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arrow October 17 - November 6, 2021

Monday October 18, 2021

So it is going to happen on Wednesday!! I will start the trail for the Spinal Cord Stimulator. Here is a link to information.


Below is the one I think I will receive......


OK an update about the finish of Harvest. We did do a refermentation of some Aca Modot slowly fermenting barrels so it should take us 5 more days to finish and we are pressing the rest of the Block 4 stuck barrels in fermenters and they will be done and pressed tomorrow. The Dave's Cuvee separate harvested should be ready to press next week AND

We have to get ready for space in the winery to pack up our Wine Club shipment and that should be accomplished at the beginning of next week..............

Below is an interesting picture of Jesse's risotto dish..... You can find lots of our recipes including a link to this dish here.

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Tuesday October 19, 2021...........Rain

It is 6:30 pm now and we do have rain. It should rain for several days

Nice rib dinner today and I am stressed about the wires they are going to put in my back tomorrow

Jose says everything in the winery is going well and we should have room for packing up our wine club next week. It will be complicated if it is raining. Boxes are coming in tomorrow and it will be raining so we have to make sure the boxes are dry..........so we have to be ready to store in a dry place.

Sure TSLA is up so that is good, but I am not selling my 1650 shares that were bought back several years ago.........AND

Gee, the Raiders won..........OK

Tomorrow is a new day since I will have wires in my back....They won't let me have any Ibuprofen so the last two days, sure shows me where my pain is.....But alcohol helps!!!!!!!!!!......sure IPA for now and after I get back tomorrow, but first Tomorrow!!.........I will try 3 high end Chardonnays from 3 continents, I need an escape tomorrow and every day, like I told my primary care today, great lady............long story to continue...............................

Wednesday October 20, 2021...........Rain, one inch over night


I am back and the Spinal Cord Stimulator trial is on. The wires out the back are tapped tight so no problem there. The stimulus tingles and can get real strong and can be adjusted. It seems to be in the right place, down my right leg where I have had pain before after standing for and hour preparing dinner. So I will see this evening if it helps. It is strange because when I talk or move while sitting it can get real strong. I will not need it while sitting for sure since I do not have pain then. I go back tomorrow to get more advice about adjusting.


OK, made dinner to night and it was great as usual. Pasta with left over pork and Goat Cubes!!

Like I said I will go in tomorrow and talk to two important people about this stimulator and so far it is weird. I actually saw in the waiting room a guy 96 years old. He was with an assistant and in a wheel chair. I asked him why he was here and he said he was replacing one of these Stimulators after 7 years with a new one......AND I asked him if it had worked and he said YES

I got in there early and they asked me when I had food and I said 9am and just 2 eggs and some butter.......OHOHOH that was not good. They said this will be cancelled so I said call Jose who was my driver, I am out of here and will never come back.........

Oh, they said maybe we could do you at the end of the day.........2 hours later..........Oh, I said call Jose, I am not staying here for two hours and I forgot my Kindle........

gee I was ready to GO..........they backed off and said they will do a Local.......gee, that is what I thought they would be doing!!! A local, not something like when I went in for a colonoscopy..............

I asked the other day..........if I could drive myself and they only said it would be better if you had a driver .......No mention of Fasting. Or going under.........

They said I was told this, I could have nothing for 8 hours, I do not remember telling me that and seriously the person who set this up said I may be able to drive home..........They did not have their act together........I have had some wine now so I am OK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.........but

But this tingling down my legs has not helped, only the alcohol................ Where is my Ibuprofen, that worked OK, they said non for now 3 days.............OK I will do this for another 4 days and I go in tomorrow to see what they say.............IPA

Thursday October 21, 2021...........Rain, one inch over night again, but may be much more on the weekend

My primary care lady says I should not consume as much alcohol since my Bilirubin is up, but I said it is because of the Statin you subscribed 2 months ago...........so she has done another blood test. AND, my Bilirubin went down since I cut the pills in half in the last few days SO

Now she has me going in for a check of my liver next Wednesday..............Is she trying to keep me alive? I told her I like escapes in the evening but I could cut down so lets see what this new test says

The big test of the Spinal Cord Simulator failed today. I went down and had 2 new programs to solve my pain down my right leg SO I stood up in the kitchen making a great Crab salad and after an hour the pain started down my leg as usual and I tried both programs and neither helped...........

I need to check in the next few days to see if it would help other pains in my back. So I will go out tomorrow when it may be drier and walk out in the vineyard. As I have said I have trouble even walking more than 100 feet before I can not take anymore so if this Stimulator can help that but can not help my pain down my leg, it would be interesting........

Still IPA for now until further tests on my liver......................

Saturday October 23, 2021...........A lot of Rain this weekend

We will finish pressing all our wine tomorrow and then I can start deciding what barrels go into each of our wines.

Yesterday while in between storms, I tried walking with the stimulator on and off and I found no difference, the pain was still there. It is disappointing but not surprising. I can not walk more than 20 feet without pain. The other much more strong pain down my leg does not happen unless I am on my feet for an hour. It happens while making dinner and only moving short distances in the kitchen And is relieved by just sitting down for a few minutes. I have decided this stimulator may work for some people because the tingling is obvious and may be a distraction from pain. For me it does not make any of my pain in my back or leg to go away.

Sunday October 24, 2021...........3PM.....A lot of Rain So far 5 inches!!!

Monday October 25, 2021 6.61 inches total and Santa Rosa had more


It is Monday and I was surprised my Tesla stock was up. They have a deal with Hertz to sell 100,000 cars. I am not selling........

I went down to remove my wires in my back and I was told there is one more option, surgery for my back. I have heard too much over the years from even relatives it does not work, surgery........so I will hear what this new doc has to say, but I can not be out of circulation for too long OH, maybe 6 months recovery, maybe as long is it is not during Harvest............

Today we started packing up our wine Club and we expect some will want to have their shipment changed, so my great wife Pat will take care of last minute changes, hopefully. I know Coffaro is not the most important to some people

Sure I am happy the Raiders are winning, but I am still into every NFL game I have time for, yes I pay for NFL Ticket........I know not all of you are into seeing crunching bodies, I don't either and what I have said before:

IT should be all about flag football, Sure still somewhat violent but there would be new rules. OK linemen can fight and touch most times, linebackers and cornerbacks could touch also, but no one running or catching a ball, can be touched except by a flag. There would be far less injuries, I know........Not in my life time........

So yes I am ready for Football, Seahawks VS NEW ORLEANS, So this one last year would have been a hard decision, since I like both QB's, Oh Drew Brees is gone and Wilson is not playing???? I need and IPA.........BTW, I had a good Bordeaux over the last 5 days..............

OH, my fabulous Great Model S has no Air Again, should I sell, not yet........where is my new S, now they say January, I need a New Toy????.................Tomorrow is Another Day..........

Tuesday October 26, 2021

A short update, our warriors have packed up all the 12 Pk Wine Club to be shipped next week and they will pack up the 6 pack Club tomorrow. We had a little shower today otherwise it should be sunny for the next two days...........

We had crab cakes tonight, a great recipe with no filler like crackers or such. I do not need more Carbs, they have settled in my belly........

Like some of you we have not entertained any of our great friends in the last two years. We have some of my best friends coming here on Saturday. I will cook Rabbit in a stew with other great things.

I met Einar as I have said back when he was my bunk mate in 1968 when we were both in the Army in basic training, and then I met Mike then also and both of us have been in touch for 53 years, it seams like yesterday, all years are faster. Cammy and Maria will be here also and they are great people I met after 1968, the two guys were in our wedding. It should be fun................

Wednesday October 27, 2021

More, packing the Wine Club so not much happened for the winery.

I did go down to see if my Liver is compromised by alcohol and this bad drug, my Primary Care prescribed that elevate my Bilirubin and thus signal I will have cancer?, I am not dead yet...........maybe I need another primary care, especially

It was not fun, They sat me down on a cart, bed? and said we are ready. Of course they do not tell you how long it can be!!!!!!!!!!!!

So she put all this hot stuff on my body and she said lets pull down your shirt so we not put this fluid on my side and belly..........I had to throw all my clothing when I got home in the wash........

SO It was probing for 20 minutes and Saying........TAKE A DEPP BREATH and after forever, in hale.

So this place did an ultra sound on all of my body to see if I have problems SO as you know, I want the tests back, LIKE TOdaay...............NO SUCH LUCK, I may get one test back by Friday, but the other Cat Scan will take 2 weeks, could I die in the mean time????????????

I am fine, I just need an IPA

Thursday October 28, 2021

Gee, already the Ultrasound came back and good news, my liver is fine. I assume I can continue to enjoy tequila, white wine and a little red wine with dinner? I think I will cut back on the tequila? BTW, when I say IPA after doing the diary in the evening, I mean only a few ounces, I like the hops after the wine and great food I have.

OK now at 7+ I did cut down on my drink first at 5 pm.........I did tonight half of what i usually do and I think it was fine. So

I started tonight with one ounce of grapefruit juice, then an ounce of Campari and then an ounce of Absinthe and an ounce of tequila. I have been doing this for a few years so in the past I did  a shot of each, so I am cutting down, not because my liver is OK, but because I do like a shot only of each.......Dave less? so this will be complicated, I have to cut down to half the alcohol and keep the grapefruit and lime.........hey I like more of our Sparkling and THE great White wine I have bought to see what I am missing here in our White Wines............

As I have said,,,,,,,,, We made a wine of our fruit that goes into Luminaire and put into 2 barrels. We have left the 2 barrels in NEW French oak for two months on the lees. Jose grabbed me 2 ounces from these new barrels AND, it was complex, not anything I have tasted before. Let me make this clear

I LOVE young wine, that is why I can perceive what WILL this wine be in the bottle. I make the decisions here but it is an adventure,

Packers for Bryan and Duane.......

Sunday October 31, 2021

Just wanted you to know I am still alive. We had a great dinner last night with friends and Pizza tonight........enjoy............

Monday November One, 2021

This is my diary, anyone who is interested can look. My family already knows so

On Friday this new Primary care provider who I have dismissed before and now back again called me on Friday at 4pm.

She said someone, who knows read my cat scan which was supposed to take two weeks and FOUND

Enlarged Heart so what does that mean............well as you may know I am always looking into anything that could give me problems, especially things I take in my mouth so I looked up an enlarged heart and it could be a problem, but it could be something that is hereditary or has been around for years.....so I asked my primary care person.........Why was this not discussed before??????????? She had no answer

So this Primary care provider has not been my favorite person in the past, she missed my prescription for blood pressure prescriptions and I had to call in to validate....More concerning, I have sent her 4 emails over the last two weeks with not reply. I was even sent a test by her assistant and she did not get it also So I asked does she have a spam folder and I was told they still did not see anything.....long story

I know she is trying to keep me alive so I will do more to find out.

I have two appointments with Cardiologists, yes I need two opinions, like who read this cat scan?????????

I got a report for the Cat Scan, finally today and it said I had no calcium build up and there is no near threat of an Attack eminent....Seriously, this is stressful!!!!

I have no symptoms of any thing that would indicate a heart attack................it is confusing so I will have to wait to see what the new doctors say, one on November 9th and one locally I will make, to seeeeee when, yes I want two opinions!!!!!

Sure!!!!!!!!! some of you saw TSLA is up, Tesla stock. I am not selling even though I now have a profit of 2 mill. What would I do with the money???????? My order for a new Model S has now been delayed until March!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes I am having an IPA...........

Tuesday November 2, 2021

The good news today is TSLA, Tesla was down. It is good news because I do not have to worry about when to sell!! I want to hold on for as long as I am senile, so if I think I am fading, I need to sell

We started refermenting some stuck Block 6 barrels and they should be done by Friday......Also I decided to look for GLASS........that is what we call bottles for bottling. There is a big shortage of bottles like other things recently as we know. So I did find what we need for January but for an increase of 30%. Most of the glass is for our 2020 16 month wines and also for 325 cases of our 2021 Luminaire. Good news we also found some grapes for a Late Harvest wine. We will have to purchase them so it will not be Estate, but they did go through some rain and we hope they will be great.......Botrytis?

My Primary Care doctor is still not getting my emails so that is stressful. Also the other doctor I would like to see for a second opinion is not available until December 27.........gee i could die by then. 🤔The more I think of this, I may not have a problem..........time will tell?
Wednesday November 3, 2021..Happy anniversary, Kate and Bryan

So the Doc called me today and said I have problems, but she still has not sent me the report. As I said I go down next week on November 9 so I should get more info........

Catarino found a vineyard that had some Zinfandel so we considered a Late Harvest, a sweet wine with good acid, but it was confusing.!!

The Vineyard manager gets 70% of the harvest income. And he agreed we could come in on Friday to pick One Ton.

Here are some facts

A standard bottle of wine is 750 milliliters (ml), meaning a case of 12 bottles contains 9 liters, or 2.378 gallons. At 150 gallons per ton, a ton of grapes becomes 150/2.378 gallons per case, or a little more than 63 cases of wine. With 12 bottles per case, we have 756 bottles in total.

Sorry, I did digress...........

So we know, a ton of Zinfandel grapes should cost $2500 a ton or more if good condition. So we know by our test today the gapes have good numbers. But certainty not we would like for a late harvest, 25 sugar. Ideally we want 40%, but I have methods to get to 20% RS, sweet. We offered $1600 if we picked. Usually the Grower has to pay to pick so we thought that was fair. NOW

Pat and I and also Catarino agreed I was fair? BUT, We know these grapes were left on the vine because they could not sell them. Income?.....

The vineyard guy gets 70% and the owner gets 30%. THE BIG PROBLEM, it will be raining all night and this guy wants us to pick tomorrow in stead of Friday. The Grapes will be wet tomorrow morning so we have cancelled the harvest. We decided we can do a better job next year when we can make Botrytis in our vineyard........long story...........

Bryan has his favorite team the Packers and Kate his wife and I like the Raiders. We get along OK, I root for the Packers but I think Kate does not like any other team, she only looks at one
NFL team a week, The Raiders.

So any of you who look at News and especially NFL, Knows Ruff is out and also Rogers!! Look at the NEWS.........IPA, escape, probably "The Tuscan Child" on my Kindle and also Tucci.................fun

Thursday November 4, 2021

So the Doc finally came back with the Calcium test and it does not look good so I am looking forward to the new Cardiologist doc next Tuesday. The test looks like I have calcium deposits on especially my LAD and LCX and RCA, if you want to look it up.............so I need to change things.........

As I said yesterday we will not be doing a Sweet Late Harvest wine this year. We will make a better one next year. We have little high up sprinklers that we can connect to our drip lines and they will atomize droplets on the Aglianico section that has our leach lines. That section over the years has been an adventure to when to harvest so we can let the grapes sit on the vines and then show some Botrytis........

We have an ongoing problem with ovens!! Kate and Bryan are staying over in the Guest House and the oven that was put in there stopped working about 5 years ago. We have had two people out here to check and the oven and microwave combo can not be repaired.

I finally found a similar combo from Home Depot two weeks ago. When the delivery guys came in here to haul it up the stairs they broke the glass front. So we tried again it was on back order again.

Since Kate and Bryan would like to have an oven we have tried multiple times to find something similar. After months now we decided to just start with an oven and then a microwave on a top shelf.

Then today I had ordered a smaller oven, only one available AND it had a broken glass front when we opened the box. SOSOS

We ordered again the smaller oven from Amazon, yes Amazon is the only place I can get an oven this size!!!...........Third Time Is A Charm?

Friday November 5, 2021........now 68 Years since my father died of an accident at work.........

I just want you to know I have been doing a lot of reading and I am changing what I eat and what else I take as a supplement. I have ordered Garlic Extract, Magnesium Citrate and B3 in large doses. I have also read Shellfish is OK, which surprised me so I will eat more instead of Red Meat. Also I see Chicken gizzards are OK and I love them along with necks without the skin. I will also eat some chicken dark meat at times without the skin. Let's see what else my new cardiopligest Dr. Halpern suggests.

Now 7 tonight, after a nice dinner of mussels. I was surprised to find out the cholesterol in Shellfish is good. So I have decided to eat more Shellfish and cut out the little red meat I eat. I did use ranch dressing on anything and also sandwich spread once a week in excess so that will change. I will have softshell crab tomorrow night with squid and I will not batter or deep fry. I also heard Corn Oil may be better for your heart, but maybe that is only ordinary olive oil, mine is heavy!! But I have decided if I do fry I will use corn oil, I had used expensive olive oil, not any more.........



For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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