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arrow March 6 - March 26, 2022

Sunday March 6, 2022

A quick update, we had a nice Barrel Tasting event, nothing like the past but we still had new customers who purchased wine.

According to what I see, the Futures market for stocks will be down big again tomorrow morning, do I buy or sell?

I think we should do more to protect a country who has the Russians invading, I actually agree on a no fly zone. I hope and suspect the Russians will be careful and step back because they have plenty of forces on the ground and they do not need air, but it would be another step we can do. Also I hear we are still buying all this oil from Russia...........to keep the price of gas down? Even Elon Musk is saying we should produce more oil...............

Monday March 7, 2022

We had a great visit with Sharon and Rick and the barrel tasting event was nice. We even have some coming back to taste barrels next week end. I tried the samples out of the barrel in the evening to compare to other wines, we had so many wines opened!! I had a nice $550 bottle of Napa cab open and several other nice cabs including my 2019. I wish I had saved some of my cabs from the past but I did not think they were comparable to Sonoma County great cabs and especially a high end cab from Napa. I can assure you our 2019 Cab was great, my choice because I like young wines and I am sure it will age just fine!!

That brings me back to this last weekend when we tasted our 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon out of the barrel and I actually had a little to taste to our 2019 and it is great. I am so happy, it is easy to make wine from this vineyard!! I got lucky back in 1979, you can not make great wine unless you have great fruit!!

Tuesday March 8, 2022

I went out to the vineyard today for the first time in months because I was looking for popcorn, yes I still went out on my scooter and actually with Pat, Kate and Maia carried by Kate. Popcorn is a nice time when I see for the first time a sprout which will explode into a shoot of green. I always look for a section of old vine Petite Sirah which is the first and I was rewarded today to see some potential shoots now in the popcorn stage, yes they look like a popcorn kernel before cooked.


bottling may start next Monday!!

Wednesday March 9, 2022

I have been trying to make money again on my short term trades with TSLA, but I have only made profit of 2000 and I have sure been buying more high end cabs since I found out my 2019 and 2018 Cab can stand up to all of them. I am actually looking for a few real older cabs I made back 10 years ago, they may be in the Purple Room!! Oh, maybe I have not mentioned the Purple Room before? It was created and painted purple by Kate and Susie about 20 years ago so I could store some of my recent wines then, instead of my deep wine cellar which is in the Earth. I am sure I can find some interesting Coffaro wines there and that is where I have been storing my latest wines from other producers.

No more news today about our labels or the irrigation pump part which should come from Italy. Our pump is still working for a few hours a day by Catarino manipulating it........long story

Thursday March 10, 2022

One of those days, too much to relate, but I will try........

First of all there is nothing new about the pump, but I wanted to clarify, Catarino goes down in the morning before rates go up and before it gets warm in the soil and turns on the pump, sometimes he has to start it several times but eventually we have been successful to keep it on for a few hours to irrigate our mostly dormant vines, at this time of the year SO we are good for a few more weeks and hope the company in Italy comes through with our part needed to keep the pump running when we need it.

So back to today........I was hoping TSLA would be up so I bought 15 more shares and I hope to trade out of them soon........

I sent an email to our label person yesterday and found out she is on vacation starting today so this equally nice lady is still making sure we can pick up our labels tomorrow so we can start bottling our 2020 16 month aged wines on Monday. She will get back to me tomorrow........then

I found out our screwcap capsules are delayed also, for our July bottling, hopefully on schedule next year. We will start our 2021 10 Month aged wines in August now.

And so now I have to figure out how to get the right labels here for the August bottling SO we have to decide what 2021 wines are being held for a 16 month version. Yes, more of our customers are ordering 16 month barrel aged wines, that means we will be bottling more in February and far less in July in the future.

Then there are barrels, I have to decided which barrel I should buy this year. We usually use about 30% new oak and in the past I have liked American oak because they depart more character. French oak which we tried 10 for the 2021 vintage gives a more smooth finish to a wine? I like intensity. This year after two weeks of thinking.....I have decided to try a few Hungarian Oak barrels instead of French. I will still purchase more American.

Then there is what barrels to save for our club, figuring out which 2021 wines could go to the club in the Future which means I need to know for August which 10 month aged wines will be bottled..........long story, I know hard to understand

These are a few things on my mind tonight, now it is tennis time or more war info............tomorrow is another day, yes, I am doing fine

Friday March 11, 2022

Still buying TSLA...........,

Still buying other wines, including a Sangiovese compared to our new 2021 Sangiovese blend with 18% Nebbiolo and I liked mine so we will bottle 48 cases....

Sunday March 13, 2022, I love it!! Day Light Savings Time

Susie, Pat and I had some Panko chicken tonight, so good!!

We start bottling tomorrow so it will be complicated later this week.

A day after my homecoming after my operation, I had to decide which labels we needed and I found out there would be a delay, which I have mentioned. That said, I found out I made a few mistakes after I was back to get the bottling organized. I did get the bottles here, but we had to store them so they have to be moved out eventually.

And the labels have been delayed and I found out there were 2 more zin barrels than I thought

The bottom line is I have to make the storage happen......So now we have nowhere to put the new wine? Of course I have to get organized and move empty glass out in the morning and put the new stored wine in place, but Block 4 can not be way in the back of storage and it will be bottled on Wednesday and we will be bottling more wine until the 23rd......................I could go on but it is a puzzle, so another challenge. OH

My biggest concern is.............I have to see if I can get up on the forklift!! I am the one who knows where the wine should be stored,...time will tell

Monday March 14, 2022
I have had friends who I respect and now a lady who sells barrels, taste my Luminaire blend and the new lady said she tasted some oak and it has been in neutral oak barrels so that makes some sense. As I have said I am looking for some new barrels to age my Sauvignon Blanc to be harvested this year. I like a Chardonnay that does have oak and the new lady, Vanessa from Francois Freres barrels took a picture of the bottle and see if they supplied the barrels. I like experimenting so time will tell, she is coming back on Wednesday to taste more, yes we are bottling

Bottling!!......every first day is an adventure so this time our pump did not work so.......we have my first pump from 1994 and we figured out how to use this very large pump to work in our bottling line. We are trying to get our small pump repaired and back tomorrow, it works better for certain things.

Naples Italy has shipped our part for our irrigation pump and we should see it by next Monday. It will save me 5K if it makes it here

I continue to buy more TSLA and have a short term loss of 5K on these new 85 shares...........

We will bottle Aca Modot tomorrow and Block 4 Wednesday

Wednesday March 16, 2022

We just finished bottling our Block 4, Aglianico and Lagrein, yesterday we did finish our Aca Modot. Tomorrow we will do our Italiano and Escuro. We had our small pump repaired yesterday and it was working great today. We are having issues with our 12 bottling line fillers. They will need to be cleaned more carefully when we finish bottling.

My next big concern is the price and availability of Glass. The price has doubled in the last two years and may go up more if we do not take possession of our bottles for the August bottling early. We may have to find a place for the glass in two weeks right after bottling these 2020 16 Month wines.

Last night we had a great Paella included in it tomatoes, orange bell pepper and shrimp. Of course the usual garlic and onions were abundant.


Friday March 18, 2022

I am winding down after bottling this week and we only have 3 more days to go
bottling......but there is a beautiful grand daughter and then there is Nadal and Station 11, interesting series.

Yes, I am buying more high end wines to see how we stack up.......,/....$$.^,....since TSLA has been up in the last few days and other stocks. Buy low, sell high

I ran some money for friends way back when, I will have to see if I have mentioned it before, then I could copy it and use what I need.......tomorrow

The bottling went real well, but I should mention the Zin bottling today.....next time, the diary

Monday March 21, 2022

I was surprised today, that is not unusual since I learn something new every day.

So the other day we bottled the Escuro and Italiano and after 5 days I opened them up. I had already tried Aglianico and Lagrein the last two nights and again tonight SO yes, I am being more organized.

Look back two years and you will see I usually had 10 or more bottles open from this bottling and it was complicated every night. Maybe I was more capable back then, now more sensible, but I think now it is more about taking my time? I digress

So like I said I was surprised today. The Escuro was great!!!!!!!!! Escuro has Portuguese varietals and was the first blend that had Italian Varietals in it, with Lagrein and Aglianico, then I decided on making a 100% Aglianico and 100% Lagrein and then I planted more Italian varieties out in the vineyard. It took awhile but I then had enough grapes to make our Italiano Style. Well tonight I tasted all those wines and I picked the Escuro in both 2019 and 2020. It had more bouquet and complexity!!!

Pat just told me some of these wines will be in the Wine Club........

Tuesday March 22, 2022

What was interesting I found out some of these wines I mentioned last night are in our new release of the Dave's Wine Club, but not all the same years, 3 though?

So Pat said we are including in our new wine club, 2019 Escuro, the one I liked the best last night. Also included will be 2019 Italiano, which I liked the best after a day, yes a day can make a difference also 2019 Lagrein, look it up, 3 others

, don't say oxidation but it is true, as we all know all wine changes by oxidizing in the wine making process!! We sure macerate by punching down the fermenting wine and then in the bottle long term? Yes some corks and even screwcaps will let a little out of the bottle and then we try as winemakers no matter how we try, there is always something trying to move out in the bottle because as gentle we are at filling the bottle there is some gas caught and wants to get out over time, it is so interesting what makes some wines age so well???..........please ..........

don't get me back to about 1988 when four of us got together, a great meal, but the wine was exceptional........I brought a La Mission 1955 and the hosts provided a bottle of Martha's Vineyard probably 1971 or so back both those wines were the most complex I have ever had they were so different but had such interesting smells and tastes. They were not full bodied. They tasted light in upfront intensity, but the smells and flavors are incredible and could not be duplicated. I can't imagine what food could be a pairing.

It is getting down to the last new trades of TSLA and I have made some good money so should I buy some La Mission or Heitz

Finally now I can go out in the vineyard before the sun goes down. I am usually busy in the day but after some wine, it is better to go out in the evening SO, at 7:45 Pm I got back from a vineyard jump in my scooter. There is a lot of new green out there so I am excited.

Wednesday March 23, 2022

We finished bottling today so Pat and I are taking a one day break, I wish it could be more, but Pat has many things to deal with.

We first have to go up to Ukiah to the easiest DMV around here to deal with registrations, 2 of them

              SSSOOO why not make it a night???

 so DMV is 36 miles and Lake County is a little more drive for a stay, Lunch mid day in Ukiah, then off to Safeway later to claim some ice cream and cookies then off in the evening to a full kitchen for something more........I will be glued to my Kindle when ever I have time........, Pat will explore......fun for both of us........during only about 30 hours until we are home. There is still nothing better than to be home, except unique things away make you remember..............

I sold all my short term trades with TSLA stock except for 20, so far I have great profits SO.

I have many new Cabs I have tried, as much as $500 from all over and I will compare it to our only new Cab from Alexandra Valley ...I have to wait for our 2021 Estate Cab in one year, but I could try to steal a taste from the barrel again😊.....So the bottom line here...........no more new wines until TSLA goes down again.......................Buy Low, Sell High

, Sounds great unless your stock never goes up after buying Low. My biggest loss now in a stock I have had for two years is CCL, but I have made more before and I still have faith in the company. Then I do have a few stocks with very small losses that were for spec and will never go up again, I assume..........if you do not like the companies product, do not buy the stock, what ever you have heard...........you will buy at the wrong time and sell at the wrong time, only my opinion.

Friday March 25, 2022

A mixup lost Brad's  chicken/rice dish... So we're putting it back.

Dave sent me the paella picture (above). I love dishes with flavored rice... Many years back took a recipe from my mother's cookbook for chicken cacciatore and made it very tomatoey with rice. Later I found an African recipe for 'jollof rice' and combined it with what I'd done with that old cookbook to make one of my favorite dishes. It is a chicken dish with lots of bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, tomato paste and a habanero. The rice is so good I make it with lots extra.

Jollof rice

Jollof rice

And for the first time I've looked up that old cookbook, it is the Women's Home Companion Cookbook and apparently is prized by collectors, first published in 1942, the recipes are varied and many still quite useful (particularly for a beginner) today.


Friday March 25, 2022

We did make it back from Mendocino County and then Lake County..........Like I said, a trip off from my great vineyard and residence is nice only because it is unique, being only one day, so I will remember. The trip back was the most grueling, see a map of what we had to navigate for 17 miles, the most hairpin turns I have ever experienced and I have done it 5 times now, maybe never again, I am still recovering tonight..............

California Highways (www.cahighways.org): Route 175


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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