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Monday March 22, 2021

I am so tired, remember that song......yes Susie was here to hear.......we listened to all the Abbey Road and most of the White Album.......stayed up to after midnight.......Susie and I had said....OK I remember the White Album. Susie is 33 so this is new for her. We agree Abbey Road is a complete album, maybe the best, but which album has the most information. I am tired, little sleep, up at 6:30

So we have this lemon tree out near our vineyard........after 5 years it is ready to produce big lemons. It has too many on the tree so I asked Catarino to pull off the bigger ones........OH MY I have 30+ big ones......so what do we do with them, I will take a few, but we are leaving some where we do tastings so maybe some customers will take a few for free..................

TSLA was up a lot earlier but faded at the end so I still have to deal with it. I do have a profit because it was up...........

Cristian has been moved to several locations. Kaiser is a big disappointment. I could go into more detail but it has been so stressful for The Flores Family........The last place was old and gave him Cheetos when he can't eat since he has a tube in is throat. I have heard the place was very dirty so I have heard they have moved him back to the last place which is somewhat better.

about Kaiser..........we are all upset

We are sending out a new offering of some of our wines at a great price but it is only going to our Club members............

Tuesday March 23, 2021

It is getting lighter!!!

7:30 Pm now and the sun just went down..........

I do not have a gun, we called it a weapon in the army when I was there in 1968. I was an OK shot, but now I know I did not have good eyesight.......I digress

This new shooting is getting me upset again, I do not need a gun, I hope. I try to be nice to all people who come in here and we do have a gate, but I can understand, some people need a gun to protect them selves, including a few of my employees. I am ignorant so I do want a gun//////..............I hope I am safe here but my employees live with neighbors who could cause problems......again.....long story.

We have this new sale uploaded this afternoon so we see some have ordered so that is good.

I tried some of the left over wine from the barrel tasting we had a few days ago and they were all good after a few days now.

The Market was down to day so I have to get up again early tomorrow..........

This is some in my mind but more...............................

After a few tries I finally found a book which is OK after Crawdads.........

So in the next several days we are racking our fall harvested 2020 wines. We have them blended back in December but now we have to aerate them and get ready to bottle the 10 month in July. It is a fun time for me and I have Jose, and Salvador stepping up and doing all the labor.........................Warriors

Thursday March 25, 2021 


I am late one day on my diary........Pat's sister, Janie and Tim stayed over the night, they are usually in Modesto or up high in the mountains where they have a cabin. I really enjoyed the cabin in 2013 after I first bought my 2013 Tesla Model S. Tim set me up to charge in his garage so I learned I could charge anywhere with my Model S......I digress

So Janie and Tim were here last night and left this morning, too short a time we hope to see them soon.

TSLA has been down so I have bought a few more shares. It was up a little today so who knows what tomorrow will be...........

We are still blending our 2020 wines so it may take a few more days so we can taste those Futures. They are for sale now and our 2021 Futures will be soon.

As some of you know I have had problems with my back so tomorrow I will see a doc and see what he says. I have been doing my stretch exercises and they are getting easier BUT, still every night, I get this big pain down my right leg after an hour. So tonight as preparing our great Grab Cake and onion ring  and salad tonight. It took awhile  because I had to go taste blind 4 high end Chardonnay wines tonight and I liked them all, but I did have opinions...........

OK below is what I watch everyday in the Market. I usually have this screen on but flipping back and forth through news and emails. The market acts fast most of the time, but so slow other times.....so it is a challenge. So slow, Below I tried to buy 100 shares of VLDR and it took 45 minutes, sure I had a price of 12.18. But I did get confirmed at the last minute that i bought my last 18 shares, but no where in this chart below shows that. I bought 82 at 16.15 and see to the end no final 18.................I know only someone who is interested in the market would be interested in this......

OK, I hope to get up early tomorrow and think about what I will do with A whole duck on Saturday. I have looked at many recipes, I think I almost have it figured out, BUT it will include a lot of Potatoes..............Tomorrow is an other day

stock index

Friday March 26, 2021

8:am.........In an hour I will head down to the doc to see if he can help me with my back. I will report back after I return.

7++ now.........IPA, finally after tasting 3 St George GIN

It has been a trying day. I got up early at 6:15 and I saw TSLA was down again so I put in an order very low because I had to go off to my new doc about my back. My new doc said he thought I should do Epidurals. I heard it may not work for long. He said he could do a small surgery if this does not work.???

when I came back I saw I had bought another 5 shares. I now have 290 short term shares at a loss of 10,000 so it is somewhat concerning even though I have 1650 shares at a profit of 1 mill plus. But like I have said, I like the game of trading so we will see if I can make a profit in this 290 share short term trade.............

Pat and I had sausages tonight, nice and I am ready to make a duck tomorrow. I have heard from friends of my diary what they suggest but I will do what I have liked before:

So duck tomorrow evening which means

I have this recipe that roasts a whole duck, 5 pounds  on a rack breast side up for the first 1 hour at 250 degrees. I am going to take out then and remove and save most of the fat. I then add potatoes and onions and carrots, then again at 250 decrees, back side up for another 45 minutes and then turn up to 500 for 10 or more minutes. The last is with breast up. There is no splatter that way and everything turns out real crispy.....thanks......Dave

Saturday March 27, 2021


So Pat and I had a dinner which contained a whole duck. I looked at several recipes and it came out OK, but the breast was cooked way too much, but the legs were wonderful. I will not try this again for a long time. I reserved most of the fat since I roasted at about 300 degrees for two hours and drained off the fat for more potatoes another time..........SO. I put the duck back in at the end with no fat left..............and the potatoes were still real good after 500 degrees for 5 minutes...........

Tonight I want to escape, I have Tina up loaded and we may look at something else after that.........OK, I have to do a good pizza tomorrow so I have hope............

Sunday March 28, 2021


I am concerned about my 290 share short term trade for TSLA so I will be up at 6 again tomorrow. I have a slight loss so one point up or down is now $290

We had a nice pizza tonight. Here it is before it was cooked on my BBQ.........


The Flores Family thinks Cristian may come home sooner so we may help them out........long story

We saw Tina last night HBO and it was good, if you like music and Tina, but there was a lot of info I had never heard about. We still have the disc we put on in 2000 and after, Tina in Amsterdam.....

Monday March 29, 2021.....Soon 2021 pre harvest futures, who offers wine before it is made?


OK, it is Monday and I try usually to have one of most favorite meals, chicken backs, chicken necks and hearts on the BBQ. It was so nice tonight. Pat has BBQ wings........I make this clear, Pat thinks I am crazy like most of you...........

TSLA was down again so I need to buy more tomorrow........

Gee, I had my new crown on my implant today, nice, but there is no whole there now so chicken got caught, but no problem, I have picks

We want to help Cristian and the Flores Family, but we have heard we can not make a loan to them unless we offer the same to all our employees, That was hard to understand........

Jose and Salvodor were blending our 2020 wines. Some will be bottled in July. I have tasted some and there is no smoke taint and they are some of the best we have done...OK I still do not think I have made a bad wine. Sure there was in 2010 when the grapes were an adventure because of 115 degree blast in August.............2020 will be great

Tuesday March 30, 2021

I saw a great article today that made my day and year so far. It is about wine aerators. The author says they are bullshit and I agree. Way back when I got into wine in 1969, I found out one swirl in a glass is like aerating an open bottle of wine for one hour. I just don't get why anyone would aerate a wine, oxidation is the worst thing you can do to a wine and aerating is making it happen quicker. Below is the link to the article: https://www.vinography.com/2021/03/wine-aerators-336-9-million-worth-of-bullsht

8pm soon........IPA.......We have a new problem with our irrigation system, only money so I will have an update.......

Epidermal....... so the doc who wants me to try this injection and I did try it for my Knee and it did not help out so we will see...........BUT now these new docs who want to inject me want me to come in for a consultation. I guess they want to make sure I............up for it? makes sense for them BUT i have to wait two weeks for the consultation and then I asked, and I was told I would have to make another appointment to get this injection??? That will mean a month off. My exercises are making it easier to do, but do not help my back or the big lower pain down my leg........my balance is good......Dave, no falls

TSLA was up a little so I have hope. I did buy another 5 shares this morning at a low price so I am near even on my 295 shares only short term, will sell when I have a profit.

I am starting to get into the Basketball playoffs for both men and women so I will be up soon to look.

It is hard to relate everything on my mind😵...........I need sleep and get up to trade more TSLA..........tomorrow is another day 😴

Wednesday March 31, 2021 April Fools tomorrow


I love my wife after 47 years. I am not sure she agrees. I am a hard person to live with. We have discussions in the evening about many things after consuming some wine. Then there is the winery and we do well deciding what to offer at times so it is going well.

So TSLA was up some again so I have a profit. I may sell some tomorrow.

My back is no better so I will hope to see the doc who will inject me but off a few weeks. Like I say i can stand pain but I am not going on a plane again.........too much walking in airports.

I had lobster salad tonight and Pat decided on a stir fry with the lobster in pasta.

OUR new offer for 2021 Futures will be up soon.

I tasted some new cabs tonight all great, including our 2019 cab.

Pat, Catarino and I have been debating about the new stain on our tasting deck. I and Catarino want a solid stain and Pat wants to see grain. The deck was finished two years ago and it has needed stain each year. Pat makes the final decision and she wants to try a semi transparent stain again. Catarino and I disagree. Pat wanted Trix Trex what ever and I over ruled her so she and I were debating about whether we wanted fake wood or real redwood. I wanted real..........so I am in trouble. The real wood is looking tired, old, it needs a lot of stain..........

Thursday April 01, 2021 April Fools But not here


TSLA was up early and down later so everyone is looking to see what they report on their total sales for the first Quarter.

Salvador and Jose finished blending our 2020 wines today so we are getting ready to bottle our 10 month aged 2020 wines in July.

We have heard we can open up inside tasting in a few weeks and we are figuring out what to do. I want to set up two tasting places inside our tasting room and have a table or two out in the winery where the barrels are so we can do barrel samples also. Our staff and Pat are concerned about the air flow to make sure no one has a problem.

I have to say, I have the Coffaro palate so you saw I am trying many high end Cabs, some well over $200. I opened more yesterday and our 2019 Cab stands up to all  =-O.....more tomorrow

I am concerned it could be a hung jury I hope not, the guy killed someone, today they said the medic had to ask him to stop kneeling on him......just think if this guy is let off, what is really going to happen in this country.

I can always hope HE is not let off.......................:'(...........

Friday April 02, 2021

7+ soon for women's match

Jesse was here today taking care of many customers so we are getting back to normal?

I was so upset, I forgot it was Good Friday and the market was closed. I was up at 6:15 our time, and was so upset!!

I was up early because i was hoping for Tesla production numbers. The market was not open so I will have to wait until Monday, the numbers were good........

I am not a religious person. I was 10, My Father died at 34 years old and i realized there was no one god. I believe in propagating our life in mostly our family to remember what we have. so I feel if there is a god it is us and not one person off there seeing over us........there is no heaven i am sure. my mother had 3 husbands so if in heaven now who would she be with........makes know sense.......just my biased opinion

 and i will not be right unless I die and see what are the facts........ my guess, I will have no brain waves unless in my family and friends............

Now.........sports, IPA, Dried Cranberry, Prunes, Figs, cheery, raisins all fiber and I discovered absinthe

Saturday April 03, 2021....4321, I hear a lot of people are getting married on this day, because it is a count down, clever saying?

Absinthe, someone mentioned a company making many different gins and I like gin for its character. The company is St George, the gin is not cheap but I ordered a sample of several gins to taste. I actually liked the Rye Gin the best and then I saw they made an absinthe. I had only tasted absinthe a couple times since it was banned until 2007 because of a toxic chemical, thujone, found in several edible plants including tarragon, sage, and wormwood. Now it is regulated to control the levels of thujone. I like absinthe for its bittersweet taste of anise and fennel.


So the cat is terrorizing me constantly. He knows Pat is the only one who feeds him, finally after two + years.......

But, so in the evening he heads over to Pat's door down stares, closed, where now Pat is looking at a Giants game and he does it a few times and then looks at me, pleading for more food. He has dried food, but in the morning when I come own in my office he is down wondering why Pat has not given him more food and he wants me to GIVE him MORE. It is not about a loving cat, he is not..........He only wants Fancy Feast

My nice postal lady who delivers my Amazon came in today........ for some reason the cat was out side near her, she asked "so why is he so big, is he old" and I had to say he is only  6 years old............he only thinks of food.....

The women's match last night was real good, and tonight is the men's matches.........

I still have to suffer through another day without the Market, Monday will be interesting............ 



For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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