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arrow November 15 - December 5, 2020

Sunday November 15, 2020


Sure the Raiders won today so I am happy, but I am more interested to see what happens in the Market tomorrow...............It looks like now in futures, the Market will go up at the beginning........THE FUTURE!! The market is sometimes too ahead but sometimes into the future??? I love the ???? What will happen tomorrow........I will be ready

Catarino and Jose, with all our great workers are coming back tomorrow after a week off. Now we need to get ready for blending next month and figuring out how to finish fermentations on a  few barrels///........

Monday November 16, 2020


I am so happy our warriors came in today. They had been off for a week and looked regenerated!!

We will now start fermentation. I hear our Escuro and Carignan is not through to no sugar...............

So we will start tomorrow to ferment the low sugar wine.......I should have more info...........

OK, I did not see the highlights earlier so here goes until the close..................

I got up early this morning until Tesla was not going into the SP 500.......let me make this sure.........I don't think it should move the stock up!! The stock of TSLA should be evaluated for what Tesla achieves in the future.............That said the stock is up in after market by 15%

I am sorry again, it is hard tonight since I have had little sleep and this political stuff is really ..............................
. Why is Trump being such a bully?

So I got up too early this morning so I have to mellow out....IPA. NfL...tomorrow is another day.........................

Tuesday November 17, 2020.....soon Thanksgiving...IPA, Dogfish, 90


It is interesting we have a lot of new people coming in for tasting here and of course club.........

With this pandemic, we only take appointments here and make sure everyone wears a mask coming in. Sure that is good..............but now We have an out door area for customers to taste and it is a sit down table..........and people stay longer now!!.............What ever.

Jose and Salvador came in today to start our new fermentation to hope some of our 2020 wines finishes fermentation......complicated.........

TOO much in my mind.......It is time to escape so I do  not want to go into too much detail......but this adventure is still going on.........

Since February, 2020.....trying./..............The generator people say they will hook us up tomorrow to have a back up for the winery......After 10 months.............I can always hope........

Wednesday November 18, 2020

The people working on my generator have been here for 90 minutes now. The appointment was to be only one hour and I still do not have the generator running to back up the winery. Time will tell. Update at 9:45 am, the generator is running!!

I know most of you have not bought an electric car and most of you have not invested in Tesla. Besides making electric cars Tesla also makes solar and battery storage products. There is a lot of news about banning all fossil fuel, especially gas for cars. There has been a lot of talk about how we would be able to generate enough electricity if we banned oil products. As some of you have heard, a lot of electricity is generated by coal so how would we generate more electricity without increasing coal. Below is a link to a great site that explains how we would need very little solar to run the whole United States. Solar and storage is the future and that is why I am investing in Tesla and many other companies.



Some of you may know TSLA was up today so I am happy, but I will not sell my long holds at a price of $65. I know some of you do not care but, TSLA is at 482 now........so I am buying a Plaid...........

Jose and Salvador are working on our stuck 2020 wine.........sure it happens most every year when we have wine here which has so much character, that the yeast can not deal with it?? Sure that is our excuse, but we know other wineries have similar problems..........

So we will deal with this fermentation tomorrow........it is involve, I just say, we need to be patient and wait for the new restart yeast to develop and then we add the stuck wine............

as you know my mind is always thinking, I have little sound sleep.....I survive so what Am I thinking about now?......tomorrow of course and Tesla is coming out?

OK, first of all the generator is working, but they found out it shuts off after a few minutes.........gee!! How much is this going on?? I am promised since February, we will have it going.

Tesla is due at late morning so, I will have a report.

Now Torpedo

Thursday November 19, 2020

So tonight I am concerned about the Market again. That is one of my passions..........California is instituting a curfew........at 10pm so dose that mean Tesla and any other company can not work after 10 PM........this is concerning.

 Only one good news today here, Tesla did come in here and replaced my 12 volt battery at no charge

The generator which is backing up our winery is still not secure........we have to wait.......again for a new part

Salvador and Jose were in again tending to our slowing down wine and things are looking good............

Torpedo and soon....NFL........I root for Seattle but this guy in Arizona is so much fun........and Fauci, I have recorded......


Friday November 20, 2020


So you know what I think about Trump. He has made me more money, but I can't support a person who is a liar and only thinks about himself. This is the first president I know who has not tried to act like they like all the people. That said, We have maybe lost some friends. Our Nation is divided.........,So I hope I did not lose, Russ and Joe. I do not want to get into anymore, but I just want to say, Russ has hold a grudge to me. I try not to hold a grudge so it is hard to lose Russ and especially Joe, who is not talking to me...................I am sure these two, are not into politics as much as I. So I have to go on...........

I am happy to report our refermentation is going well and I am doing what I love: I am starting a new Excel to Organize the barrels and of course the blend for our new 2020 wines......time for an escape

Saturday November 21, 2020


Pat and I had a great dinner tonight.......lobster and crispy Brussels sprouts.........amazing.

So Bryan my new son and my two daughters have decided to come up here for a few days, I am so happy. I heard they had a test so we should be be good. We will have our traditional Thanksgiving time like my Mother had for several years............which involved way too much food.........like start with eggs, and then beans and then salad and then pasta and then turkey...which involved a dressing which was hand down from our family on both sides..........

The dressing for me is my highlight.........it involved pork and beef, with croutons of course and onions, celery, carrots and eggs and Italian parsley..............to die for........but

This year we will do some beyond beef instead of pork and beef.........

Pat does not like flies, I disagree. She says they are dirty, so if they touch our food, we are in trouble......OK, I guess it is not too important. I decided to look up how long these flies last in our kitchen or office and this is what I found:

How long do house flies live?
An average house fly lives about a month. In that time, females can lay five to six batches of eggs. Although they’re more active in the summer, house flies reproduce year-round.

How long do fruit flies live?
The lifespan of a fly can also depend on the species. For example, fruit flies live a little longer than house flies. These insects die after about 40 to 50 days. Like house flies, they can yield several generations during this time. Just one female fruit fly can produce up to 500 offspring.

Wow, this is interesting. I thought flies can live only a few days, but as we know here, fruit flies live a lot longer........I do not think they are dirty...........

So there is now a fly that is bothering me so what should I do?

Maximus is OK also

Monday November 23, 2020


GEEE maybe I have the caps wrong..........OK, i KWO THE rAIDERS..........lost so I will survive...............


WE ARE.......GOOD FOR THE FUTURE .....Biden is going to be president........

OK, Maximus is good............

Jose and Salvador do all the physical work in the winery, thus making wine. Sure I help when they ask, but they have learned from me and Josh and even Matt. I do have to get into an excel........making the blends, and that is also making all 100% varietals are kept separate. I just look at all barrels and blend........

So we are still fermenting..............

We had 7 barrels of a blend for Escuro, it is small so we had to think!!

The first fermentation we tried last week was Carignan, 16 barrels. I have never had trouble fermenting a Carignan until this year so, who knows.........Jose and Salvodor did great. The fermentation is almost done so we are learning, now fermenting is Petit Verdot.........

Tuesday November 24, 2020


Another day when TSLA is up big again. I know the future will be great for electric cars but how far are we looking into the future?? I just looked I have enough realized profits in TSLA to purchase many new Model S.......AND enough unrealized profits to buy many more

So I have ordered a Plaid and I look forward to it next year, but knowing Elon, it may be in 2022? I put my $1K into the order, 0 to 60 in less than 2 seconds, Bryan may have fun, but I am too old........but one of the big reasons for me is the range may be over 500miles on a charge.............I can't wait

Our last refermentation is going well again. Jose came in at 6PM this evening to restart our last one, which was Escuro. We need to make sure the restart with a lot of yeast does not go too fast so he had to come in this evening and add all the wine since it looks like it was down to 1% sugar. This is complicated but we needed to add this wine this evening..........

Now the sugar reading we do does not calculate what really is left. When we see a reading at one percent, it really means it could be over 2 percent sugar, I could explain if interested..........

So Jose at 7PM has left and we hope this last lot will be finished in the next few days........I love what I do.......

So Pat and I are so happy, our two daughters and New son, Bryan will be here for 4 days. Susie will be here tomorrow for some chicken wings before Thursday when we will start with:

Salad and many trimmings, including many different beans, avocado, green onions and much more. Then
I could do this when I was young.......

So next we have a rich pasta....I have to pace my self at my age, but back then I would take two potions of the salad with heavy on the pigs feet and then another two portions of pasta. My Mother made the best Pasta Gravy, heavy on beef ribs, cooked for hours with Dried Porcini Mushrooms.........

Then there is Turkey!! So we do peas, and mashed potatoes, and much more on the side and The Turkey dressing which will be heavy on Beyond Beef.

We always cook the turkey Breast down, my Mother's tradition, that keeps the breast juicy. SOSOSO we start at 450 degrees for 15 minutes with the dressing inside and then turn it down to 325. With our great Convection oven, a 15 pound turkey could be ready in 3 hours.....so I have to poke in the turkey many times to make sure we are ready........The breast only needs to be at 145 degrees , because the temp will go up by sitting..........So as you can guess when the pasta is on, we also have to prepare to slice the turkey..........

Gee Bryan, do you think you could carve?

I need a few sips of Maximus............

Wednesday November 25, 2020


Susie is here and Kate and Bryan will show up tomorrow with their Model Y. Then we will start the big day!!

My Mother Vivien always thought this was her favorite day so I will be thinking about her..........

To everyone, happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday November 27, 2020


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving!! I think of my Mother every year. My Mother thought it was her favorite day. She was thankful we had our Family.....It was so nice to have a Great dinner yesterday ........

Monday November 30, 2020


Wow, a lot of great food and wine so we are recovering..........

I need to decide what to blend for our 2020 wines and so I need Jose to come in and let me know what he has done with these slow refermenting wines. I did not see him today!!

I hope he comes in tomorrow so we can plan...........but in the past he does not tell me when he comes in for the day.........so I have to step up and give new rules!!!!! I have to let him know when he comes in tomorrow, hopefully, that in the future he comes in the office first. We need to talk every morning so we can make great wine........

I got up early for the Market again and there was nothing for me to do so I have to get some sleep to see if I want to buy something tomorrow..........

Long day so maybe a dogfish will help?

I have a new printer coming this week and it does laser color. I have always enjoyed my HP color inkjet but it uses ink!!

We print a lot of newsletters and such to send in the mail or hand out so Pat, Jesse and Catalina want it to be in color, marketing? BUT it cost me this last week $300 for ink. I even tried another recycled toners and they were fine for one thing.....the ladies saw a few lines that were not dark enough. So why? I tried many things and found out the color recycled toner was the problem?? Why?? So I had to buy more color HP toners..........SO

That is why I will replace it with a new printer. The color laser jet, thus no ink will give me 3000 pages in color and cost me far less. Sure the printer cost me $400 but think in the next several years I will not have to buy more toners. 

like always, I bought something new that will grow, ........tomorrow

Tuesday December One, 2020


So Jose came in today and we had a good time. I did not say much, just said I had to know what is happening SO he gave me so much info about what we have to do. We need to blend our 2020 wines starting in the next few weeks. We usually do it in the middle of December.

That means we move the barrels outside to arrange and hope the weather is good. This time of year usually we have some rain which will not make much problem, but now we hear it could get up to mid seventies in the next few days so we will hold off for a week.

Wednesday December 2, 2020


I do not want to get into too much Politics, but really!! Trump wants to pardon family and and others before they are charged and including himself!!!

Jose and I have everything set up for our blend of 2020 wines. That means as usual we move barrels out in the parking lot and arrange. It will be 30+ every morning until we finish. It will get up to 70 for a few hours!! Wine may move from 60 degrees now to maybe on a cold morning 58 and then during the day, maybe up 61, soo what............Remember I want my wine to age nicely so that means these young barrels of wine need to be moved around and exposed to some variety, variance, what ever. Most wineries keep their wine at a constant temp, usually 55 degrees.....they are robots..........that is not what I want to do.......I digress

 I have given Jose and Salvodor all they need but it will be organization as usual. We will start blending next week.

Here is a spreadsheet of the barrel setup.

Thursday December 3, 2020

This morning we checked the barrels which are outside ready to blend next week and we were surprised that the temperature of the wine was 51 degrees. The outside temp was 36 degrees. With the temperature up to 68 degrees now at 1Pm we checked again just now and the temp has moved up to 53 degrees. It will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow. As I have said before all our red wines are cold stabilized down to 26 degrees for a week in our large freezer so even if the temperature moves lower tomorrow morning and over the weekend until we blend next week, the wine will be fine. We actually have our 100% Petit Verdot and Carignan in the freezer already. They will stay for a week and then we will put other wines in the freezer later next week.


So today was good with Jose, Salvodor is always great, so sometimes I have to step up because Jose wants to party.........yes he went to Las Vegas and we told him to wear a mask like Salvador does all the time..........I degrees

Also Catarina and all our other employees wear a mask so we hope things are good, now that our Governor is shutting down the state.

So I have a problem, I now have close to 1mil profit in TSLA, all long term back a few years ago, it has always been these long term shares I do not want to sell, otherwise, if I sell now I would have a long term profit, half as much to claim on my income taxes.........

hey, how far will this stock go up? I have to get up tomorrow and make decisions, if some of you care?......., the Cruise stocks and Airlines are the biggest gainers this last few days.....buy low sell high...........Hey the Market is looking off, not I have said before, 6 MONTHS, now the Market has been looking much longer, TWO YEARS........Let's hope I am right, it may be a nice recovery?

Friday December 4, 2020


I hate snakes, I have seen a few around our property over these 47 years here. They are Rattlesnakes.........snakes and we had a few problems..........I am sorry, but I think of Trump as a snake. Why is he still causing problems?

Like I said we will start blending our 2020 wines and in January we will be bottling our 2019 16 month wines along with our 2020 Luminaire and Fresco and our 2019 Sparkling wine, which I have tried and, I think it is great with alcohol at 12.5%.

Pat and I live here, right on the property, We like what we have here and it is so much nice as the winemaker to have this in my grasp. I can go out now in the parking area and see all the 2020 barrels ready to be blended next week............few winemakers anywhere have what i have. That said

We live here so now with our appointment schedule now, someone comes in at say at 10 minutes to Three. Pat and I are in office,, hey I was reading a new Kindle book, but I am always looking to the parking lot........yes

3 cars, three separate people to taste at 2:50pm. Catalina asked to leave, Pat said OK.

This was 4:20 Pm when Catalina left. It was 4:40 when Pat went out to ask what they wanted to have? How long will you be here.

I like my privacy so we need to change!!???

We are appointment.....we live here.......we set it up at one hour before the next one. When we were open to the public.....8 months ago, customers would come in and stand at our counter, there were two stools, but we had as many as 15 standing, most left after a half an hour. Now customers come in and sit at a big table, on our wonderful deck. They are not allowed in our stand up Tasting Room per the County. I have suggested losing the chairs out side??? OK, it is nice to taste wine when you are relaxing and thinking about buying more wine So these guys bought a case of wine.......what do I do?  

Saturday December 5, 2020

Kate and I hope the Raiders win tomorrow

Pat and I have looked at a new series that Susie showed us last week, It is called Kings Gambit. Way back when I was into Chess so it is an interesting series........Up stairs soon to set up.

So I have now decided to give $100 to several Sonoma County organizations which are helping people who need food and people who are homeless..........I am a fortunate...............................

OK, I just went into the winery and see we already have set up Block 4 for blending on Monday, I think how fortunate I am, I am happy we have a new president.


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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