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Sunday December 6, 2020

OK, The Raiders won today so Kate and I are happy for one win in the last three weeks. It was on pass of 46 yards on the last play, a Miracle, you can take a look if interested. Sports, If you want to feel alive, I recommend them. If you want to be disappointed most of the time, I do not recommend them, but they are one of my passions...........

I have to think about tomorrow and make sure we add a new barrel to our 2020 Block 4 Blend so I wil be here early.........

And of course there is the Market, up for me at 6:30am. I hear there are shut downs so is Tesla in Alameda County affected? Should I sell some of my Long Term holdings?

Tuesday December 8, 2020

Once in awhile I have to say this is my diary.....so it is about what I think.

I was born in 1943 so I still think about what happened on December 7 back in 1941.

We did blend our Block 4 yesterday so it took some time but we are good.

Tesla was up again so it is trying me, how far will it go up, I have not sold..........yet

Airlines are up and Cruise Stocks, it may not be too late to buy...........


OK, I was not sleeping well last night so I need to have more IPA, like Torpedo? It may be the most complex IPA so I will have to try it against Pliny, but not tonight..................

I was thinking about TSLA, it still keeps going up!! So as you heard I have an order for a Plaid, which is the most expensive Tesla to come out so I I deserve it........

Did you hear Starlink got some money from the Government. I may get High speed here soon...look it up

The blending went well again......I have great help here who are much younger than I.

So I went to Safeway to pick some essentials, It was not too crowded so I stayed away from everyone. Everyone had a mask on!! I looked around and looked at my list.....it saw Ice Cream.....I have been good, but isn't this.......... holidays coming up???

And Susie has a Birthday on the 14th so we are hoping she may come up here..........

Wednesday December 9, 2020


I sold 25 shares of TSLA today,... I  I had long term holdings so I do not have to pay, taxes., but 50% in this trade. My average price was 55 dollars so I sold at 644.... what will I have to pay??.......seriously, TSLA is half my holdings so I have Plenty to sell, maybe, it closed at 600......buy low sell high, should I buy back?

We blended more wine again today and we will still be blending the 2020 wines into next week.

Thursday December 10, 2020


OK, the day was interesting as usual. I stay active even though I am 77 years old. so many things to not relate......

We did blend more 2020 wines today. It is somewhat complicated since I have to make sure we have some new oak in our blends.........

I sold 25 shares of TSLA yesterday and may sell 225 more. I would still have 1700 shares at 600+

Pat and I had some Scallops tonight. I remember when my Mother had some at a restaurant and she was happy they were crispy so I have tried to look and I have tried all options........... I am still not successful.........ssssoooooossso

So usual Pat says I try new things and fail BUT, tonight I decided to soak the Scallops in olive oil and cornstarch. I did something different as usual and grilled them on my BBQ........nice crispy

Torpedo now, only a sip.......NFL

Friday December 11, 2020


We are still blending our 2020 wine and everything is good.

We have told by our County that we are shut down again so we can not do any tasting here. It is fine since what I have said, most customers who come in here to taste stay way too long!! Before March, we had an OK by the county to have inside tastings in our nice tasting room, but we did not have but two stools to sit so most everyone would leave after 30 minutes...........now

So now customers actually stay way over one hour and have a nice time sitting outside on a nice table........sure some buy more wine but most consume a lot of our wine and leave after more than an hour. It is fine with me, I want customers to be happy, but I do care how they do on driving after. I think it is much better having customers stay less time

Now we can not do any tasting here!!! Because the County says!!

Saturday December 12, 2020

7+, movie soon and some IPA

So we had a customer come in today to pick up their wine club so we are still open for that, otherwise we are closed down for tasting outside.......We hope next year we will be open for more options, like our nice tasting room, inside......

aero garden!!, did I mention before, I will go into that in  the next few days.........I digress

We had one inch of rain, not much considering we have on average 40+ inches  in our season which is only 6 months!!

We are in California so down South near LA and SD, they have little rain, so that is why they don't grow quality wine Grapes.........

We need rain

Monday December 14, 2020......Happy Birthday to Susie!!


I have to think what is my mind as usual....I know maybe a few of you are Trump supporters so, let's get over it!! Biden won......

We finished are blending of 2020 wines and I even had a taste of the 2020 Aglianico which was great. As you know Aglianico is one of my favorite wines.......

too many things as usual on my mind, ......I need Torpedo

TSLA was up again today so I sold a few more shares...........

We did have some rain but very little so we are hoping for more on Wednesday.

The Raiders lost again so they need a new defense, not just firing their head guy. The Raiders need to draft and look in to the future to have a good defense........... 

Tuesday December 15, 2020.......finally getting longer days here........, by one minute

7+, Torpedo helps

when i go up later and look at my big screen, 8 feet wide in my Movie room, I usually have Pliny, but here on my diary, I like Torpedo

I talked to my account today and he said he could give me a shelter!! I said I am willing to pay the taxes now, but even more that we have a new president............

The problem, good problem, I have profits of 230K realized profits so far this year, mostly Tesla. I want to pay my fair amount and he is an accountant and wants me to pay less........all the time.........

I have started donating to several organizations in Sonoma County. We have been doing fine so it is time for me to Step Up........

So I did sell a few more shares of TSLA before the Market opened at a good price. I may sell more, but my holding in TSLA is still an unrealized gain of 1mil, but long term......I digress

OK, Norma is Salvador's wife she has helped at many times over the last 10 years and she needs a bonus!! OK, I gave all my employees bonuses....

Wednesday December 16, 2020


Saturday we have some tree people here to cut some of our Poplars which are up too high.........

I bought 25 share of Moderna today. I have been looking at this stock for months and thought it was a spec, but I have read more and they are doing something different in this Virus search for a cure. I would have to look back to see what I found about that, but the bottom line, is they should get the OK to give us more hope to control this virus

I did finish my barrel arrangement for the 2020 wines. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can send you my excel.

I see the protests will not go away for 4 years. I know the republicans are upset like we were back in 1968 and I respect some of that, but we had a point and Nixon was out in 5 years finally, now it is better? Trump may be back...............

I am thinking about Christmas. I hear, my two daughters and New son Bryan will be here next week

I am going to start a Pasta Gravy, like my Mother used to call it..........

I have heard from a few in my family, these dots I do, they want to know what I mean............it is about a pause for me, like let you know, I am thinking always.......I digress

Susie, my second Born who had to catch up with Kate, my First Born has the recipe from My Mother so tomorrow I am going to think about what I remember............the bottom line is, My Mother cooked the Pasta Gravy for hours and I know for days doing other things.

I know My Mother used a bunch of Beef Short Rids......not this time......I am starting tomorrow and I have a lot of Pork Chops and I need to use them in a new Pasta Gravy..........more tomorrow........

Friday December 18, 2020

Yesterday I did start the Pasta Gravy as my Mother called it. It involves a lot of dried Porcini mushrooms. Since I had a lot of frozen tomato pizza sauce in my freezer, I used the most complex ones which had some onions and peppers in them. Lately Pat and I have enjoyed pesto sauce on our pizza instead of tomato sauce so I could spare some of the pizza sauce. The pizza sauce already had plenty of garlic and olive oil along with a lot of basil. My pizza sauce is made from my garden tomatoes and I leave on the skin and all the seeds to give some nice fiber. I do not grind them up but do cook at a high temperature on the stove to break down the tomatoes. For the Pasta Gravy I did grind the tomatoes in the Cuisinart for a smooth consistency.

At first I had some pork chops that I roasted in a lot of wine in the oven for three hours. That made a nice liquid full of flavor and pork falling off the bone. I used about two pounds of the pork and added it to the tomato mixture. I added some more white wine and red wine to make the right consistency. Like I already said I used a lot of dried Porcini mushrooms. I don't weigh anything so I am guessing there might have been as much as 6 ounces of the dried Porcini mushrooms. With all the flavor in the tomato sauce, I did not have to add much of anything else.

I cooked this sauce for 4 hours to the consistency of gravy. Susie will be here tomorrow and we may strain out the mushrooms and pork to make it more smooth. As an alternative, I could put it in the Cuisinart, I will ask Susie who has My Mother's original recipe.


So Pat and I had a nice burger tonight.........she likes Impossible and I like Beyond.........no Beef for us.

I made a great bread today to go with the burgers so I was real happy.

I sold another 25 shares of TSLA today at 680 so I have made too much money now so no one can complain, hopefully my Family, they do not look at this diary........but why would any one complain I want a Plaid.........

Sure I am upset The Raiders lost again so maybe we have a new QB?

On Monday Jose and Salvador will set up the bottling line. I am communicating with our label company and bottle company to make sure we are OK in January.

OK, OK.......Dave it is about the trees!!

I have to be ready, OH we did get ready today for 7 great tree people who will slice down.......two thirds......of our Poplar Trees that some of you have seen when you are here.

OK, Torpedo again, no tonight it is Maximus..........

I heard this great company, Lagunitas, has helped our needy here in our county and Pat and I have stepped up a little to give monthly to several great organizations who will distribute FOOD and much more.

Dave focus......So I heard the tree people may be here at 8am, seven as I have heard. I will be up to open the gate. SOSOSO

Today, our great workers prepared for this tree trimming tomorrow. We moved everything off the deck, including tables and chairs, along with lights that were up for Bryan and Kate's wedding. I know we had not used them since, but it was emotional to me.

So, tomorrow will be a great day to make sure these high poplar trees do not fall down.........like several years ago...............................


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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