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Friday January One, 2021

8...Torpedo,....OK the truth: All the family tasted Torpedo and Pliny and all of them preferred the Pliny, but I liked the intensity of Torpedo

Susie, Pat and I had a nice deep fried chicken dinner with salad tonight and roast potatoes that Susie did. last night we stayed up to mid night and looked at a movie before. I opened two Spanish wines and was impressed, but still nothing is better than my wine, my biased opinion and I am getting serious.............all the wines I am buying lately are on average $100 a bottle. Since I have done well by selling TSLA at big profits, I can see if anything out there TO MY TASTE is better than our wine..........I have the Coffaro palate and appreciate fruit forward wines, not processed so much.

Saturday January TWO, 2021


So Susie left today after a few days of having fun so I have to get back to focus on our new bottling in a few weeks.

When Susie was here we had some great times looking at movies and great food.

Tonight after Susie has gone home to take care of her Cat and get ready to go on line with her company..........Discard........

I keep thinking it is Sunday and yesterday Friday, so I will focus as usual, this is a new year.........

We heard from Susie, The Sound Of Metal was a good movie but we held off and now Pat and I will see it soon.......

On my mind now, Regretting You, a book so I will be up stairs after 10 to read again.........................escape

Sunday January 3, 2021


So the Raiders won today so they were 8 and 8 for the year, and we can only hope for a better year next year.......

I am still always interested in the Play Offs, now that the raiders are not in it..............

Pat and I without Family had a great pizza tonight..........nothing like you get in a restaurant.........very thick and nice and crunchy, nothing like I got in New York or especially Chicago.......Hey all a choice.

Now Tomorrow will be Really the next new thing........We need to get ready for our bottling of 2019 16 months wine...........

And of course The Market........6 Am

Monday January 4, 2021


I was down at 6:15 before the market opened at 6:30am. I saw TSLA was up again, too bad I have sold so much stock, but I still have a lot, I bought some LI.

Politics will be a big thing for me tomorrow.........what will happen in Georgia. I was thinking about Georgia On My Mind by Ray Charles, but Alexia did not put it on so I will go up stairs later and see if I can get it Willie would be OK though........

Yes, Tomorrow is a Georgia senate runoff which will decide what party will control the senate, and if it is the Democrats, maybe we can put people back to work with improving our Infrastructure, like roads and bridges. Trump has said he wanted to do Infrastructure and never did.

Winter Wineland was one event I was not happy to attend. It was always during the first few games of The NFL Playoffs, but we did it. I remember one time we had caterers who were into New Orleans.......The Game with The Saints and they had to see it live here.........long Story.......

Winter Something............So now they are thinking about calling it something else and having the week after The Super Bowl so we have signed up and will have more details. We know we may have to delay it, but it looks like it will happen..........

It is late and I want to finish this so I looked around my desk and found 3 ounces of Torpedo, the only problem, it is warm Temp  but it tastes fine to me............

Tomorrow is a big day for the Winery, we have to set up for our bottling next week of our 2019 16 Month wines. We have to find space for 22,000 bottles on Thursday and then after bottling stored over in our 2,000 square building which holds not enough wine. If you have been here you have seen, we have to have a space to set up all the 16 wines we will be bottling next week SO we have to move things around to make room. Also we have to store the 22000 bottles until we need them next week. We have this great canopy to store them in. I should take some pictures tomorrow, tomorrow.................It will be raining on and off for the next two weeks, but we will have good sun tomorrow and should have breaks to see at times in the next several days.........It should be easy.......organization.............

Wednesday January 6, 2021


I hope most of you are happy we have control of both houses after the elections last night? It will be an adventure

Sure today was a big confrontation created by Trump, but I was not surprised!!

Let's just hope we will not have more protests before Biden is president.

Protests before, especially, Fred and I went over to Cal and sat there helping to get a ban on hand guns and it was right after Robert Kennedy was shot down

 SOSOSOS I understand peaceful protests so I am confused??? Why would even one.......one..............person hear Trump and say "I will meet you over there at the Capital". AND Trump did not show up, but hundreds did........ I am concerned about this Country. It is going to be hard on us for the next two years.........??? After That??

OK, I don't know what to do??? Why is TSLA going up so much?

We receive Glass tomorrow to be ready to Bottle Next week. We should receive our labels in 10 days.

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Thursday January 7, 2021

7+, positive NFL to look at and congress.....I know TSLA is up too much

A lot is on my mind as usual, not too much, I still have control.......

We got our Glass, cases of wine in today so now we just have to wait for our labels next week,.......for the bottling of our 2019 16 Month wines.........

I am concerned that Trump will do something much more devastating, like he has control of all capability to send bombs any where he wants.
I Know that sounds not possible but did you think he could instigate his followers to invade offices in the Capital.

OK, I know it is remote, but I am still worried. I would like him removed and I know there are many things going on to see if we can do that.......

Maybe we can just make him distracted for 13 more days??/......My confidence is he will not be president again, he is an idiot...........

Friday January 8, 2021


TSLA keeps going up so what should I do

We may have our Generator working finally after 11 months. We will see because we need backup for our Winery.

I need to talk about all the wines I have tasted over the last few months. As I have said I have purchased many expensive wines lately, because I can justify it? Sure I have made a lot of money on TSLA so I am having fun using those profits to see if any of these wines can stand up to our wines. I will have more in the future.

I have NFL tomorrow so Pat and I will see a movie tonight.

Saturday January 9, 2021


Pat and I had a nice pasta dish so we are happy now. Pat is not into NFL violence so she we not see, my NFL playoff games.

It is strange here like most of you, with us we do not have customers coming in for the last month to taste but our sales are fine. We will put up a new sale and we should see nice sales again............that said

I tasted a lot of wines that are expensive lately, but I should not say the wines I have tasted recently.....but.......I may talk about them next week. The fact is these wines that are over 100 dollars and I found them better than the other wines, I have tried that are about 70 dollars. None of them better than our wines...........My Biased opinion.

Seriously, these wines are priced at way more than my wines which if you are a Club member you could get for 21, or even 35 if not a member. I think wine is too expensive..........

I understand about marketing and I have said this about fooling people, they want you to be impressed. SOOSO guess what, the best wines I tried were nice, but the bottle empty weighed more than our wines full.......

Of course they want you to think........they are making you like the heavy bottle........let's be clear, I do not like marketing and I sure do not like heavy bottles BECAUSE for us it would ALSO cost us more to ship. Contribute to GAS guzzlers.........

it is about marketing. All bottles hold the same amount of wine.......750 ml but like I said some bottles make you think they are more in the bottle, because they weigh more..........

For Pat and I to ship to any of you, On average, I am assuming some of these heavy bottles would cost us $50 vs $35, East Coast for us costs more than $50 so with them, $70.

Sunday January 10, 2021


They only think white people should  be here. They don't like any one of color. Take a look at all the videos, do you see anyone but white suppresses.

I looked at NFL today and I am happy New Orleans won, and they looked good. Sure, my favorite team is the Raiders, but after that I like Seattle who lost last night and then there is New Orleans and then because of Bryan, I like The Packers.......we will see....

Tomorrow is another day I say a lot, from Gone With The Wind and I have been reading other books to escape.

I have tasted many high priced wines lately as I have said and there are nice ones, but all of them have been expensive, One I liked is Larkmead, $129.95.......OK all the wines lately have been Napa Cabs, all over 70 and most over 100. I have many more to taste and next week I will compare to our 2018 Cab so it will be interesting, a Cab we make at a discounted price at $21.80.

I have been tasting high end, Bordeaux wines since I was 25 years old in the financial district, go back if interested so I have experiences

Monday January 11, 2021

Finally TSLA is down a little today............no selling

OK, one, two, three or more on my mind, it is 7

Pat and I had a nice dinner of backs and hearts chicken and she had Wings.......nice

We tried two wines tonight and we both picked out our Coffaro wine blind as our favorite. I opened a very expensive Burgundy, Pinot to us and compared to our 2016 Pinot, same vintage. I thought our wine had a beginning, middle and an end. Pat thought our wine was smoother, I thought the Burgundy was smoother, we all perceive differently..........

What I am saying we make Pinot nothing like anything here in Sonoma County or Napa. We ferment our Pinot hot and extracted and we have a much more high Temp to give intensity, more flavor. I know most critics here, think Pinot should only be about fruit and not have character, my opinion, but have you tried Burgundy from France like I, it is Pinot. It is nothing like Sonoma or Napa Pinot here. To me more like ours................

We are ready to bottle our 2019 16 month wines later this week so we are just waiting for labels.

Next up for me College Football.........

Tuesday January 12, 2021.....too many things on my mind so I should start with a sip of Torpedo


This night I tried 5 more wines, report tomorrow

That said I heard in California only we can purchase some Pliny The Younger.........I will be in line, but now only on the internet. I have never tried it but now instead of standing in a long line, because of Covid all of us will be able to order. Go online to hear more.

I think about all the people who are not working now. I know now several high end Restaurants have folded here in Healdsburg and they were doing so well before Covid. So I have said before, why are we shutting down?

I understand some of the virus has been transferred to the elderly by having places like us who go home and get exposed? Seriously, I understand the concern but we have never heard anyone who came in here when we had our restricted tasting outside on our deck who had a problem here.

The bottom line is I do not think we should and still restrict these great restaurants in Sonoma County that had to be going out of business...........we should have continued asocial distancing and masks as we did and some of us could be in business now.

Again we are fortunate doing fine because it is easy for us to have customers come here and pick up wine, way away from Pat and i over in our storage building. We make them sign for the wine and we stay away even when Pat goes out to say such nice things........

Let me make this clear I do not think we have contributed to this virus. I do think some of the restaurants could have some people come in and take off their masks and spread the Virus, I think that is very few. I do not know, but I do know almost all who have died, which is the worst thing, have been in rest homes and assisted care facilities, I just care about the restaurants in Healdsburg and I know other facilities are suffering now, like hair and exercise places. Tomorrow is hopefully another day......vaccination

I have too much to say about Trump, but much has said better than I can so just say, I am happier that I have been for a long time........

Wednesday January 13, 2021.....as usual too many things on my mind so I should start with a sip of Torpedo


So before I get into politics I want to say we got our 2019 16 month labels today so we will start bottling tomorrow. As usual there were a few expenses, required to make sure the bottling line we own is ready tomorrow. We will see, the first day is always interesting since I usually taste the new wines compared to the last vintage.............

That said, as you know I have been tasting a lot of very expensive cabs and tonight I tasted again and I thought our 2018 Cab which is sold out compared favorably to all the others including my favorite cab lately, a Chilean wine...........So

I have decided to wait until Saturday to try the new bottled wines since I still have 5 cabs including ours that were just opened yesterday.

I do not believe in opening a wine to Breath, really, one swirl is like opening the wine for an hour and please do not decant any wine, it will oxidize it, just my biased opinion.......swirl

Now into Politics. I should not say much because most of you have heard on CNN or other sites that we have an idiot as president.....sorry, this is emotional.......

I have to get ready for bottling for the next 6 days, starting tomorrow...........Tomorrow is another day????, .......more to come.

Friday January 15, 2021

This is from last night..........

Pat and I will go up soon to see a new series, to get away from Politics which I have been glued to all day.

The new series is about OJ Simpson. I am sure most of you have only heard his problems with the law for a long time so even for me who lived the time, It was so interesting how he started out......

Also I went to Safeway to pick up my pills and it was easy to shop for groceries so we have all we need for a week. We had salmon tonight and I am back on my low carbo diet again, this year I am lower again from the last years, but I was disappointed I had gained 7 pounds from my low last October. It will be easy to lose those pounds, just count calories.....

We started bottling our 2019 16 month wines today. We did have bottling problems as usual so we hope we have it solved for tomorrow....Another problem we had is the label Company gave me too many labels for 2019 Dave's Cuvee so we are bottling an extra 50 cases, Sale? For the first time, we are bottling it after being in the barrel for 16 months. I am so excited to try it, but I still have too many high end cabs open. Interesting I saw our workers collecting a sample of our 2019 Cab, so it will be fun to try against some of these high end cabs.

OK tonight

We had a great day bottling today. We had no issues so we were done by noon time.............

we bottled in the last two days, our 2019 aged 16 months Aglianico.........Estate Cuvee along with Aca Modot and Dave's Cuvee and Susie is coming tomorrow so we will taste them compared to 2018 wines, but I am mostly interested to try the 2019 10 month Dave's Cuvee compared to this new 16 month version..............

We are going to start up again next week with Petit Verdot, Petite Sirah and Lagrein, it will be so much fun.......

Tasting notes soon


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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