are doing a great job. I have contracted for a third Tesla Powerwall which would give our house more backup.


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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