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Wednesday July 6, 2022

Not much has been happening this week in the winery. Jose is off for a week. There has been a few problems around here, like the water softener stopped working and we have mites in the old vines which will eat the nice green leaves if we don't spray something soon. Otherwise I found some bottles for our 2021 16 Month wines to be bottled next January. The price is over $10 a case which is not as bad as I was quoted from other suppliers, but still almost double what we used to pay. So to bottle the 2800 cases the bottles alone will cost $30,000.........its only money


Just out in the vineyard......wow...........a lot of crop.....do we need to advertise?? UBER Eats is after us out here in Dry Creek Valley?..

Our Generator is still a problem.......I had service again at $1000 not warranty, even though the GENERAC generator has not worked properly for now close to 2 years............So

Should I spend a lot on a new Battery back up for the Winery...I have an option.

And then there is the County!!!!!!!!!! I have not heard back from them for 2 weeks......I hope they just want to find some time to have someone out here to inspect when it should be easy to approve my Ag Building permit?

Good news, I have someone 7 miles in Cloverdale who can do all the install for the building......OK..........Tennis

Friday July 8, 2022

We did find mites in our old vines so we did a spray today, less strong than usual, but still a chemical. It went well but I could not enter until tomorrow, I know how many times did I go out without a white suit? Everytime, I did not wear anything like that, but I went in and took a shower everytime......I am still Alive........

Saturday July 9, 2022

Just out in the vineyard after a day of spraying for mites, not tasting grapes yet........a few more days

It took Pat and I awhile but we just started looking at the great documentary about JULIA..........So good..........

My friends and I got into food in The Bay Area, San Francisco where everything.......Food, Music much more were happening so Julia was a great Progression to even better food you could make at home. On Pat's Birthday a month after we got married and 11 months later than we met.......I made her a 9 course dinner, All from Julia, it took 2 days.....it may be back on the diary........Julia was very fun to see all her TV programs...........70's.......!!!!!! great times in Fairfax, Marin County

Sunday July 10, 2022

After reading what I wrote about Julia Child, Brad wrote me about "Julia" on  HBO; a fictionalized version of how The French Chef got going on WGBH. He said It is a warm and touching treatment. Stars a British woman as Julia who does a pretty good job of being Julia without mimicking her. David Hyde Pierce (Niles in Frasier) plays her husband, Paul/ Bebe Neuwirth (Lillith on Cheers and Frasier) plays Julia's best friend, Avis.,

My favorite movie depicting Julia is Julie and Julia, Meryl Streep as Julia, Amy Adams who wants to create all her recipes and Stanley Tucci as Paul. You can get it on Amazon. Meryl did a fabulous job depicting Julia

And Thomas, a customer of ours, wrote saying: 

"When I was at Harvard working on my Ph.D., I got a job as curator/preparator for the Osteology lab.  This started to help a visiting professor find specimens for his lectures, but expanded to include helping other students and professors with computer issues and with preparing some specimens still in the matrix and making casts of specimens for people like Mary Leakey.  At any rate, when I first took the job I surveyed the place to find out what was where.  One of the things I found was a freezer, supposedly for blood specimens, but which was filled with meat labeled with the name of another grad student.  So, I asked her about this and she told me about Jack Savenor's.

Savenor's was a fairly small market, but which had quite a large butcher shop area and really superb meat ... perhaps the best I have had anywhere.  He would notify one about specials, like a whole spring lamb or a front quarter of beef, priced very attractively, and cut to specification.  For students, he would do things like say that there was 10 lbs of chunk from the front quarter suitable for hamburger, but they didn't want to grind it right then, so would we take 10 lbs of frozen ground sirloin instead.  Or, offer us a stunningly great deal on 10 lbs of bacon. 

And, of course, this is where Julia bought her meat.

Also, there was a funny little fish market, which I think we discovered on our own. There were actually two little stores. The left one had been the Legal Cash Market run by the current proprietor's father, so named because they gave Legal trading stamps, a forerunner of S&H green stamps.  The market had a good rep, so the son opened up Legal Sea Foods next door. Eventually, the father closed down and the space initially just used for a couple of freezers and such.  Not long after we started going there, they converted that space to a restaurant with long tables covered with checked clothes, minimal plates and silverware, a simple menu, but some of the best fish to be had. He then opened a more proper restaurant on the second floor.  Now there are 23 of them scattered around the Boston area.

And, of course, this is where Julia bought her fish.  He also had a very large Asian clientele."

Small world... (Brad actually met her.)

Tuesday July 12, 2022

I need a new Scooter!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got stuck again in this mostly very nice Scooter BUT does not go down rows too well. It does navigate some smooth and steep rows..........but tonight I went out into the Pinot which will be ready to harvest in a month but I HAD asked Catarino to chop down some of the weeds................OH tonight there were no weeds, just dust SO, yes I need a new Scooter.................I had to walk back tonight for half a mile and sure I can do it, but it took awhile and it hurt only when I thought about it, I can stand pain............I need a new scooter!!!!!

Thursday July 14, 2022

I took 4 hours yesterday to see if I could get a new scooter and finally I have one coming tomorrow morning. I will try it out and see if it can get through the spot I got stuck the other night.

The new storage building is looking less likely.....It may take until next year, like March to get everything HERE ready to install SO I have asked for a refund!! I told them I need the building here by November or I want my deposit of $12,000....it could be a fight even though I asked for this building back in April.....I could go on about other problems, but the winery is easy!!..........Tomorrow is another day

Monday July 18, 2022

A bad day..............I may not get my Ag Building...........long story, several other things were stressful, but that is what I like.......The good news Pat and I are taking 2 days off to relax at Blue lake lodge........I need an escape..........

Thursday July 21, 2022

Yesterday was another stressful day!! The Lodge at Blue Lake was not a good experience.

We arrived yesterday at 2 pm for our 2 day stay for $400 a night and they let us in our room. It was 101 degrees already. I stepped in the room and it had to be at least 90 degrees. The window air conditioner was not on. I turned it on and the display said 66 so I assumed it would cool down to that eventually so I waited.

The air conditioner was in a small living area adjacent to a full kitchen. The bath and bedroom was through a small door. An hour later I noticed the air was not drifting into the bedroom or the bath, the living room and kitchen was still about 80 degrees.

The tub with a shower head was very deep so with my back problem I knew I could not step over the high tub, so no shower for me. We could not get the TV on but someone came in to show us. This was advertised as a lake front suite but the only way we could see anything outside was to go out in the heat. The shades needed to be closed.

When it was time to retire, the bedroom was still at 90 degrees, I got little sleep and we decided to leave yesterday after one night. We told the staff the air was not working and they looked surprised. A guy came in to inspect and questioned whether we had the air set right and then he decided we were right.

SO why would they not have another window air conditioner in the bedroom. We were told we could get a credit to
come back and take a different room that was not facing the lake, but wasn't the point to have a full kitchen and see the lake? The site is nowhere near restaurants.......................

The Sonoma County planning department said wine goods storage does not qualify as an Ag Except building so I have asked what does qualify?

Our labels for our bottling of our 2021 10 Month Wines should be here tomorrow. We are still hoping for the screwcaps to arrive next week. We then hope to bottle in the first two weeks of August. We need to bottle soon since it looks like our Pinot Noir grapes will be ready in 3 weeks. Our Old Vine Zinfandel could also be ready by the end of August.......

Saturday July 23, 2022

Sonoma County is driving me crazy!!!!!!!!! I found out yesterday, this guy who is looking into the denial of the permit for our AG Except building, knows nothing about wine!!

He thought I would be processing wine in this small storage building. I told him we would need water and a lot of electricity, like 3 Phase 240 and we only want lights and no water so why is this building not approved?

Yes an AG building is only qualified for agricultural products for storage which is what we want it for.....so I think they are confused and hopefully they will reconsider the permit next week. They will still have to send someone out to inspect the site and then they will need engineering plans. I talked to a supervisor at Great Western Buildings last week and he assured me he could get the building here by October. The engineering plans could be here by September and then we could start installing concrete. The building will be 13 feet high, 14 feet wide and 32 feet long. It could be large enough to store 3600 cases of bottled wine, 24 stacks of 150 cases.....Or 2500 cases of empty bottles which come in stacks of 105.

I was just out in the vineyard and looked at the Pinot Noir fruit and it looks like we could be the first to harvest grapes for sparkling wine in Sonoma County, but do we want to make more Sparkling?

We received our labels yesterday and expect our screwcaps next week so we should be starting our bottling of 2021 10 month aged wine in the first week of August.

7+ I am heading out in the vineyard to check whether we can harvest Pinot for sparkling, Since my triple bypass last December 17 I head out in the vineyard and think about the GodFather, where Brando fell down in his garden and died, I love my vineyard so that would be a great place to set my self down, maybe 20 years from now.........

just got back, Pinot is ready and Peloursin are both ready for a harvest FOR Sparkling, should I do it. Catarino will take a sample from both and see what the numbers are............Monday is a New Day................


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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