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Sunday May 16, 2021


I will be up early as usual. It will be an adventure........ what my stocks will do .......

We had a great pizza again.......time for Giants and tennis and some IPA


Monday May 17, 2021


Hey as you know I like taking chances, especially with food, so I have made mistakes recently by buying meat from a few websites that gave me Boar, interesting Pork, quail, squab and they Were interesting but not what I want to buy again SO

Saturday we did a Roast of Pork butt, 5+ pounds from one of these websites and had potatoes underneath and did it on the BBQ......it was nice but now I had way too much pork left over..............OK I even took more than half of this big hunk of pork and made some incredible stock, concentrated to one half a cup. it takes time and a lot of attention to eliminate all the fat so it is pure intensity.

So tonight I took part of this Pork left over from Saturday and made a nice sandwich and Pat is happy since she had some pork to make some tacos. And I still have more so I may make a pasta tomorrow night.  I hate wasting good food AND I should not buy more of this pork again.......

TSLA keeps going down and I keep buying, I hope it turns around...............

Nadal is 35 and getting older, but he is still the King of Clay, but it can't continue, age is the problem. The French Open is two weeks away and it is grueling, being best of five sets, not three sets........time will tell, how long can he do this........He was 19 years old when he won his first French Open and he is going for his 14th French Open, in 16 years he has only lost twice, two matches and he has won 100 matches. I have to wait two weeks and then 2 weeks after that to see who wins the French Open. Nadal is one of my passions............IPA?

Tuesday May 18, 2021


Pat and I did have a left over Pasta from the pork I mentioned and it was intense. We added a great stir fry Broccoli by Pat and I loaded it up with a lot of wine, 3/4 of a bottle with half pound of Porcini pasta. OK this is what I do........I start with 8 oz of pasta and I add a lot of wine and onions and garlic and start the heat. I also added the left over pork and of course Olive oil. The pasta I use is done in 5 minutes, if interested I could give a link.......... SO that is a problem to figure out  to finish CRISP.......So you got it?

I never cook pasta in water and drain off all the flavor

? Should I have started the onions and wine and A little of the peppers before adding the pasta, maybe, but the result was intense, a lot of wine that I guess had alcohol left..........I loved it and Pat did also

I must say I like Torpedo and Bryan and my daughters like Other IPA. I like Torpedo for its intensity at this late at night after a confusing day for the Market. I know most of you are not interested in my dealing in the stock market, but this is on my mind..........

TSLA was up OK early and I was not happy.................the Market for Tech was fading at the end as usual lately. If any one interested, most tech stocks were UP big last March until the end of the year and we had big profits SO Tech stocks on average are down 20% this year BUT TSLA went up over 10 times last year and is down 35% so the problem is we all have profits, I am not selling but many others are..........

This diary is taking more time than I thought so....IPA

I have to arrange for bottling in July and we are having trouble finding GLASS, that is wine bottles. I am looking for a new supplier. Maybe. I found out by asking other suppliers for GLASS, there is a shortage? Gee why GLASS!! The price I am hearing is 25% to 30% higher than last year. I am good at finance, I have a degree SO The Price of Glass is our largest expense, sure but it is only $1 a bottle including shipping, so it costs us $23,000, do I have to sell TSLA, not ...........

If you are into books, I have a new one. Pat and I liked it because it kept us thinking........The Last Thing He Told Me

Giants, IPA...........

Wednesday May 19, 2021

Our power went off for 45 minutes yesterday afternoon. Our great Powerwalls came on in a split second so even the clocks did not need to be set BUT our generator which has cost over $50,000 did not come on. We did have water because of our solar backup near the guesthouse, but since the relay for our internet is in the guesthouse we did not have internet. The generator is supposed to back up the internet and the winery and neither was in operation. Thankfully it was only for a short time. I need to learn how to start the generator manually. I have a call into the supplier but as of 8am I have not heard back...........

8, IPA soon, OK, Now

TSLA keeps going down and I have bought another 5 shares so who knows what will happen tomorrow. As I know.....these tech stocks will rise again. I have seen this too many times in my trading since 1965, tech always wins in the end, because the nation has to grow, just think about Microsoft back on January one 1990, it was 58 cents. It is now $245

Glass, I had several suppliers give me info on what is available. It is interesting, that most high end Cabernet wineries from Napa, use a bottle that is very heavy, maybe twice the weight of our bottle and did you know Bordeaux high end wineries use a bottle similar to ours. It would cost us $5 more per case to ship if we used the Napa Cab Bottle. 

SO why is Napa trying to fool the public??? Seriously, I have said this before ALL 750 ML bottles hold the same amount of wine whether they are real heavy or light. It costs us much more to ship if the bottle is heavy and we do not like what these heavy bottles are causing to the environment.........just think they cost much more to ship, produce and to recycle, So Why are these wineries in Napa mostly trying to fool the public, does the customer think they are getting more wine or think since it is a heavier bottle, they have a better wine????????

So today I got a quote for a new bottle for $7.55 per case, nice price but it weighed more than our last bottle which costs $6.50...........We can not get anymore. As I said wine bottles have gone up in price. OK so I got a quote from a new company and they said I would pay $8.54 a case..........so, Pat and I figured it out, the higher cost of the Light weight bottle would be offset by the cost of shipping the heavier bottle, SO what should I do, the light weight bottle has a smaller punt, I am getting a sample....... 

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Thursday May 20, 2021


So I navigated to Santa Rosa to day 60 miles round trip with my nice Model S.  The Doc injected me again but more intense SO it did hurt for a few seconds, last time I did not expect how hard it would hurt but this time I was prepared, but still hard to take. I just hope it will help.

I have heard  many people have back issues and have trouble to sleep or sit. I am fortunate I only have a problem when I stand for 60 minutes, that is not to say I do not have pain because I have arthritis in my back also so I know.......that will not go away until I die🙃

Hey, I was gone today to go to Safeway and pick up some great food and Torpedo

The power went off again today and the generator still did not come on, but like I said we have the great Tesla Powerwalls which came on instantly as usual. I am upset, but like I said we survived and I did not have to spend for the expensive Propane that would be used, TSLA the stock

TSLA was up a little today I can always hope

Gee, I heard from another supplier of our GLASS, bottles for wine to be bottled in July. It looks like we can get Glass that is light and also inexpensive. I have not hear officially so it is promising.

Friday May 21, 2021.....one month to summer


My back pain is better today, but like last time I suspect the injection will wear off.........I can always hope

TSLA was up early but faded so I hope for next week and the future..........

The bottle situation is in limbo

 just like our Generator which will not come on. Catarino and I tried everything that we heard from the guy who charged us $60,000 FOR THIS GENERATOR......Pat and I are getting MORE upset. I have never sued anyone but THIS STARTED IN JANUARY LAST YEAR AND WE STILL DO NOT NAVE BACK UP FOR THE WINERY..................

OK, Dave, calm down, IPA and Giants and Dodgers soon......

I will try something different tomorrow, Pat and my Family know, that is nothing NEW. I will make Ravioli from scratch, it will be easy, I have plenty of time tomorrow without the Market open.........OH only Crypto.......

And I like this new book. It is not as complicated and is more predicable than my last one but it is about a winery in Italy so far at 65% I can relate to much of it, food, wine and vineyards.........

Oh gee it was 8 pm here a few minutes ago and I went out in my scooter, so fast, sure I could walk at half the vineyard in half an hour. I am talking about walking a quarter mile in only 30 minutes SO tonight as usual I went out half way in two minutes, so much fun to see all over Berries so we are through bloom and we can see developing fruit.........so much fun......

Saturday May 22, 2021


I have been on my feet too long I guess today. I have spent 3+ hours preparing this ravioli dish and went out for over an hour talking to at least 40 customers who came in today. We had Catalina and Jesse here and Pat and I were helping also so I was on my feet a total of 4+ hours.........unfortunately now I have pain back down my leg with a vengeance. But if I go out like every night and put my legs up for 5 minutes, I am fine for awhile. If this continues I can deal with it but I sure will not go back to endure the sharp pain when I am injected with the shot of steroid. Can steroids be good🙄.............

Other wise I had a nice time talking to customers again and even gave a hug or two and shook many hands so I am happy to get out again. We even had 4 people who love the wine and bought a bottle to stay here in the lawn until after 5, it was nice.........

Gee 8 again, off to the vineyard......

I can now say I must like adversity. The wind is up and I had on a tank top and shorts as usual and also Birkenstock so the wind was a challenge. I can say the wind and cold hurt for awhile, BUT I made it back quick tonight in less than 5 minutes............GEEE

I saw very large growth on the old vines in Block One. Catarino has informed me he knows there are only small bunches in our old vines but I saw such green high growth to give nutrients to those little bunches, this could be an incredible year!!!! Green, favorite color is what all things need. Pat says we need green every night in our food. I love what it does for our wines.

Sunday May 23, 2021


My back......The good news I survived to night. The bad news I had to go off several times to put my legs up. It is Sunday so I did make a nice pizza again. Do I go back and get an injection again?, probably not.🤔

It sure has not helped me and is steroids good, like I said yesterday. I can say nothing helps my back. I now know, I have fractured bones in my back and steroids do not help..........

OK, tomorrow I have to worry as usual....... all the money I have in TSLA and see if I can buy more stock. I have money in waiting after I sold so many stocks at great profit.

Catarino will come in tomorrow at 6am our time and I will be here at the same time and we will talk about what we need to do in the vineyard.......it will be so much fun......

Monday May 24, 2021


My back...........Pat and I had  BBQ chicken to night like we usually have on Monday. I like chicken backs, livers and necks, Pat likes wings sssso

It only took me 45 minutes to prepare to put all this on the BBQ and I only felt the start of my pain down my leg. Today I was upset because I did not go on my treadmill or do nice stretching so I wanted to see what would happen. This is not a good test.

BUT I have to make a complicated recipe of octopus tomorrow night so I should be on my feet for an hour and that is when I have the pain down my right leg.

So the book I am almost finished I really like. I am a romantic, Like I said it reminds me about cooking new things and it is centered in Italy at a winery and vineyard. I really like it so far, but it does also have a romance so if you are not into a predictable story and about food, wine and Italy, love, it may not be your cup of wine..........These Tangled Vines......

TSLA was up somewhat today so I may get out of all this 255 short term trades in the next two days, I still have small losses BUT it is about making money, I have to get ready to buy my new S if it is ever ready........

I heard back from the generator guy and he says he is coming out on Saturday right in the middle of our event, I guess I have no choice, but I hope he does not turn off the power to check what he has messed up.

Catarino and I went half a mile back and forth total, to the vineyard and it was so much fun. I was on my scooter and Catarino walked so fast relating to me on all the vines. We both agreed we have never seen so much Growth in the OLD VINES. We both confirmed the crop looks low in these 120+ Year vines. We know next year there will be so much green produced this year to input nutrients for next year........I love what we do.

So in a few weeks, Catarino and Martha will have a new house to provide for Cristian........more info later.

Tuesday May 25, 2021


Pat and I had the octopus tonight, it was grilled perfectly after an hour braising in a great sauce. It was chewy what we expected and it was real flavorful, but I can see I like many other foods better......

Pat looked at my diary for the first time in years........after a local guy said he liked my diary.........she had to see what he liked......AND right away Pat saw my typos...........OH, I know I can not type and I make mistakes but I use the spell checker and some times like describing Boar as Bour, I make mistakes. Pat used to critique my diary way back in the 90's, I wish she would help me now again, but she has other things to do, like she handles all the emails, orders and shipping......So........, focus about the future, Dave,.........do not mention my diary to Pat🤐.......

OK, TSLA was unchanged today so I will be up early again tomorrow.

Some of you may know there is an event this week end and we will see several customers who will taste some barrel samples. We have never  charged for a barrel sample or any tasting and only if there is a big group, I think that is important, because how much does a tasting of 4 people really cost us, maybe 5$, total. So

Gee I read the charge for a tasting has gone up in the last few years by double in Napa and Sonoma, on average $50, we charge nothing so I assume we are recognized at lower level..........

In Napa at $100 a bottle and 3 ounce pours, I can see why they charge that much if they really think their wine costs that much to make.........

OH, don't get me into this, see what I put on our website, what it really costs to produce a bottle of wine anywhere......We even apply the cost of tasting for a bottle of wine, and I hope my friends in Napa do the same. ...........

Oh wait, it is time to go out in the vineyard.............back after 8 now, ........What did I see......I hope to have tomatoes in a few weeks, I see my solar is still working, I saw all the lemons and limes we finally have, after 40 years trying

Yes, Giants and IPA

Wednesday May 26, 2021


Last time I tried grilling ravioli, as some of you know I do not like putting any pasta in water, why would anyone do that, it strips some of the flavor out of the pasta, unless you have a bland pasta, but my Ravioli had great flavor in the pasta and filling.......like garlic, onion,  and Italian seasoning...........So tonight I tried again, ravioli. Last time I grilled and forgot to put a little wine in to steam after browning the pasta a little SO what happened, the ravioli got burnt and thus cooked to much. I have decided I am not a big fan of ravioli unless I can figure out what I like. So

Tonight I cooked a homemade ravioli in wine and olive oil and some beer so that is traditional, only the fact I did a boil. So you are supposed to poach the ravioli in boiling liquid until it is done in about 6 minutes and they came out perfect, BUT I do not like ravioli, they are too soft. Next time I will try to grill again😋

TSLA was up a little today so I only sold 10 shares of my 255 short term trade, I can always hope for tomorrow.

I went to Safeway to buy many things for this new event, The 8 Days of May and it was work to buy and take an hour shopping, but it always helps to have a cart to hug onto 😏

There were and still are so many things to deal with today in the vineyard, but most of you would not be interested.......All I know I will see two of my best friends B and D .....

OH, 8pm already....yes I had to go out for a scooter run to the vineyard. Every time I go out, I learn something new about the harvest, but then there is something to think about for the Future.

Some of you know I have Peloursin planted here and we may be the only ones. Look up the diary, if interested BUT so I made a decision tonight, We need to replace most of the Peloursin. I will ask a nursery to take some of our buds and make some new Peloursin. Yes these Peloursin vines are dying. Maybe B and D could help take a picture.

Giants, IPA

Thursday May 27, 2021

Sometimes this diary takes me an hour, I type so fast things on my mind, but I constantly hit the wrong keys..........oh it is 7+

I have to be clear, there are two people coming this week end who are B and D....they are Bryan my son in law and Duane, both Packer fans s o we will talk about the Rogers question. Hey I have seen Bryan a few times in the last year, he is Family but I have not seen Duane. so they both give me a bad time, so I look forward to having some good times AND

On Sunday I get to see another guy, Rick who is married to Sharon, Pat's Sister so we have not seen them in over a year when we always got together 3 times a year or more and they will stay for pizza and chicken Monday.

I sold another 10 shores of TSLA today, it is moving up slowly we need good news?

Jose is still doing a great job making sure we are producing great wine...........

So I just got a big, 2 inch in diameter.....pepperoni stick from Molinari, the one I like is drier, this may be more big and moist to recognize. On a pizza I am sure i have said, it is important to recognize the different ingredients. Like you don't want to saute anything, it will just get lost in the sauce on the pizza............and the sauce, I am thinking I may go back to when I put cheese down first, that makes the pizza layered and more complex........oh soon in the vineyard

Jesse tried to take pictures today, but we are busy so we can not document how much growth there is in our Old Vines. I know Bryan and Duane will be out there in the morning, May 29.......

So I am back into a Lawyer book, I have liked all of Robert Bailey, check him out

OH, 8, time for a scooter romp...........

Back now, I found out I need to get the tags up again. The birds and time have destroyed some of our tags to mark the end of 250 total rows so maybe 500 tags? I need to get out there and put all the missing tags and there are plenty, maybe 50%.........

Wow, time to taste this new Pepperoni...........oh so good.......On Sunday I am doing a pizza with pesto, heavy on olive oil and some, but little sauce and a lot of cheese and a lot of pepperoni, mushrooms olives or veggies, but not a lot of sauce, but a lot of olive oil.........

Giants, IPA

Friday May 28, 2021


I went out with Catarino and we talked about replacing some Peloursin vines so I am happy.......

Susie showed up unexpected, my second born so we are having some great conversations as usual......tomorrow is another day......



For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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