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Saturday January 1, 2022

Happy New Years to ALL.

I made it up to Mid Night last night, but it was hard!! I don't know why I had so much trouble but my chest, upper back and legs were in Mortal Pain. At times, I wondered if I would live. Nothing was helping including a glass of sparking wine, 3 Oxi at 9pm and even 2 Ibuprofen at 10. I did do some stationary bike ridding in the afternoon but I don't know if that contributed to all the pain. But I can say my legs were swelled up more than usual. We looked it up and swelling is normal. I did elevate my legs which helped to keep the swelling under control. The entertainment leading up to Mid Night was so poor I had to turn on Let It Be, the great documentary about the Beatles, it kept me alive. It is hard to explain, but most of the time it is just a Jam session, but somehow so captivating.........

On Monday I go to see my Cardiologist, the one who talks about my diet. I will ask him about taking all these drugs. Today I am doing so much better. After getting up at 10:30 Am, I had two Ibuprofen with some nice left over pasta. At 2PM, I took 3 Oxi and I have been mostly pain free. Soon at 5:30 pm I will have some wine and then my plan is to take some more Oxi at 10pm and see if I can get through the night peacefully.

In 10 days I go to see my other cardiologist who did the Angiogram and I hope to drive my new Model S then........fun, fun, fun 

Tuesday January 4, 2022

So yesterday I did go see my cardiologist and things went well. He did ask me to stop consuming alcohol for the next few weeks and I have decided to do just that. But the alcohol does help me sleep and it has been an adventure every night to get some good rest with the pain all over my body.

He also asked me to not take Ibuprofen and use only Tylenol so since Tylenol does help somewhat with the pain in my chest that will be OK. Ibuprofen helps my arthritis so I will not be walking much because the pain in my back is too intense. He did say I could get on my stationary bike two times a day so will do.

Like I have said Kate is due to deliver in a few weeks and since Bryan has to be gone for his job and their house project at times, I will be the back up if Kate needs a ride to the hospital. It will thus be good that I will not be consuming any alcohol until the delivery.........

Wednesday January 5, 2022

Well I lasted one night without alcohol. I only had 3 ounces of white wine with dinner tonight. I did not realize how much better a dinner tastes with just a little taste of wine. Also what is concerning is my blood pressure is up this afternoon and this evening. In the past as I have said after some wine, like three glasses my blood pressure has been way down. In the hospital and also at the doctors office the other day it was about 115/65 everytime It was taken.........now it has risen to 144/71 SO what does that mean?? I know they have put me on other pills so I will call tomorrow to see if they can advise what to do. Of course I will take my pressure in the morning first.......

Thursday January 6, 2022

Another day, maybe a little better, I am still having trouble sleeping. I may try sleeping on my left side again but two days ago I woke up coughing which is very painful. I sometimes sleep on my back which is not my choice of sleep positions and mostly on my right side.

I had 1.5 ounces of gin, and 3 ounces of sparkling, 12% alcohol, and 3 ounces of chardonnay, 14% alcohol so my blood pressure was at 130/70 so better than last night. Now I just tried one hit of grass and it is down to 100/54 in 10 minutes, not something I will do all day. Gee, maybe I should eat a little tomorrow????.

I called my primary today to ask about my blood pressure last night at 144/71 but she has not responded so I will insist tomorrow. Those doctors took away 2 of my blood pressure pills, the ones I was taking before surgery and added one new one. Everything was fine, low readings until yesterday. They have prescribed 3 pills twice a day, then 2 in the morning and 3 others in the evening SO I need to do a lot of research tomorrow.

I spent most of the day yesterday and most of the day today working on labels for our upcoming bottling of the 2020 16 month wines and also the 2021 Luminaire and a new sparkling. I had to get all the information to the label company so we can start bottling before the end of the month, time will tell........

Friday January 7, 2022

Hey we are out in the country so we have septic, three actually, one for the winery, one for the guess house and one for our house where Pat and I live. It has been about 7 years but finally the the main house backed up. After close to $3,000 for emergency service......long story we may have things back to normal.

My primary today and we had a nice conversation about the pills I am taking. I will have more to say tomorrow but it is nice we are communicating. What I have learned, it may take another few weeks to have this pain in my back, chest and legs subside somewhat and then another few months for a complete recovery. Like I have said it is hard for me to sleep so I look forward to having less trouble. If you look back in this diary, you will see I have always had trouble sleeping, but this is different since now I have less to worry about, just getting better...........long story

Saturday January 8, 2022

Each day is getting a little better but I still have trouble sleeping...........

I drove my new 2022 Model S up to the dam, about 4 miles up and back. It is awesome, so many new things to learn. I am so happy, it will be my last car.........

I was down in my office most of the day like usual and I inputted a lot of what is needed for our taxes. I have accountants which is needed because of the complexity, but they need all the transactions in my checks and credit cards and also automatic deductions from my checking account. All this is inputted into their QB account.

I tried some great Coffaro 2019 My Zin tonight. A customer brought it back saying it was corked.........sure we do not use corks but I assume he did not like the wine and thought it was flawed. I thought it was real nice, my first taste of a red wine in over 3 weeks. White wine was easier to taste...........

Monday January 10, 2022

I could not sleep well again last night but a nap or two helped today.

Yes, Kate and I are still big Raider fans so we were glued to the game last night.

Pat and I have a cruise scheduled up to Alaska for the second time. It goes out of San Francisco in May but since I do not know if I will be ready by then, I like consuming a lot of alcohol on cruses, we have decided to cancel. When I made this cruise for the second time after cancelling two years ago through Costco, I decided to book straight through Carnival last year. The guy said I could cancel anytime before the last payment so I went with him and had to pay more than Costco. Well today was an adventure...........

I have had big profits in trades in Cruise stocks as some of you know by reading this diary. Yes, I have traded in the stock market many times in the last two years and made several thousand dollars. I still had 1100 shares of Carnival at good profits so I sold today after being on the phone for One Hour and getting no where. I was told by a nice associate that I had to pay $800 because I wanted to cancel. I asked for a supervisor but was put on hold. I will try again tomorrow but I do have nice profits in the stock after today's trades..............

Tuesday January 11, 2022

I picked up some new wheels I showed last week on my new model S. I actually drove over 25 miles today for the first time after the 3 bypasses in my chest. I had no trouble even driving on the freeway. Tomorrow I will go to Santa Rosa and back, a total of 50 miles, the docs want an xray of my heart.

I had a little better sleep last night, we lowered my side of our great Sleep Number bed. In the past several weeks I have had it high because of pain in my chest but now that it has subsided, lowering helped me sleep

Since my pain has subsided I was granted the right to add some Ibuprofen to my Tylenol. As I have said my back has not improved but Ibuprofen helps.

Wednesday January 12, 2022

I think at times now, it may be time for my cane That one I had made from a vine in the vineyard. I went to Santa Rosa today, about 30 miles and back nice ride in my new Model S. But now after adding Ibuprofen I still was having trouble walking to my xray 100 feet without support even from a handicap place. I know I had problems in the past walking, like a cart at Safeway helped, but this recovery has me needing something like a cart so a cane would be good.........SO Pat and I are off to Safeway tomorrow, but I will not need the cane there, cart.

Thursday January 13, 2022

So today I went in to Safeway with Pat and before I went to have my pressures for Glaucoma checked and they were fine......

My next excursion in my new Model S will be on Monday when I go for more blood tests, then on Tuesday I see my Cardiologist and on Wednesday I think is to see the surgeon who did the open heart surgery. I hear he has a winery so we will get along just fine.

Friday January 14, 2022

I had some sausage tonight, not much but is supposedly not on my diet. The spaghetti squash left over from 2 days ago for lunch was wonderful.
We are having pizza tomorrow night, Bryan has been covering for me and doing a dough for me that I have been having fun as usual, but to day I decided to make my own crust. Mine is more crunchy while Bryan's is more stretchy with wholes in it. Tomorrow will be interesting..........

Obviously pizza will be after the Raider game

My chest does not hurt much anymore, I hear it could be as much as 6 months to fully recover........how would I know since every year my body deteriorates. I am recovering better than most, but my back still hurts...........

Monday January 17, 2022 One month after my operation

My back is actually feeling better now that I have been only taking Ibuprofen and also I am taking a nerve medication which may be helping. I can stand up high and should be able to see my cardiologist tomorrow without a walker like last time. I have to walk about three corridors to wind down the hall to get to his office, it seems like a block.

I took a blood test today, driving my new Model S, so we will see what the results are, but my body is telling me I am doing great and I may be back even better than before in another month rather than I hear it could take several months to fully recover.

We are still waiting for labels so we are sure now to not have all the 2020 16 Month wines bottled by mid February. We hope to start by the first week of February, but I have not got the proofs yet and then it takes 2 to 3 weeks after my approval.

I had a nice time watching NFL, even though the Raiders lost. The 49ers look good, so that is my team now. Also I am so happy, Djokovic, was deported, gee joker, get vaccinated!!!!!!!! He may miss the French open also. I love tennis so I will be up soon watching the Australian Open and more NFL

Tuesday January 18, 2022

I did go to my cardiologist today and he was real happy with my progress so I do not need to go back to see him for a month. My blood pressure has continued to go up recently after being low all day including in the hospital so my primary has prescribed to start the two pills I had in the past. I did have 3 blood pressure pills to take so maybe that will be prescribed in the future...........lets see how these 2 do. As usual, like tonight after some wine, my blood pressure is 115 over 55.........

Wednesday January 19, 2022......OK, lets do a Kate watch. Kate is due on January 27 so 8 days away and she is doing fine

My blood tests yesterday turned out fine so that is good, I did add a new blood pressure pill this morning and it looked like it helped.

I go tomorrow to see the doc who cut in my chest so it could be OK, since he has a winery. I am sure he is not managing it like I am but I do not know. I saw him when I was in the hospital for a few minutes and we talked about wine

I got on my stationary bike again after days yesterday and I am paying for it today. I was on for 17 minutes so I know.........I have to build up, like do 5 minutes and then more over days...........

Thursday January 20, 2022, 7 more days

I did see my Doc who opened my chest and he was very nice and did say I did not have to take 2 of the pills of the 10 I was taking...........gee maybe I am getting better? He did imply I should change my diet but also he implied not as much as my cardiologist has prescribed SO I will change as I have but I will still do some nice food. I am getting a new air fryer, but this time it is also a toaster oven and a convention oven so Saturday I will rotisserie a whole chicken and see how it turns out.........

Friday January 21, 2022, 6 more days

So tonight Pat and I had sausages, I know not on my new diet but hey, I can have something like this once in awhile? Tomorrow I will receive a new Toaster oven. It does more than heat up, it is for Air Frying and convection roasting so tomorrow I will try a whole chicken and french fries in a basket, I know not on my diet, but air frying will help?.

As some of you know, stocks are down in the last 10 days so it is time to buy? I am more into recovering and watching NFL tomorrow and also Tennis.



For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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