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Sunday June 6, 2021

8 am, Brad about bread!!

Sourdough Boule

Sunday is pizza night for Dave and for me. Been doing it for a very long time and when we met Dave, from time to time we've done it together. Hopefully again when traveling gets easier. Which is to say, I do bake bread, but never sourdough pizza like Dave does.

But sourdough bread yes.......COVID-19, like a lot of the rest of the country, there was time and impetus to give it a go.

The first one was a disaster but over time and with evolving techniques and some 60 or so loaves later, I can say that my own loaf is about perfect for what I'm looking for. They run just under 2 lbs and are 8" in diameter and just over 4" high. (And if you can get 50 lbs of bread flour at a really good price, the loaf costs about 40 cents!)

The 'net is full of people talking about sourdough and how to do it, but in the end, it really is all about learning technique. Recipes may work for one and not another. Maybe because of technique, but I've found also by the flour you use, a perfect recipe for me won't necessarily work exactly right for you unless you are using the SAME flour or correcting for the differences.

Is it worth it? Absolutely. As I'm typing this I am at the end of the 3 days I use to make my loaf. I can smell it in the oven. I don't think I'll ever go back to buying it, and that we did just about every week. I'd miss the Friday (prepare starter, mix with 2/3rds of the flour plus water and put in fridge overnight), Saturday (stretch and fold steps then shape loaf and put in fridge), Sunday morning, bake the bread.

The point of all this is that Pat and Dave have started putting up some recipes for your enjoyment. You'll find this little note there more or less since I've yet to figure out a workable recipe that is relatable. The other links there contain recipes you may like to try... with Coffaro wine, of course. 😋

Maybe some day I'll be able to relate the entire recipe....


update 10am. Out of the oven and still too warm to cut open...


update 4pm. Unless we have something special in mind for a loaf to tear at, we slice and freeze it for the week.



Dave now........Like Brad said we have been getting together for dueling pizzas and I pay more atenntion then what I do to compete with Brad who has made so many pizzas for MANY years. I started in 1971, Brad when did you start? I was a failure
 at first, don't get me wrong I think I was the first person to put vegetables on pizza back in 1973. That said, recently with Bryan who is a clone of Brad in one way......THAT they both weigh everything to go into the pizza Dough EVERY week, how boring...My dough evolves or not..............So I do pizza on the BBQ and tonight was the best I have done for a long time........With relatives, I have not been as good BUT tonight was my best in a long time., no picture, Pat and I ate half already.

As you know I am obsessed with TSLA so I will see what happens tomorrow at 6Am.......

We had many customers come in in the last three days and we are happy with the sales......

I need to talk to Jose tomorrow to get ready for our bottling in July. Our Bottle situation is finalized and we will receive GLASS in the first week of July.

This Cat needs help sometimes to lose a few pounds, he only waits for Fancy Feast as I have said..........so I opened the door to the Vineyard tonight so maybe he will scroll out easy for him, but for me it is still the scooter. I need to lose a few also so a little bouncing in the scooter will not be bad..........

8+ The Cat is still here waiting for Fancy Feast...........I went out for a short run. I need to talk to Catarino tomorrow, things are looking so great.............

IPA already, Giants soon

Monday June 7, 2021 Cooler today only a high of 83

8 about

BBQ.......yes new one installed today a Napoleon, Prestige 665. It is heavy and we did some chicken on it tonight. I have had a good Weber in the past the same expensive price with 9 burners. My great warriors put the new one together today and I tried some chicken and it is very consistent not like the Weber. It will take me awhile to figure out especially the Pizza next Sunday but so far OK

TSLA was little changed so I hope to be up early like this morning.......OH this last night

Sometimes I have something that lingers in the back of my mouth and it keeps me a wake for a time........but last night after 12:30 Am I could not get back to sleep so I am functioning as usual but a little slower......

I had a high rated Sparkling wine in the last few days and we did an analyses and found out it did have sugar left at one percent to compensate the acid........higher than our 2019 Pinot sparkling which has no sugar left.

Tennis, sure a sip or two of Torpedo IPA

Tuesday June 8, 2021 Cooler today only a high of 76


So salad tonight, Crab, nice with Aglianico, as some of you know I make intense salads so it can stand up to strong wine.

So again TSLA did little today but Bitcoin keeps going down. I made another $100 investment in Bitcoin and I am still at only $1400, small compared to TSLA.

The BBQ!! Great last night........So many of the things did not work like lights and lighting the back burner but Catarino and then Jose figured it out with my research. Let me make this clear.........all Napoleon You Tube videos were worthless and the company is not responding to me or even the distributor or Amazon. I know I should not have ordered from some third party Amazon company. I looked to day, a local company could have brought it assembled and made sure everything was working right, but I do like Amazon, they will make it right........So now we only have the rotisserie motor that is not working and I am dealing with that.....long story

In two days I go off to talk to the back guy so time will tell..........

So 7:20 now I may go out to see the vineyard but it is down to 65 degrees and the wind is up.........

7:40, OK I did go out for a few minutes, the wind died down. I look forward to seeing some color in the bunches and I will have to wait another Month...........

Wednesday June 9, 2021 Cooler today again only a high of 76 and a low of 46


Too many things on my mind again, BBQ scallops were great tonight and I think this great new BBQ will get them crispy next time, it puts out some heat........https://www.napoleon.com/en/us/grills/products/gas-grills/prestige-pro-series/prestige-pro-665-rsib-pro665rsibpss-3

TSLA was the same.

Catarino my best friend, came in this afternoon and was concerned.......he said one of my weather stations wind swivel which usually moves constantly in the wind........was down on the side. I noticed right away in my office monitor it was not our main weather station,,,,,,,,,,..........yes I have three. I will go out soon and see which one went down and we will fix it tomorrow, in the mean time the weather you see on our website that you can go anytime shows we are still showing what is happening right now

Margins, Have you ever had a crown put on? You may notice the margin from your other bottom root tooth is not smooth. I have had all my teeth replaced with crowns and I have issues with margins, that said Implants are different

Implants are smooth but they take a very long time.........

So my latest Implant down front, bottom.......has been giving me a problem. I had the tooth pulled three months ago. There is a cap that they put on.....on top of the implant. The cap is giving me a problem but it protects the implant. It is a precaution that lets the vacant space in my mouth time to repaire. I think these dentists are taking more time than they need for the repair, for me

So I went in today for a cleaning...don't get me into it, but in the past cleanings have been worthless, I gargle with Listerine original and consume by swirling in my mouth.......a lot of wine. Alcohol cleans teeth!! But in there, I talked to a Great Dentist and he wants me to come in at 4:40PM tomorrow, I will miss cocktale time, but it is necessary..............seriously this guy extending his day for me.......I will bring in a bottle of wine........so he wants to know why!!

My front teeth on either side of my front vacant cap on an implant IS STILL painful, irritated every day, but I am tough so it will be interesting what he finds..........I need to talk to him........I am On his schedule now out until August for my final crown, I may have to survive, easy compared to my back.............

Yes tomorrow I go down to see the shot guy and I will have to say my back is still bad................

OH, yes. Out to see what happened to one of my great weather stations........

8:10. Sun is going down later for all of us in the US and so I went out later. The Weather station is easy to repair tomorrow........ Now.....IPA, Giants and Tennis, Nadal

Thursday June 10, 2021 Cooler today again only a high of 76 and a low of 46


as usual, too many things on my mind, like I have said things pop into my mind like way back when.......like I remember being in Statistics class in college and I had this neat guy like I who could calculate formulas. I said to him one time all of a sudden: I think about something popping in my mind from the past that did not related to this now and he said, wow, I do not have that..........OK.....so my mind is always thinking whether in the past or the present and especially the future........

I went down to the back doctor and he was not there. I did see a nice nurse practitioner and she gave me some new options..........I thought I had heard lots of options but now there is a new one hf10 spinal stimulation. I did some research so take a look.

Then i went to see my dentist again today. I am upset I can not get my crown on my new implant for another several weeks so he took an ex-ray and said I did not have a problem,...........but I keep hitting my top teeth.......long story

TSLA was up a little today.........

8, just back out on my scooter and I went around our gardens and It is looking the best ever. I know we have water here with the well so maybe the drought is helping all this growth in the vineyard and here up front in the garden............OK, just a thought, but NOT beneficial for the long term.......So we know there was little rain here and thus we had less rain splashing down on all around here, especially our old vines. Like I have said, the old vines growth is the most I have seen in 42 years here. Maybe a nice two years, this year with little crop and next year with all those nutrients going into the vines...............We need rain to survive long term!!!

Friday June 11, 2021 Warmer today high of 82 and a low of 47


I still get a long with Pat my wife after 48 years, it seems like yesterday when we met at a Bank America party in December 1972 an event that I did not know her. Soon after that we were dating.........my point is still, she is an adventure and we are still together, even though we are in the same office all day. 

TSLA was unchanged today but I did sell 15 shares of my shorter trades at a profit of $550 that makes I have sold half my short term trade at a profit of $10,000, but still 8+K loss on the rest if I sold now.......oh the market is not open again until Monday..........oh, BUT Bitcoin trades  all day every day, 24 hours........

I have Nadal and the other guy recorded so I will see it later......what is his name..........

So I tried a new bread, hamburger buns for fake burgers and it was great, more soft like a store:

Hamburger Buns

8, back in the vineyard.............

Back now. I have to look it up but there was a bird scooting a long the ground and I know I have seen it before, but names are not what i am good at. What was the food it was looking for........Oh I suppose it was a quail.

OK, upstairs and some IPA.............

Saturday June 12, 2021 Warmer today high of 90 and a low of 60, no rest for the vines, but they will now put out some color soon


Kate and Bryan were here today bringing more things from the house in Albany. They are raising their house a few feet so they need to stay here for a few months.

I tried my new BBQ with a steak and it turned out fine, but the rib eye steak is not as tender as I have...

I am depressed, Nadal lost but there are new tennis players which may come on.

This is my diary.........back when

OK, my grandfather, George. I really don't remember much about him. He was quiet and then when My Grandmother, his wife, died of a stroke, when she was 49, she had just given blood.....My grandfather became more distant. So just around that time Lynda and I, 9 and 10 years old, got caught smoking a cigarette. Then I remember after that, ONE time I looked at George's finger tips and they were Yellow!! He was smoking one cigarette, one after the other so why were his fingers Yellow, did he burn them at times? Since then.........I have never tried a cigarette, a tote, sure.......

The Giants have a double day today so I will go up and look......and there is a fight and the women's match........

Time for the vineyard

Just back and I went out without shoes. (I am breaking in mew slippers). But of course i was on the scooter and so I only had to walk out to the scooter and back in the office, but bare feet is much better than any covering on your feet!! Much safer for me.....it does sting a little though......

I need some sleep as usual. My body is getting older than back when, I had issues with all my body.......here is what I said back in 2007

Saturday December 29, 2007

OK I have to get into this!! I have to document all my physical ailments in this 2007 year. I started up the year in the first several months having problems with my chest, it is hard to describe, but I think it all generates from my inner body and navigates to other parts of my body. The problem I had was I did not feel great at any time of the day. I could describe it as a general feeling of being uncomfortable in my stomach, slight nausea.

Then in May I hurt my foot. That was weird. I know it was something I inflicted on myself. I had finished about a week of rigorous forklift operation which required me to continuously push down a stiff clutch. My left toes where very sore and I was wondering if I had some arthritis in them. SOOO, I flexed my toes down many times real hard and held them in a tight, closed position for many minutes and repeated the operation for about 30 minutes. The next day I could hardly walk. My recovery took several weeks.

Then in July after bottling and spending another long time on the forklift, I started getting a severe pain in my back. The uncomfortable feeling in my stomach was also there everyday. A few weeks after that I had an appendices attack and had to go to the emergency and have my appendices out. Immediately my back pain and nausea in my stomach went away. My doctors said there was no relation to the appendices attack but what do they know.

Harvest came soon after that and I went through the usual stress and physical activity that takes a lot of effort. I was barely recovered from Harvest when I fell down three weeks ago. It is hard to explain how it happened, but I think the wine I had before had something to do with it. Of course the table in the dark did not help either. The next morning on December 9th I could not walk at all!! I thought about crawling until Pat found a beautiful piece of a grapevine that worked perfectly as a cane. Until December 25th I could not walk without the cane. If I tried there was a sharp pain in the middle of my hip. I did not see a doctor or get an x-ray because there was no pain as long as I stayed off my feet. I had a scheduled doctors appointment on the 19th so I wasn't too concerned. On that day the doctor told me I had nothing broken and that he thought I had a muscle pull. Right after that I got concerned because for a few days I did not feel any improvement. Of course the lack of improvement could have been exasperated when I stopped taking ibuprofen for two days and I tried putting pressure on the middle of my back with a DVD container!! Then miraculously on Christmas day the pain almost completely disappeared, almost like it might have been a pinched nerve. What a nice present!!

I can't wait for the New Year and better health!!! My 85 year old Mother has told me to take it a little slower!!

Happy New Year.

Sunday June 13, 2021 getting hotter, may be over 110 degrees by Thursday


Prosciutto......I put a lot on my pizza tonight. The reason was I hate this high end I bought and it sticks to the plastic wrappers. If you have bought Prosciutto before you know what I mean.......but this one took me 10 minutes to get it off the plastic wrapper so I decided to use all of it on my pizza tonight. Pat tried some before and said she liked it but I said, if you want it again you are going to get it off the plastic wrapper. Sure the other one I get from Costco is much easier to get off the wrapper and really on a pizza, could I tell the difference........ Now the pizza

Any one who has read recently, I have a new BBQ. So I tried pizza for the first time and it as usual was an adventure. The Back burner is much hotter than the Weber and so I left the top off at times. This BBQ can get up to 700 degrees. The pizza was one of my best, but can i duplicate again, what fun would that be, boring, but I do always want to make the best pizza, so maybe this is a winner..................

Tomorrow our great warriors will be back. We need to get ready for bottling in July so we need to think about where all this new wine will be stored in our 5 storage buildings. We will have to move many pallets around but we will figure it out in the next two weeks.

Wednesday, Pat is leaving me again to see some Giants games so gee, what should I have for dinner?

7:50.....I know I have said I am working in some new slippers, I need to make an implant in them, groove, to make them more safe.......so I need to take them off now and wander out in the vineyard...........yes in my scooter, I should survive.......

Just got back after going to the creek and back, half a mile, and I did not see our old vines we replanted when we put in the solar up front, so I need to talk to Catarino tomorrow. BUT I did see a lot of leaves. I also noticed we have some Zinfandel growing on the Knoll where the Pomo Indians used to live........so maybe I should make an Aca Modot Zinfandel........

Oh, Dave the market is up tomorrow at 6:30........mellow out.

Monday June 14, 2021 getting hotter soon, may be over 110 degrees by Thursday


Monday, many things happening as usual. Catarino and Martha should be moving into there new house so Cristian can be on a one story.........

TSLA was up  a little so I sold more stock at a gain...........

As I have said I ordered a new BBQ and except for the Rotisserie motor it has been good. So 10 days ago I asked for a replacement with no response from Napoleon or, the distributor or the place on Amazon who bought the BBQ....so.......... I have tried to be patient, but this has been an adventure for me since I am a righteous person!! I called Amazon today after no response from the other characters and they said they are giving me a refund for $3200. Pat thinks they may get the point? I only want a replacement for the rotisserie motor??? BTW, I see now I can not even find how to find a replacement for this motor, it is out of stock........so what is going on!~!! I could modify the old motor I have from the Weber so I am good, but it would be interesting if I can gain $3200........time will tell.....

I asked Catarino about the old vines, look back in my last post. I will go out soon to see what he said.........

8:15...Longer than I thought. I still have questions for Catarino........we should start going out every morning..........Drove so slow and took 20 minutes. I learned so much more so I need to go out every night now. I love my scooter, I have 80-90 days left to Harvest. Sparkling Petite Sirah first, maybe first of August........I have plenty of time

Wednesday June 16, 2021

Some of you have heard about the new Yoke steering wheel Tesla has introduced, see below. Some people have been concerned about the shape and how the steering wheel controls work. As you know I have been using my scooter to navigate out in the vineyard because of the pain in my back and so see below also a picture of my scooter and the steering wheel looks similar to the Tesla Yoke SO these steering wheels on the scooter have been around for many years and I think they are so easy to use!! I will soon get my new Model S with this Yoke steering wheel so I will have fun.........

tesla yoke


8++104..Pat is away seeing Giants games, Rabbit tonight

First of all for some reason Brad and I lost what I put up last night  but maybe I did not get it UP.........So if anyone has a picture of what I put up last night at about 8:30 please let me know..........

I went down to see my nice guy who has a Tesla and he did a thing on my eye with a laser, he said it would improve my hays thing on my left eye so it has not improved so far but I have to wait until tomorrow,......So tomorrow I will go to see my tooth guy, who will give the OK for a new crown  on my implant.......

TSLA was unchanged again so I need to be patient

It is still 94 right now at 7:30 so I need to go out and see what is happening in the vineyard

Phil called to day after Pat informed me it was his Birthday and he first said remember back 46 years ago when you had a surprise party for me on my 30th. He said he had me drive him up my illegal road to settle down on my deck. I had 120 stairs so I dug in a road up close to our house. He said we had a dart contest, I remember many of our pizza parties, up 120 stairs, not a drive up for him. I told him I did not remember that one time, his birthday. But I told him a few more that he did not remember. We had so much fun back then.......so many..........like trying a 1970 Latour and a 1974 Stags Leap in 1977. So many things to remember with Phil......hope to see him soon.........

Last night I do remember I mentioned my Scooter again no surprise!!! I found out I can flip a button and I can go twice as fast so I recharged yesterday and it was fun last night...........OH, it is still 90 here, but I need to see what is happening in my vineyard..........

Back at 8:25. Wow, too much in my mind. Just think about seeing all those bunches forming. I did use the higher speed and went around most of the vineyard. Bryan should be here this week end so it will be fun to go out. I need to put tags on most of our polls to Identify exactly what we need to PICK, calm down, Dave have an IPA

Thursday June 17, 2021, low today 71, projected high, 108.. verified, 115, it is still 100 at 7:30pm now........ 

Pat will be back with Susie tomorrow so I had Foie Gras and sweetbreads, nice

I still have two big issues.......one is the BBQ which I have been told I will get a refund and Napoleon finally says they will send me a new motor, time will tell.

The second one is the ongoing problem with my $60,000 investment in a generator. It is now going on 16 months and it is still not working. I have a new electrician which I may have to pay to see if he can fix it, but why should I pay him if it is under warranty? I have not heard back from the original contractor this week after the generator did not come on again.

My vision in my left eye is the best it has ever been today after the laser treatment yesterday!!


As you know I have been tasting a lot of high end Cabernet wines from other producers. I made a lot of money last year trading TSLA and so I decided to see what is out there. So I spent as much as $200 up on some Cabs and I can say my Cab which keeps selling out is as good as all them. Make this sure, I have tried all these wines including mine BLIND. Sure I am looking for fruit, but all these Cab wines have fruit so they are similar in many aspects, most of them have a beginning a middle and and end in my palate...............

So tonight I have chosen 5 wines that are blends of Bordeaux varietals and I can say my Aca Modot Bordeaux blend is different. I can tell you if interested. So I tried 4 other wines from all over the world, including Cab Franc and other varietals like Merlot, and Carménère. I was surprised somewhat because the other wines were more like the Cabs I have tried over these several months and My Aca Modot had so much fruit so not comparable, sure it had structure and did have a beginning, middle and an end, but so different, the others had more astringency which I like.........

Time for a scooter out............now 94, I remember in 1964 driving to Las Vegas and it was a high of 105, but still 99 at midnight, we in the wine country, it even cools down on a very hot day..........

Back after 30 minutes. I had some obstacles, like nats and quail, but then I went around to my Neighbor to the North, Teldeschi and the sprinklers were on, nice water splash but I got stuck, but moved over to my side and got free And then the gate was closed......long story......so I had to back up and go South to the big avenue 300 feet. So i went through Block One, so much fun, vines hitting me in my face, these old 120 year old vines are spaced only 7 feet wide so navigation down this row, is an adventure........., I need an IPA

Friday June 18, 2021, low today 63, projected high, 105.......actual 110 

I wanted to explain about the sprinklers last night on the North. All the vineyards around here are separated by common roads. That means, no fences along the property lines. The common road is about 16 feet wide. My Neighbor who owns the property runs overhead sprinklers when it is hot to cool down the vines. At the end of the road near our house there is a gate we put up to keep a renter's dog out. They have moved but the gate is still there. It is easy to open up but not by me so that is why I had to scoot down the Block One row.

I just finished another book. I really enjoyed it but it may not be for everyone. It has a little fantasy or magick as the author calls it: The Last Of The Moon Girls

TSLA was up a little even though the Market was down big. I don't get why the Market is concerned, my past experiences back 50 plus years,......... I know eventually if we have inflation all things go up, including Stocks. So I did sell 10 shares of TSLA because I have a lot of my short term trades..........long story

Pat has been away seeing the Giants win two games and she will be back soon with Susie. it will be fun.....

7pm+ Susie is here so we are heading out to see what is happening out there in the vineyard so nice..........back tomorrow

Saturday June 19, 2021, low today 54, high, 100

Susie and I had a nice trip out in the vineyard last night and we may do it again tonight. I am planning fried chicken to keep the cooking inside for another night. Tomorrow the whole family will have pizza. Bryan and Kate will stop by and stay the night. Their construction on their remodel in Albany will start soon and they will be staying here. it will be fun 


I am waiting for Sus........
we will go again in the vineyard, but this time I will ask her where she wants to go AND tomorrow Kate and Bryan will be here so we may navigate out tomorrow night also.


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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