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arrow May 15 - June 11, 2022

Monday May 16, 2022

Catarino and Martha are back from a trip to Mexico to buy some property for a relative............

It is so nice to have them back. So Catarino has been supervising a tree company coming in to remove some down trees and some that block our solar.

Today we received our Starlink internet package and Brad and I figured out how to set it up temporarily right out my office door. It is not connected to our Network yet so it was fun to see high speeds for my laptop. Tomorrow I will get a WiFi adapter to see how it does on my computer. I will only check it out until we receive the adapter to connect to our network in 2 weeks, BUT it did work!!

Some of you may have heard Catalina, our lady, who does our tasting room serving has tested positive and Jesse, our great other tasting room guy is off on vacation SO we have had to cancel all appointments until Catalina can be safe to come back

TSLA, it was down again so I now have 50 shares short term and will buy more tomorrow, if down...........

On Saturday, Pat and I will head up to Oregon for a week so if you need something from me or especially Pat, let us know. We will be back on May 29 in time for Memorial Day on Monday.

Tuesday May 17, 2022

Oh today was productive, the tree guys came in again and cleared some branches for our Solar panels to work better. HEY these sycamore trees need to be trimmed even more.......long story

Then Brad and I had more fun with Starlink and tomorrow I can connect to our network and print.

Those of you concerned about my trades in TSLA, doing fine, even again............seriously I keep saying, this is the last time to buy at low prices.............

Wednesday May 18, 2022

was down again today so now buying more

I have tried standing up on one leg without help, balancing. I am doing OK, but still can't stand without holding on to something after 3 days now. Now the good thing, I have not fallen in 3 years so I think I am fine, but it would be nice to stand on one leg or even stand without pain,,...so after trying to stand on one leg, the pain in my body has increased, why do I have in ALL my life have problems when I do the recommend exercises, like going on my bike for 3 minutes a day??

Thursday May 19, 2022

Brad and I set up our network with Starlink, we had some setup problems but in the end, I am now getting on average 160 up. The dish is on the ground and has obstructions but we will mount it up high when I get back. I will have other input tomorrow.

Yes, I went out in the vineyard tonight and saw berries already formed, they are so small, some in the Cab only 1/8 an inch or even less. This time of year, It is so much fun to be here, come on by and walk the vineyard!!

TSLA, yes still buying, now 70 shares short term at an average price of 757 and it is at 710 at close today. Oregon next week in my new Model S. I will have my laptop to see if I need to sell high or buy low......tomorrow is an other day

Friday May 20, 2022

Yes, a vacation to Oregon and yes buying more TSLA........

My sweet vineyard, I love it.........So I have been out a few times in the vineyard and it was wonderful. Yes I saw almost all vines in bloom now with berries forming so when I get back it should even be more wonderful. Oh and the birds are all over with nests in eaves in our buildings. It is so interesting to see them fly away from their nests to distract me. I guess they do not know I love them!!

Saturday May 28, 2022

We are back from our trip to Oregon, it was an adventure, more later......There Is No Place Like HOME!!!

I drove over 3 hundred miles up and back on very winding roads. I have done the trip many times before but this time I was more cautious, somewhat because of Pat. She does not like the roads and is concerned about my driving at now an age of 79. I did OK, but not like the past, I let many drivers pass me. I noticed most had SUV autos and were up higher than me in their seats. I do remember having A Model X Tesla on loan and found I liked being up higher in the seat to see over the road, I do like my Model S for many other reasons.

The Food at some places was good and others OK, but after driving all day, I was happy to just mellow out and have some wine in the evenings.

We did stay 2 days in a great place in Bandon right on the waves on the Oregon Coast and we did see 2 nice sunsets. Kate and Bryan and Maia were with us and we had a great time there.

Sunday May 29, 2022

Another great day on Sunday Pizza, with Maia, Pat, Kate and Bryan. Bryan made 2 pizza doughs and I made one..........fun.........

Monday May 30, 2022

The Market is open tomorrow finally after 3 days with this holiday!! I can't wait to hope to make more money with TSLA, so far the last day on Friday I made enough to justify my Cab purchases lately........more tomorrow

Nice Panko chicken legs in the air fryer tonight!!

Tomorrow the help will be back and we need to get organized for the thinning in the vineyard and eventually get ready for bottling in late July or early August.

Tuesday May 31, 2022

Jose, Catarino, Martha and Salvador were back today and we had fun setting up Starlink!! I had tried it before on the ground but today we installed near my roof off the office and it is doing great at 150 megs down. I will check tomorrow to see if there are any obstructions but everything looks great now..............

So I bought 95 shares in the last few weeks for a trade of TSLA and I have sold 20 at a profit of $2,000 last week and hope to make more in the next few days. There is more competition now so Tesla has to keep up, but they are sold out for most of the year and growing at 50% a year SOSOS be patient, Dave, I still have long term shares of 1650.

Thursday June 2, 2022

Jose had teeth pulled so he is off to take care of his new child on paid leave So nothing is happening in the winery and Jose will be back next week to check the sparkling.

Otherwise I sold another 5 shares of TSLA to justify buying all these high priced Cabernet's I have been tasting

I was so happy the best player in tennis, Nadal, won again......

and I am ready for NBA!! tonight.................

Friday, June 3, 2022

From Brad:

Last night we made Pasta with Fresh Herbs and Smoked Mozzarella which turned out to be a particularly good pairing with the Italiano. The recipe is here.


7:30 pm

Brad this looks great, and I looked at the recipe you put up. I did a pasta tonight also, see below.

TSLA stock was down 10% today so I will have to wait for next week to make more money on my short term trade. Elon is concerned about the economy SO big news, aren't all of us concerned??

Tonight Pat and I had a great Pasta. It was great and also unusual as USUAL for me. It started with onions, garlic, mushrooms and bell pepper sauteed in butter and olive oil. Then I put in ground GOAT, because it is real lean and has some good flavor. Then there was wine and Romano and half and half and to thicken it, rice flour. so good!! Picture with a salad below.

Dave Pasta

What inspired me was Shrimp Alfredo I had on my vacation in Oregon. At one place the menu had an option for fettuccine with meat balls but in a red sauce SO I asked if I could have the meat balls instead of the shrimp in the white sauce and they fused but finally said "sure for an additional $23", $46 total. I of course cussed but said I will take the shrimp in the white Alfredo Sauce. So that is why I made my own fettuccine in a meat white sauce.

Monday June 6, 2022

It is now a day after i saw every point in the match last night, Nadal was great, but I hear he has a foot problem and will be out for months again? If he does not try Wimbledon.........

Jose was in today and checked out the sparkling wine. The fermentation is going well and should be through in a few weeks........now do we leave it on the Yeast for many months, would it make a difference? Some people I hear love Champagne because they love the yeast character in the wine. I do not detect it because I have tried all the best Champagnes in the world and I can assure you they were all sweet, As I have said Champagne and even all sparkling wines even in here, Sonoma Count, have residual sugar left..........OH, that is why we are different, no RS (Sugar) left in our sparkling!! So do we leave it on the yeast?

Tuesday June 7, 2022

I assume I have mentioned a new metal building I am hoping to replace our canopy? Well if not here goes............

We have a tent like canopy near the road and we can store things like stainless equipment, no problem and even some empty bottles for  few days but we can not store bottled case goods, the tent canopy is not insulated!! So I have been trying to organize to obtain a metal building, insulated with doors TO REPLACE the canopy, 17 feet wide and 42 feet long...........

I found a company I liked but I have had trouble communicating with someone........until today. The new guy is like me, instant emails back and forth, but the last email concerned me...........he may want to deal with Sonoma County, permits, questions, 6 to 9 months.......the bottom line is Sonoma County would not approve of it............somewhat because it would block some scenic view of my vineyard?? The Winery building is already blocking the scenic view from the road of my vineyard........do I go on.......more tomorrow or when I find out more..................................

Thursday June 9, 2022

So I decided to ask for an AG exception, which would give me more options. So i hope to hear back soon from the county, tomorrow?............

Friday June 10, 2022

As usual I have too many things on my mind..................including not info from the County of Sonoma

I have a new step thing, a Cubii and it is great exercising my feet and legs while I am on the computer...........

So I want to make sure you know how much I am happy Nadal is doing OK, He has a big foot problem so he may not be able to compete unless he has no pain...........

I have an Apple Watch and it did say it recorded what I did out in the vineyard just now.............It said I was on a scooter, true so how did the watch know that, spies are coming into our watches and Phones? I really don't care, I want to share most of everything I do...........

Saturday June 11, 2022

I went out again in the vineyard and saw Cabs, I have decided after looking so far, Clone 341 looks the best........more info as the Summer comes on............

I am on a carbo less diet again, I have indulging in too much sugar. Sure it said it was keto friendly, but they all had too many carbs. I started 3 days ago and was not happy to see 227 pounds,,,,,,,........gee before my heart surgery in December I was down to 214 AND my average weight since 2000 has been 221.

So in 3 days I have averaged 48 carbs........1300 calories so sure I should lose a pound, no I have now lost 4 pounds, but with softshell crab tonight and Pizza tomorrow, what will happen........it is all about calories in the end so I have to consume 3500 calories less than I usually do.......

OK the softshell crab I had tonight was low on carbs, so not great......sure I am supposed to deep fry, yes I agree........softshell crab is only good unless it is fried.......Gee one softshell crab has 10 calories and no carbs, but the creamy middle needs crispy shells around it.........I digress........

So tomorrow pizza is going to be a challenge.......Pat, Kate and Bryan will not be here so it is only I will make a pizza...

I am going to try some vital Gluten, it has very few carbs but does not mix up well, long story, so I am trying 50%, but the other flour has some Gluten....... also, I am going to use 10 grain flour and my sour dough starter.........It will have to be kneaded a long time to mix all together.



For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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