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Sunday February 28, 2021

Like I have mentioned. I have had back problems for 40 years. The MRI says the problems go all the way from L3 to L5-S1, in my spine. My legs are not weak and with very little numbness, it is just my back pain after standing for 30 minutes or so, or even bending over to get something out low. The pain, in my whole back and down the outside of my right leg, has gotten worse recently. I live with it but it would be nice to have some relief. I will continue my exercises and I hope they will help. I have read a lot today and I now realize I need to make sure the exercises do not cause pain and thus make things worse. I will see the specialist in a few weeks, but I have little hope he will help.......it is worth a try.


we had pizza tonight like usual, not my best, but I never do the same each week on Sunday.

My first great pizza was when I visited my new friend and her mother in Millbrae. I listened and found out the Mother made pizza every Saturday night and I was invited because I had a new friend, her daughter. I never forgot. It was in 1967 I think and

when I went off to Fairfax in 1971, up 120 stairs  we had parties that started at noon and went to Midnight and I always thought about the first time I had homemade pizza in Millbrae............I digress, my mind is always thinking

I have ordered more heat and stimulus devices for my back. I hope they will help........Only $120, a write off.......? of course

Tomorrow as usual I will be up here before 6:30am when the Market opens. So far on Futures tonight we may have an upside opening. I am hoping to buy more TSLA, but I will not buy high, wait for low...........

Monday March One, 2021

Cristian's Family is here today and they said he is communicating. He holds his hand up when asked a yes and no question and he has waved to them on Zoom. He has a pipe in his throat so he can breathe and the doctor did remove it and he could breathe on his own, but they have put it back in to be safe. Remember he had jaw surgery and his neck was fractured.


So I got 6 bottles of a Carignan, the right way to name since it originated in Rhone in France. This new wine I heard about is correctly titled Carignan, but it is from Chile, my new favorite place for wine.

I will have more tomorrow when I taste this wine that got a 98 rating against our 2017, 2018 and 2019 Carignan. I love what I do so I will see what I think about all 4 wines, by tasting blind. I did finish a new tasting that involved Barolo and Aglianico and I must have a Coffaro palate. They are all nice, but they do not have a beginning, a middle and an end and they are intense...........should, I enter our wine in competitions and sell more wine, we are doing just fine.

TSLA, the stock was up today so maybe I can make me money to pay for all these wines?

I tried my new exercises again and maybe I am feeling better but could it be my new Heat Massager on my back?

Tuesday March 02 2021


The Carignan highly rated Chile wine was tasted by both Pat and I. Pat likes our Carignan, so we both tasted the 2017, 2018 and 2019 with me this evening. Pat liked our wines the best and she said the Chile wine was smooth. I said, what????

She said it was smooth because it had no harshness. Pat and both Jesse and Catalina do not swirl wine in their mouth. Take a chance, how can anyone taste a wine unless you swirl........IPA helps now...........GGGG

I do swirl so I can see why Pat thought it was smooth, but she did say it had no fruit.

I disagree by swirling I got a lot of character in this nice Chile wine........needs time

We are so happy, we have been allowed to have all our Vineyard people and even Catalina and Jesse TWO.....

Yes they are scheduled for a poke in their arm this Friday and they are all so happy......

Let's open up!!!!

Wednesday March 03 2021

More about Peter Carneiro..........

The most impressive thing Peter did was in the 80's when we went up the Oregon Coast........more tomorrow


I forgot to say..........

I had another tooth extracted today, I am doing fine, but I have had some alcohol..........I will get another implant in a few months

I have purchased more on a trade.......TSLA today so I will see. I will not sell unless I have a profit

Thursday March 04 2021

Here is an update on Cristian: Catarino and Martha were allowed to see Cristian in person, in the same room, for two hours. Cristian was communicating the best he could. At one point he used his arm, the only one he can move, to indicate he wanted the TV channel changed. Like they were told, he fractured almost every bone above his waist. They are going to do another operation on his one really bad arm and wrist.

The hole vacated by the removal of my tiny tooth is doing somewhat better. Ibuprofen is helping and of course there will be more tequila tonight with wine and also an IPA later.

I have purchased more TSLA this morning. I now have 150 additional shares added to my 1650. These last shares purchased have accumulated a big loss, but I won't sell until the stock goes up again.........I have hope..........


So I bought 40 more shares of TSLA today and I may buy more tomorrow. From the high now TSLA is down 30%

Elon says TSLA is too high so I am not surprised that it has come down..............I have not heard about when my new Tesla Model S will be delivered and when, Pat and I will go off to our first adventure to The Benbow Inn up north or a visit down to Santa Cruz. I will have a full charge for 400+ miles and back.

I have been informed by Pat after asking, I guess I am not in the loop? We are scheduling tasting again in two weeks outside for now..........

Susie, Kate and Bryan will be here tomorrow for a few days and we will taste Pliny The Younger

Sunday March 07 2021

Kate, Susie and Bryan have been here the last three days. The first night we had Beyond Beef and Impossible burgers. Last night I mad a shrimp Paella. We opened a few cabs and a Barola. Tonight we will have Pizza.

Friday I did purchase another 60 shares of TSLA. I have big losses on my 250 shares of short term trades. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. I will be up early.

4pm......Pat, Kate, Susie, Bryan and I just tasted some barrel samples of our 2020 wines and we were really impressed. At this point I expected a lot of fruit but what I tasted seemed to be much more than usual so it looks like it will be a great year. None of us could detect any smoke taint so we are real happy we harvested. As you may have heard two of our closes neighbors did not harvest the 2020 Grapes. I have heard from Talty, that they did a micro fermentation and they detected smoke, I really don't know exactly what they did but maybe it would have gone away later since we do not detect any............


Kate, Susie and Bryan have just left after great pizzas with toppings made by our creations.....Susie, Kate and mine, but the dough was all Bryan's........all three a sour dough with no yeast added. They were so great and it was nice to see them BUT

NOW I have to think about tomorrow. What will happen when my stocks open. So far it looks like things could be down again and if so I have to buy more..............

Monday March 08 2021


TSLA is down again today so I bought 20 more shares...........

The hole in my tooth that was moved out of my jaw last week is still a problem. I went to my dentist today and they gave me antibiotics so hopefully that will help. Also I said I had a tooth next to the extraction that was hitting high and Neal ground it down to relieve the pressure. I hope it will work...........

Martha's father died and they are dealing with it. He was in his 90's but I know it is still hard. So we have given the Flores family a few days off and of course they will be paid.......they are on Salary whether they come in any day.......like tomorrow it will be raining and if they were scheduled to come in, they would have the day off.

I was glued to the Meghan and Harry interview, but Pat was not. I have opinions, so ask me if you want. I have other things to think about.........TSLA

After tasting our wines Cathy Corison sent me back a nice email and she said our wines were jammy. That is what I strive for

So I said, we press the new fermented grapes when the sugar is at 2 or three percent and let it finish in the barrel. I did not say more but I would have said..........are you leaving wine on the skins after the Must goes dry. That will give a drier effect in your mouth and it is traditional but I want to capture the most complexity in my grapes so I do not let them oxidize by leaving on the skins after driness.............my opinion, that would yield less fruit and thus less character ./........///.............

Tuesday March 09 2021

8....Too much on my mind as usual.......IPA........My tooth hole still is giving me a problem

I even think TSLA is valued too high at this point but I am trying to see the future and in 5 years TSLA will be higher.

I bought more stock as I said yesterday and TSLA was up 125 points today......I do have a profit on most of my short term trades, I still have plenty of profit in the other long term shares.......but I will see what happens tomorrow decide whether to sell some. I still have this trade I messed up when I bought 90 shares of TSLA at 738.51 so today at 680+ I will wait to sell those shares.

It has been raining today so Catarino did come in to check so we told him to come back on Thursday since we hope it will be clear. He said they are dealing with the death of Martha's Father but he did say Cristian is using both of his arms now so there is hope.

We have had issues with FedEx who ships all of our wine to you. We found out they did not offer a good discount to us and after two days we now will get a better discount. I had said it costs us a lot more to send to the East Coast and now we are happy we can still offer the $20 per case offer, since it may be only $35 to us. SSOSOS we will lose some to ship to the East Coast and Mid West but it is better than before......

I have never been a big fan of The English. Sure there was a few movies I saw that were OK, But do the English have more control of their nation? We had Trump...........

I have heard some do not think Meghan was telling the truth and being honest, especially when she said she was thinking about Suicide. I know she was an actress, but I feel for her.....

Wednesday March 10 2021


I had a nice crab salad with mussels tonight and of course I had to be up around helping Pat to get the salad together. It was cold outside so I could not go out side like I usually do and put my legs up so it was hard after 45 minutes on my feet as usual. The stretching exercises are getting easier so they do not cause pain any more but they are not helping the pain going down my right leg. I go off to a back specialist next week and I will see what he suggests and

Thank you, several of you have related their experiences with back issues.

I did not sell any TSLA today and the stock was unchanged so we will see what happens tomorrow.

I am reading usually everyday for 2 or three hours and I am reading a new book, Where The Crawdads Sing, very different, I am at 60% now and it is getting better. 

IPA now...........

Thursday March 11 2021

The Flores Family is here today and let us know Cristian can now speak and use both arms. We heard they put a tube in his throat which helped. He still does not remember what happened.


We are opening up for outside tasting on Saturday so we have to set up tomorrow..........

Wild Boar, you would think it is lean because the Boar are off running around so I bought this at a new place and ordered a wild Boar which was de boned and I looked at the recipe and saw they wanted it cooked to 150 degrees. As you may know I rarely follow a recipe, but I wanted to try it out since I have never cooked wild boor. It was not good!! It was way too lean and I added a lot of fat. Pat and I agreed so we will use the left overs to cook a lot longer and make a pasta on Saturday

TSLA was up somewhat today so i hope that continues tomorrow

I know I get crazy after consuming alcohols........So last night my HOLE next to two other teeth on the bottom of my mouth was hurting so much I took many things after it in vengeance. I know that is not the right thing to do for some of you who do not like MORE pain but it was hurting so much, I had to try something else. I even used potato chips to crunch at the hole and then used an automatic tooth brush to agitate the hole and WOW I felt better so, sure I had some alcohol and other, like A hit which helped the pain so I was concerned later last night when I got up at 2am.........

I have felt great since........I needed to see blood to clean out the hole...................

Friday March 12 2021


OK, Pain a little on this hole and teeth near it so I stopped taking Ibuprofen every 4 hours and I may need to start again. Let me make this clear, it is much better than the last few days.

We did the left over Boar in a pasta tonight and after cooking in a sauce, it was pull apart and was great.

Where The Crawdads Sing is the best book I have read since Gone With The Wind, so good with dialogue and prose. I finished it today and I can't imagine another book to read so I picked a Fluff book and next time pick a mystery, but the mystery will not be as great as Where The Craw Dads Sing.......Let me say some think Gone With The Wind was a soap opera, like opera.....don't get me into it, but Where the Crawdads Sing is not a soap opera. take a look

That gave me the idea to have soft shell crabs tomorrow.. so much fun

We are opening for reservations starting tomorrow so it will be fun.........

Saturday March 13 2021


We did have several groups come in today and I need to say something. We have this great bar where customers come up and taste wine but we are not allowed to use it because it is inside. SO we have to have tasting outside. We tried to set up tables without chairs and the first customers to come in found chairs off in the back near the vineyard and brought them in to sit down. When we have had the tasting room open inside customers would taste our 4 wines and maybe ask for another taste and leave in 30 minutes at the most but now, like to day doing tasting outside at a table with chairs, not standing up at the bar without chairs........customers stayed on average today 90 minutes and two, two hours. SO we will wait for inside tasting, because most of these nice tasters were just picking up wine or even did not buy more wine, one signed up for the Club.......What should we do?

Tomorrow we have more customers coming in and it looks like it will be raining so they can not taste out on our wonderful deck. We will open the big door and have customers come up in to our outside awning sheltered from the rain. We may put up a few chairs, that would be up to Catalina. Catalina will be slightly in the winery behind the big door and we will see what happens.

Pat and I had soft shell crabs tonight, fried to perfection, pizza tomorrow night......

Sunday March 14 2021

Finally light until near 8 tonight, but rain. But usually we are into the second week of barrel tasting when back several years it used to be one of our biggest events. We brought in maybe a quarter of our sales in the two weekends.......past times

Pat and I had a great pizza tonight inside, not on the BBQ as usual outside since it was raining and windy so I used our in door neat pizza maker that spins. I will have two pictures soon. It takes 30 minutes so you have to be patient.



The Market tomorrow........IPA now..........Maybe Tucci....I have not found a great book since the crawdads.......and I am getting some to try

Monday March 15 2021


The sun is still out...........7.31pm........ I love this time of year and soon it will be my birthday so I want to get out of here for a short trip........

Oh Monday, TSLA was up a little so I need to sell some of my trades ...........

WE have an event next week end so we are booked up already, no surprise since we are only allowing two groups for one hour at a time. Now Pat agrees maybe we can offer three at a time.........since we are required to be outside..............

I know we are supposed to be safe, but as I have said this is too much. I think we could be inside, especially like yesterday when we had several groups and were cold with the wind coming in at 50 degrees........

I have suggested, let's open the large roll up door, 10 feet high or more? With that door open it would be like outside in inside. We could even turn on our fan that moves wind in here at night......yes because it cools things down in the summer........I digress

So with the fan on I really think it would be safe.....so I hoped we agree here and open the big door......but still 6 feet away.........

As some of you know, I love movies so I was not happy to see the nominees for the Oscars today. I have seen two best pictures and now I can see two or three on video but there are two I can not see yet.........BUT none of these movies sound interesting and I can say the two I have seen were not on my top 1000..............

OK, I did not sleep well again, too many things on my mind or, maybe my body? Maybe I did TOO much stretching last night. I have found out, during a movie I could do my stretching, and maybe I did too much last night........my left back for the first time and my left hip is hurting  and each are new pains ...........IT is 8 sign off

Tuesday March 16 2021


TSLA was down today so I was not happy. I need to sell the 90 shares I bought by mistake at a higher price. I may wait......be patient Dave........

I made a risotto tonight the right way. I have never been patient to stir constantly like required, but this time I stirred constantly and I was really happy AND I was surprised it was aldente so crunchy. I wil try it again. I like paella since I do not have to do much, but this turned out great.........

We have this event starting on Friday but it is very upsetting for our sales since we can only have about 40 people all day and in outside. Before This weekend was Barrel tasting in the past and we would have 100's of people crowding in here to taste barrel samples. This time compared before, 8 wines, we will do only 4 barrel samples and compare to 2019 wines which have been in the bottle, so still 8 wine samples. We are planning to draw samples of our 2020 wines to a bottle. They are still in the barrel so we will have the 2019 bottled wine on the same spot with the 2020 wine in a bottle. We do not want to use a Wine Thief, because we may have to touch the glass..........

Wednesday March 17 2021


Happy birthday Sharon............

So instead of Wild bore risotto to appease Pat We did a nice salmon dinner, with cauliflower........nice............

TSLA is stressing me out.........I bought these 90 shares after making a mistake so I have to have 738.51 to break even.......sure I could sell all the other 180 shares at a big profit. I do not like the Wash Sale which means I can not take a loss........long story....

So tonight and tomorrow we should see some rain and Friday during our event looks good this week end. We will set up tomorrow and Friday morning......

Thursday March 18 2021


So today is a new day, so much going on. We have this event tomorrow, we can not have 100 people like before so we figure we will not have good sales. It has taken me two days to make new forms since we have raised our prices somewhat SINCE every winery around here have wines at higher prices AND I can assure you no winery around here has wine made from vines planted in 1895 SO we have raised our prices on Zinfandel and also our Block 4 which could be older. The label next year will change.......Don't worry, not much........seriously, some wineries have Zinfandel at $50 to 60+.....how old are those vines?  

TSLA was again down to day so I may buy some more....up here.......6am.......I hope.

Susie is coming tomorrow and be here until Monday so I am thinking about a Venison Rack for Saturday. I have many recipes that give me ideas. Tomorrow we are up for take out but we have other options.....

Susie is the one that scored Pliny The Younger, short PTY,......... 4 bottles so maybe she will let me try again one of the last two bottles. Two weeks ago Bryan, Kate, Susie, Pat and I tasted PTY vs PTE......I thought the Younger had a slightly nicer ending compared to the Elder, close though.

Friday March 19 2021


Spring soon........

So TSLA was down this morning so I bought another 10 shares. It is stressful. After all these 280 new shares for a trade I am even so if it goes up or down one point, I will gain or lose 280 dollars. There is always hope for next week.

Susie is here and we did do take out of great Sushi.....white wine went great.

We did have several groups in today and we did have a few orders, so it went OK, not great like other barrel tasting events.

Saturday March 2021

OK, I am sure you have been seeing all these negative articles that Tesla cars go up in flames. Let me let you now there are always......Always ICE cars with gas go up every day in fire so why are we only seeing a few Tesla cars go up in flames, like very little.......

Pat Susie and I had a nice venison rack with roast potatoes, down from my Sicilian grandma.......It was real nice.

We did have this event today but usual most people who came in today were not buying. We did have a new club member so we did OK..........

Pat and Susie and I will head up to see another movie soon, up in our movie room............



For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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