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arrow June 20 - July 10, 2021

Monday June 21, 2021, low today 57, high 81.....rest for the vines

The family was here early this weekend and they were gone. We had some great pizza yesterday. Bryan and Kate are going to stay here in our guest house for a few months, it will be fun and I hope we can go out in the vineyard often.

I just got back again as usual and went down a Cab Franc Row and back down an Aglianico row..........all looked great.........

9- Tuesday June 22, 2021, low today 57, high 81.....rest for the vines again, Kate's Birthday tomorrow so we are heading off to capo fino healdsburg

A slight change tonight, Kate and Bryan are here for a few months so they are out in our great Guest House having dinner on their own, Pat and I had corn and steak and lobster, nice.

TSLA is still not going anywhere so I still have short term trades of 200 shares.

Catarino and Martha are moving into their new one story house so Cristian can be on one level and when he gets stronger he can navigate to a nice section on concrete back on the house.

I am in limbo on my generator, no input from the company who sold me this 60K piece of shit.......sorry.......I am not happy. It is now going on 17 months since I asked for a back up for the winery.............

OH, my back, I have not heard back from the Summit Alliance who set up these injections on my back that did not work. Now they want me to pay a penalty because they did not give me the right place to go......long story......

Now They said over the phone they had three options, I need an email stating what they are talking about!! 

 so I still do not understand why they want to do another what???? I asked them to explain more but haven't heard back for 5 days. I am a survivor so I can stand the pain down my right leg which has gotten worse since they injected......Obviously I am not an idiot, I need to get rid of these guys. I assume they want to make more money from Medicare at my expense?

Do i need to go on with all my problems? I can be organized........bottling soon

I am reading a new book to escape, it is hard to put down. If you want to start it, get through the first 5 chapters, they are slow, and then it is intense.....I am only 55% through.......The Last Child

7:47....Bryan says he wants to go out tonight in the vineyard so we will see, I will be out there in 13 minutes

8:45 pm....Back with Kate and Bryan, fun time, but I barely made it back in my scooter from the vineyard. I need to charge more often!!~!!!

Thursday June 24, 2021

We are heading to a wedding in Sacramento, it will be hot! My model S is charged to 318 miles and I will stop and charge in Vacaville just to make sure I have enough for the whole trip.

Saturday June 26, 2021, low today 57, high 97.....

Too much in my mind as usual......... I sold some TSLA


We are back from Sacramento, it was not nice for me, Pat had a nice time and I did for awhile seeing old friends,,,,......

I had to be there for a wedding. The Groom's Father and Mother....... real close friends, we go back 40 years. BUT It was hot, 95 and I could not take it after being out in the sun for 2.5 hours in long pants and long sleeves. As Most of you know I wear shorts and tank tops when it is that hot.......so I tried but after 2.5 hours out in the sun.........!!!

We were in formed that there would be food and drinks, but I had no Idea, when it would happen. So after 2.5 hours, I felt, I had to get out of there. Pat stayed and had a nice time. When I got back to the Hotel, by LYFT, nice.......I realized I might have been dehydrated? I had not consumed any water all day, because I was concerned I would have to pee a lot......long story......so

When I got back to the hotel room, I had a lot of water and a beer and I felt much better......

I had my model S and I could have passed any one or darted in and out like some. So it was stop and go to and back from Sacramento...I learned, it was better to move over to the slow lane.........way too many slow downs!!.............there were so many tailgaters and weaving in and out, even though I was going 75. Maybe I should not drive my Model S again.........no way......it was fun..........no cops, why?

Sunday June 27, 2021, low today 57, high 91.....

Kate and Bryan are here so we had some great pizza. We will soon go out to the vineyard.

Too much tomorrow, like the generator and my shot on July One..........

Tomorrow I will see if I should sell more TSLA.............Hopefully, Tomorrow is another Day

Monday June 28, 2021

The most interesting thing that happened in the last few days was a motor arrived! Yes, the Napoleon rotisserie motor that did not work on my new BBQ was delivered and it works!! As you have read I got a refund of over $3200 from Amazon. ALSO as some of you know it is very hard to find a phone number for Amazon and even harder to have them call me. I did get them to call me after taking some time and I asked for a refund of $60 so I could buy the defective motor. They gave me a full refund instead, I do not know why, but should I go through the trouble to get them to call me again? Sure Napoleon Grills finally sent me the whole rotisserie kit ($200) but it took them a month, I only needed the motor.......I will wait to see for a few days and make sure the refund comes in and if so I will ask for a reversal.

The generator!! I hired Jon, who has relocated here from Texas and he took some time researching why the generator was not working. I paid him $300 and he found out the problem that three companies here could not figure out. So after 16 months I finally have a generator that will back up the winery. I have asked for the refund of $300 from the company who sold me the generator.

July One! That is the day the laser people want to give me another shot in my back. The first two did not work so why do they want to try another one. I will call them later and give an update.

Now 7+ So I hear there are high temps up in the Northwest so that may be why we did not get up to 100 degrees predicted today. We did achieve 91 so what will happen tomorrow.

I did hear back on a voice mail, with someone who sounded tired and what I could understand.......from the laser place and she said, that they want to do a study to see if my arthritis can be controlled. Sure my back hurts every day but I can deal with it and it is the pain down my right let they have tried and injected two times and failed so should I go in on Thursday to have a new injection???.....and then she said they would fuse somewhere........seriously what are they talking about!!! I guess i will do it............................?????? It would be nice to have more info

We are getting ready to bottle next week if the bottles and labels arrive........time will tell

I called Tesla today to find out when my new Model S will arrive and I was told there is no date so far...........

Bryan and Kate were off early today to Albany to inspect their raising of the house so Pat and I had an incredible Paella tonight

Here's it is........ Paella:: More tomorrow, off for a short trip in the vineyard


I used lobster stock, a lot of wine, snow peas, broccolini and crawdads but this is the basic recipe.........


BTW, if you want crawfish (Crawdads), cooked and seasoned, here is a great place.......https://www.crabplace.com/crawfish.asp

Tuesday June 29, 2021 GEEEEEE, Finally the heat from up North in Portland game down here today. It was predicted to be 95 today and it went to 105...........................................53 low, 52 point range, nice for ripening.......Global Warming!!!!!!!!!!!!


OK, I guess I have too much in my mind as usual. TSLA is no issue to day....thanks.........

We are getting ready to bottle and everything is organized, that is the name of my life, be organized. We have Bottles coming in on Thursday and also the labels will be picked up for our bottling of 2020 10 Month version, starting Tuesday. We had to move so many things in our storage buildings. It was complicated to find out where these new wines will be stored.

Kate and Bryan are here so we will get together for a nice dinner on Thursday........BUT

that is when I decided to have this new procedural........I will ask the doctor before in the injection room TO FIND out what he is doing and what he expects............

Short trip to see Aglianico......so much fun

Wednesday June 30, 2021


The bottom line tonight is my leg is hurting me and even more intense than before. I can deal with the pain. I should not have done my stretching exercises for a change!!I I went out at my BBQ after preparing dinner and put my leg up, relief, BUT now I go up to do this diary and it is still hurting after just sitting down SO what will happen tomorrow when I go in for this new injection?????????????

That said, bottles and labels are coming in tomorrow for bottling next week.

Kate my first born is a vegetarian, she calls it something else since we does have fish SO tomorrow night she is making us an eggplant pasta dish, it will be fun........but tonight Bryan and Kate will come over for desert. We have some great Peaches, hard but ready for a pie SSSOOOO I made a very nice pie crust.......I did not roll it out much and just pushed it out in the pie dish so I had the most flakiness, we will have it soon......

Just back from the vineyard, so much fun, more updates when I and Bryan go out tomorrow night, we should get Kate to go too?

I love the birds, I should learn more about them since everytime I go out anywhere here, I hear them talking to me............

Thursday July One, 2021 , 91 high, 55 low


We did receive our Bottles today and labels also...........we are ready to bottle on Tuesday.

I did go down to the doctor for my back and had a little pick in my back. The doctor said it would help. He did a numbing injection which I did not think helped. If it worked they will do a burning of my nerves. I may look into HF10............

There is the trip out in the vineyard and Pat, Kate, Bryan and i had nice adventure..........

Thursday July 2, 2021, Lower today, high and low

TSLA is still going sideways so will it go up or down.

Bottling is all set up so just some nice times this weekend.......ALL, enjoy.

Sunday July 4, 2021

I hope everyone had a nice day. Kate, Pat and Susie have been in Carmel down the coast so Bryan and I are having a great time........so tonight we have made the best 3 pizzas ever so we hope to duplicate when our ladies come back........

The one closest to me was cooked on the BBQ. I has a different sauce, mostly Pesto, basil with mint and parsley. Then a third added tomatoes from our garden reduced to a thick sauce. The other two are from Bryan and he would have to say what is on them. I do know one is vegetarian with a ranch sauce and has fresh mozzarella on top. The other has pepperoni and lettuce added at the end.

June PIzza

And just as I sent this to Brad for the diary, he was sending his pizza from last night...  He said it was something a bit different...  More like a flatbread except with his regular pizza dough. 13" thin and crackly. Caramelized onions and olives baked on the crust for 10 minutes. Then add a good Manchego Cheese, Piquillo pepper strips and anchovies. Bake another 2 minutes or so. Top with some salt, olive oil and chives.  A Spanish tapas sort of thing from a book by Jose Andres.:

June PIzza

Monday July 5, 2021

Our two ladies will be back tomorrow to help bottling......NOT. But, Pat will be here to look at her emails from while she was away with our two daughters. They will all stop in Albany, and Bryan will be with Kate to see their house raised 8 feet. Pat will be home after, hopefully before dinner.

Tomorrow, Jose and the warriors will be here to bottle our 2020 10 month Terre Melange and Estate Cuvee.........it will be fun.....

Yes................as you know I will see what my stocks are doing tomorrow at 6Am......

Tuesday July 6, 2021

Mid day

Nothing has gone well today. My stocks are down, the bottling line is not working and my Tesla had an issue with the screen. The screen is now fine so now Pat and Kate can drive home from Albany where Bryan and Kate's house was raised 12 feet.

Take a look at Bryan looking concerned......We hope there is no earthquake!! There was a 4.2 last week near there.

Kate and Bryan's House

We had to put the wine back in the barrels for bottling tomorrow hopefully if they can fix a labeler issue.

In the middle of all that, I got a call from the company who sent me the BBQ. Napoleon never got back to them either but I did let them charge my card again since I received the new motor.........go back in the diary for more details.

Oh, I forgot to mention our chiller on our tank that keeps the wine cool is leaking and we need it by Wednesday when it looks like the temperature will be over 100 degrees........and the label rolls are too small, long story.......I need a drink, but it is only 1pm!!

OK now 7+ so I have had some wine. These nice guys came out to close the leak on our Chiller and they just left. We hope to bottle tomorrow but I suspect we need to wait for the guy at AWS to get the labeler working, he is on a vacation, running until next week. It is not a big deal, we may just delay for a week...........

At this time in the afternoon I need to see my vines in the vineyard......OK 7:15 Pm

I just got back and I see Catarino and I should go out together and see what we see in the Pinot SINCE we may not be bottling.......possibly by Noon.........we will go out before bottling about 7am...........

Wednesday July 7, 2021,they say it will be 110 in a few days

Nothing went good today..........I have to get into it.............

The positives, I have had an implant put on my bottom tooth back many months ago. The doctors wanted it to heal and from the first week I have had to brush Strong or pick on my section where they want to implant the new crown on top of it. You would have to do more research but I will help out

So I went today to have them prepare for a new crown on top of this upfront tooth that went south. It had to be pulled so now after many months I should get a crown on top of this implant not a tooth,,,,,,,,,THAT is next to the other one.........OH, so the neat doctor is saying he is giving me a free crown on the tooth next to the implant hole.

OK, sso I need to go out in the vineyard as usual and Bryan and Kate are off doing business in the CITY. so I will soon go out to see what is out there..........


s t0day the bottling line went down again............Many times...........the bottles we purchased before were Gallo Glass............which we can not get back..........The new ones are too high too heavy so it has taken us all day to figure that out.........which meant.........slowing down everything.....the bottles shook and we had to shut down.........then We had a fire.........OK just in a 220 plug so it took awhile to replace........... so the real thing .............very little is working great for us sssssssooo AWS needs to come back again...............???

Thursday July 8, 2021

We did get the bottling line going yesterday but we still need AWS out here tomorrow to fix things. We did bottle 95 cases of 2020 10 month Estate Cuvee and 244 cases of Terre Melange. Today we hope to bottle about 388 cases of Dave's Cuvee.

Friday July 9, 2021.........105 today, but 55 in the morning so    0 O)K

It was another day of problems but we did bottle many wines in the last three days. The tech from AWS will charge us many dollars but he did not solve the problem.........just think, he asked for a coke, yes a soda and drank some before he put it on our track that transferred the bottles of GLASS which is filled and gets stuck going off to the labeler which I hope is not a problem any more.......I am not out there all the time..........so this guy was here for over 1.5 hours and we still have the problem with THESE shit bottles.......

sorry, I do not use profanity usually but what else can I say...............these bottles are breaking also but only a few cases so far, but they are heavy and tall so we have Antonio sitting all day pushing his finger on every bottle to make sure they go off to the labeler.........gee I paid a lot of money for this bolting line so these people at AWS, can not figure out what is wrong???? As you know wineries bottle their Burgundy bottle and Claret bottle in different sizes and have no problem with their bottling line SSOSO what are we doing wrong??? so we use only one bottle for both so why is this bottling line not doing something a lot less complicated LIKE we are dealing with Antonio's little finger.

So much.........I had to figure out where these high, heavy bottles were being stored in the buildings across the way.

8+ just got back from looking at our Tomatoes and they look great BUT......Catarino said he saw some predators........Horn Worms so what should, we do.........a long research we are doing now........

Sorry I got distracted........SINCE we have higher bottles in a case, I could not stack as high as I was used to so it took a long time to rearrange a place to put these stacks and I will show you where we put them in the next few days. We are off bottling until Monday when we bottle Carignan and Pinot...........

Saturday July 10, 2021.........108 today, but 55 in the morning

I am fortunate here to have solar so our electrical is free. It was 108 degrees today and officially on our other gauge, 109. It was a nice evening since we have 73 degrees in our kitchen............free. Kate and Bryan and I had a nice dinner tonight and we will have Pat back tomorrow for some great pizza...........

9- Just got back with Kate and Bryan, it is cooling down somewhat, actually down to 80 now and will be 55 again tomorrow.........so the harvest is on schedule.........low mornings and high afternoon.......extremes

We saw a lot of ripening out in the fist section, Pinot and Peloursin so I need to mention to Catarino......that section does not need anymore sulfur. When we see color there is little chance of Powdery Mildew........

Now up for Giants and Tennis.........recorded


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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