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arrow June 12 - July 2, 2022

Sunday June 12, 2022

I can assure you pizza like I did tonight with seeds, 10 grain flower is not been chewy or too soft, It was crunchy but of course not what some of us have had in Italy or the USA. I liked it for its fiber, I liked what I put on it, less cheese and olive oil.

Gee, just had my first tomato from our garden after going out on my scooter. It was so intense compared to Safeway Cherry tomatoes, but Safeway is there if you want fresh tomatoes up here this time of year. So soon I will have better tomatoes and we are growing many cheery tomatoes, my favorite............

 The Market is open tomorrow............Tomorrow is another Day

Monday June 13, 2022

Gee really a big down day and I did not buy......remember buy low and sell high, but could this be time to buy.......... tomorrow, my prediction is it will go down again in the morning and recover.....so I need to get up early.........

Thursday June 16, 2022

Oh I was wrong we were not near to a bottom SO I have bought TSLA, DIS, CCL and AMZN, I have to find more money to buy more stocks, the Market always goes up to a new high, it could take 2 years?

Catarino says he has some ripe tomatoes for me, that means I do not want firm ones, they have less flavor because they are on the vine less time?

More tomorrow if the Warriors win

Saturday June 18, 2022

OK, I am still trying to figure out where this new storage building will go!! It has to be 60 feet from property lines and the winery was approved close to the line so we may be OK with that but up top where I have considered the new replacement for the canopy, has issues, maybe too close to the winery building, also requiring 60 or an exception to 40 feet.

So we are considering two other places, one ideal over by the vineyard but would block a view for customers on our deck, what is more important, the customers coming here for an hour and seeing the beautiful vines out in the first block or my building!??? This building will be great, since it is so hard to find places for my empty bottles, 2 times a year but also finding a place for wine for customers to pick up. This is complicated but I sure would want this building.........

So we are considering another place over by the Pinot vines, more tomorrow or Monday..........Fathers Day tomorrow!!

Sunday June 19, 2022

I found out the Market is closed tomorrow, so I hope to survive.........gee I have to see what happens with my Carnival Curse lines trade. The Stock is down close to a low. I made a lot of money 2 years ago and should make  a lot again.

We are still discussing an additional storage building here. I know it would make my life a lot easier. The Family is concerned about the cost and why would I need it........It is time to talk to my Worriers and see what they think.........after all they do the work around here

Monday June 20, 2022

Catarino, my guy in the vineyard, he listened to me 20 years ago and learned to do some of his own things in the Vineyard so when he said it was "Fine" with him, we can take out dying vines. He says there are about 20 some vines that were planted back 10 years ago when we had this small section in the vineyard empty........SO we will make this small corner empty again and install a new building 14x32 and it will accommodate all our empty bottles or all we bottle in 6 months........I am so excited, the County is OK with it for now, they have to come out and do a site observation. Here's the plan:

site plan

Wednesday June 22, 2022

TSLA was up yesterday and down today so I have to be patient.....to start taking more profits;......

The County has started a permit for me so we are getting something going

Our first attempt to disgorge our new sparkling............and it is a Little Hazy, like some of the best beers out there, but can we sell it? 

BTW, the Hazy tastes great and........will do some more disgorging after we shake the rest of the sparkling again to make see if we can make clear sparkling...........I like the taste of hazy.......so much yeast.............

Sunday June 26, 2022

Still here, just not much happening......heading out to the vineyard in my scooter.......

Back, 8pm..................now, let me get into........

Cell Phones, I have a recent iPhone. I only use it for my Tesla app for my Model S and solar and Powerwall back up and now recently Starlink, all great things and also ear phones. So I suspect most of you have your Cell near you right now and most always? I do not.........

If I go into town to shop, I pull my credit card out and put it in my pocket, I do not want something in my hand like a Cell, it is always in my office, not even upstairs in the kitchen.........

But, I just went in the vineyard and I noticed in a week or two there may be color in the grape bunches So I have to take my unused iPhone out in the vineyard and take some pictures!!

OK, the Market is open tomorrow so tomorrow is another day

Wednesday June 29, 2022

Too many things in my mind........too many decisions to be made, I got it............

So Maia, is fun at 5 months old........The County has not approved yet, but there was a nice guy come by and he will do the install for the Ag Building..........The Market is down and my favorite investment lately is tanking............Cruise Stocks..............Oh and there is the Giants and Wimbledon.............much more.......I will survive..............

Friday July 1, 2022

best cab pinotshatterzin july1Peloursin

Some pics from the vineyard.........We see some color early this year so I even tasted a few acidic berries and they were great, so we could Harvest earlier this year, but it will depend upon the weather.........The first picture is showing our best Cabernet, very small and loose bunches. The one with curly ruffled leaves is Peloursin. The last picture is showing what happens every year: Zin Shatter!! As you see some very small berries will not get ripe. Zinfandel at harvest always has berries that are small and large with different sugar levels. 


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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