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Sunday December 20, 2020

Yesterday 7 tree climbers came in to top our many poplar trees. The trees were about 40 feet high and now are about 15 feet high. Like I said years ago they were so high a wind storm moved through here and one of the poplar trees tumbled over and hit our winery. The tree also took out our main power line so we were out of power for a few days before the repair was made. I did not want that to happen again.


Susie is here with Pat and She will take Pat away to the City for a few days and they will come back for some Turkey again. I love turkey two times a year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will have pasta one night and then do Turkey stuffed this time, With............Pork Sausage mixed with all the trimmings......recipe to follow tomorrow. We will input dressing into cavities to the whole turkey. There are two places to put the dressing, in the tail or back.

TONIGHT Susie, Pat and I had a great pizza,,,,,,,,, Sunday always Pizza

Monday December 21, 2020


The days will finally get longer here so I am happy.

Pat went off to San Francisco where Susie is in our condo and they will be back on Thursday with hopefully Kate and Bryan. It will be fun.......

So while I am alone after 6 months I decided to make an interesting roast, that I have never done before. Don't get me wrong, I would rather have Pat and any of my family here, here goes

I mentioned the Turkey Stuffing so I will go into more detail later. Here is my Mother's original recipe, but for tonight I wanted to change it to fit what we have in the Kitchen and then see what we should do on Friday.........It starts with

Vivien's Stuffing

OK tonight I used more eggs to see if we needed to rehydrate the bread. Then since I have a lot of great sausage I bought from this great meat place here......I used that instead of beef and ground pork. It has a lot of carrots and much more so I will give more detail tomorrow.

Tuesday December 22, 2020

I just want to mention, happy holidays. I love doing this.........enjoy


I have now sold 100 shares of TSLA so I have enough to buy a Y but I do not want a Y so I am waiting for a new S or maybe an X now..........I digress,

so now for a sip of Torpedo.

I think I mentioned I have had problems with AeroGarden. They do not respond to my questions, even though they are there for 24 hours to help. I heard they are being taken over so I guess they do not have their act together? I received my last order and now I have spent $500 with this company, but it Does Look Interesting!!........... I may be able to harvest tomatoes and peppers, by February?.........Is it worth it?, time will tell

OK, now about my Mother, Vivien's recipe for turkey dressing. I am sure some of it came from my Sicilian grand mother.

You see it above. I assume I wrote this piece of page a long time ago...........I did not mention rehydrating the bread. My mother always wanted unflavored bread, croutons and they were hard to find, but we did it, for over 30 years at Grandma's home and now over the last several years, Susie has been the one to follow this recipe to the tee. We did try again on Thinks giving, when that was Vivien's favorite day and Susie and I thought we could do better, the croutons, bread part was too soggy.

So last night I did not add milk, that Susie remembers is in Vivien's recipe, so I tried just adding more eggs. It did not work out so I added a bunch of wine at the end, then it did turn out after that. Friday, Christmas Day Susie and I wil try again.

AND we will make a similar one for Kate who wants Beyond Meat......it will be fun.......

Wednesday December 23, 2020

So tomorrow Pat and Susie and Kate and Bryan will be here for a few days. We have all been careful. I hear I may be able to have my shot, as a 77 year old maybe? in March or earlier....I will ask my new doctor when I go there in January.........

I have bought back 35 shares of TSLA for a trade and I sold 10 today at a profit of $350. I still have 25 five shares at a cost of 628 so I may sell this trade tomorrow. I will still have 1700 shares. I love trading.....but Monday is off for a long time, with Trump, making more money, I digress

Look at it this way!! I like making money, especially in the stock market and I like charging less for my wine........that said

7++.......Torpedo, IPA

So Again, look at it this way:::::::::.........Trump is by far the most successful President by making Money..........

I will miss him, but I am so sure the MARKET will go up more in a Biden presidency.......just my biased option......

Thursday December 24, 2020


let me make this clear, I will miss our present president for his flames....,only

Kate, Bryan and Susie are here this evening and Pat is back after a few days with them. Tonight we had a French Onion soup before our pasta and it was so good. I did follow Julia's recipe except I did a Lobster stock instead of Beef for Kate.......It came out so good!!

So I sold the rest of my trade of 35 shares of TSLA at a profit of $1300 in one day, buy low and sell high.

So the family will have turkey tomorrow.......

Sunday December 27, 2020


I suspect some of you are somewhat happy when family members leave for home after several days, and especially if it is relatives. But I will miss them..........

We had a great time with only Kate, Susie and Bryan here with Pat and I. We had some great turkey again and last night Pizza, and all had a great time, but I can get into more of what I do like to be in my own routine, and thus in control....sometimes.

Now after several days Pat and I have to get back into shipping for her and organizing bottling next month for me. Also, for me I can't wait for the Market to open tomorrow, our time at 6:30am so I will be here............

Monday December 28, 2020


So what is normal? I have so much going on now like what we have done before so, that is normal?

It was so much fun to have Kate, Susie and Bryan here and Susie may come back for New Years.

Jose came in today to put more barrels into the freezer. We have a freezer which cold stabilizes our Red and white wine so no tartrates are at the bottom of our bottle. We put as many as 22 barrels in the freezer at 25 degrees and settle the wine. So Tomorrow Jose and Salvador will rack off the first wines which will be bottled in the next year.

It was nice to get into the Market today after several days closed. I bought some shares for Susie who said I could invest some of her cash. It may be short term or longer depending what happens after the New Year.

Gruden, he has a 10 year contract and after 3 years he is on the spot. The Raiders have to be in the playoffs next year or maybe Gruden is out?

Tuesday December 29, 2020  A sip of Torpedo


I did a great Steak Diane tonight and it caused me to think about my leg again........I need rest after being on my legs for 30 minutes

Every night I love making dinner and Pat does a great veggie so tonight it took a long time with this Steak Diane recipe. A few breaks outside to put up my legs........and taste sparkling before dinner.

I found The Steak Diane, great............ looking for a recipe...........Ice cream. A few days ago, Bryan did a great salted caramel ice cream and I wanted to see if I had the ingredients to duplicate it.......no way......we used too many eggs over the last few days, but I did find one without eggs and I may put in some eggnog.........I love what i do

Jose was in again today and we are putting more of the new 2020 wines in the freezer.

The Cat is still a Family member, but all these last two times on Thanksgiving and Xmas now, he does not look happy. The 5 of us all tried our best, but I think he only thinks about his next meal like I. So the other day I tried again and I let him in late at night when I was doing this diary and I found out the next day, he was in the office all night........tonight he tried again and I cut him off before he got in the office........he is one of the three family members living in this house. 

Wednesday December 30, 2020  A sip of Torpedo


So I still have a problem with my right leg.........It has been a problem since I moved here in 1979. Then I did everything that needed in this vineyard for over 10 years. So I was only 36 then, and I had to produce. I loved what I did then and still do, but now I do not do any of the physical work...........so

I have had a problem with my leg for over 40 years. It starts down my left leg if I am on my feet too long so that is why I will never, go on a plane a gain,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.........because of the airports.

Instacart is wonderful. We had a delivery today and now we have everything we need when Susie is coming tomorrow. Pat said I used to say I would be a wake until 11pm, but now with the Market back in my life, I get up early so I have to get some sleep and sometimes after 10pm I let it settle and try to go to sleep. I do take things like Drift Off which helps me sleep........But

Tomorrow is New Yeas Eve and I will be up at Mid Night as usual.........never missed

So I bought some Moderna today. The stock is way down so maybe I am making a mistake? They are the smallest company supplying the vaccine so they are a good play

It is finally sprinkling again, but we usually get 40+ inches from November to May. Our season if different here so we usually do not get rain after May. We might get a storm in September which could cause a problem at Harvest SSSSSSSSSSOOOOSO

We need rain now and we have only got 4 inches so far. We have heard the storms will be coming in finally, but will we get 40+ inches in the next few months............Global Warming


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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