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arrow October 4 - October 17, 2020

Sunday October 4, 2020


Besides other distractions, I have a foot that is hurting me!! I jump up on my forklift during harvest to travel off to the scale where we document weight that we brought in that day. For my age I guess it should not be done, because in past years I hurt my back, but this year I guess I hopped up to quickly? So the bottom of my left foot which is used to make the jump up caused me a problem? I will be fine now that I will not be weighing any more grapes........

So The Raiders lost, but Nadal won so it was an OK day. Stock Futures are up tonight so they are predicting the Future????..........

Monday October 5, 2020


OK, I just saw the president leaving the hospital, I hope he does not contaminate more people, but what is more concerning, his followers may think he is right and: it is just like the flu.

As usual here we are off to another time!! Catarino my best friend, has obligations down in his home town in Mexico. He said he was buying more land to help a relative. I will miss him, but we do not start pruning for another month and he will be back for our Wine Club packing.........but then Pat is a lot more cautious than I, she has suggested Catarino and Martha may want to quarantine since they have down with family. Catarino says he will be careful so we will ask him when he gets back................

My foot is still a problem and I hope it will be better in the next few days. Pat says I should see a doctor, but I do not have one now so I would have to see someone new. Now I would like to have a new doctor since my last lady left so I will wait. A problem on the bottom of my foot, should not be concerning...........

Now ready for NFL and Tennis.........and of course IPA 

Tuesday October 6, 2020


I say a month because I think it has been about a month since Trump doubled down on the Covid 19. A few weeks ago after the convention he could not wait to start having a big rally again, and he constantly said the China Virus and I saved Millions of lives...............

I am sorry, I am so dissapointed, I hoped The President would try to bring us together, now I know even Biden can not help this country in the next 4 years

Just think, do you THINK, his supporters will be happy!! For some unknown reason, some of his follows are poor and they hope Trump can solve their problem and make them rich.

There are others like my best friend back in college.....he does not answer my questions about what he thinks. Most people from what I have observed have learned in their young years......they liked a Republican or Democrat and it is hard when they grow up to forget that.

I need an IPA...........Tennis, A's, more politics.......Market tomorrow!!!

Thursday October 8, 2020


My diet as such it is.......
has resulted in good results, calories are the most important, Carbs help me go down fast for a few days, but in the end if I want to lose weight, I have to count calories........so right now more than I want, I am doing 90 carbs, I want 60, but I like my shot of Campari, which has sugar....and an IPA, 4 ounces has sugar.....gee, Dave get over it.........count calories..........so I am averaging 1950 calories, 30% in alcohol so I am down to 2018 and I now want 2014 by Thanksgiving, no problem, count calories and wine     and IPA

another day of Politics, Pat says I am too obsessed, I agree. She says it is not making a difference in the race, I think Trump is not doing anything that can get him elected

One of our customers mentioned our great dinners we have here every night. My favorite time is sitting down to a nice dinner. Tonight I made up a pasta dish from many left overs. Pat and I compliment each other, I get the main dish together and Pat does so much fun with a side dish with nice vegetables

We are still pressing the last wine in fermenters and we should be done in the next few days. All the wine has gone dry so far, last year we had problems

I think I mentioned my problem with my left foot that helped me push up to one of our three forklifts, I like the old one the best but maybe I should try one of our other two, including our Electric one, easier to get on.......... SO

I need an IPO

My foot is still bad, real bad, real intense constant pain, even sitting down at this computer tonight and still having constant throbbing.......

I have had many pains created by accidents or on the job here. Now a week with pain.......So Pat said, maybe you should go to the Hospital. Not going to happen, I said they could just put my foot in a cast,,,,,,,,no way

So Pat said look up Gout!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked it up and I do not think it is Gout. I have a constant pain in the bottom of my foot. I can deal with it but I think I will try out the Electric Forklift...........

Friday October 9, 202


Another day, and it looks like all our fermenting wine is doing great. We finished harvesting last week and we still are pressing those fermenters. Everything is going dry!! I like that as a winemaker, but 2019 vintage because of power outages has a slight bit of sugar in them...............0.3 percent at the most. I do say it smooths out the 2019 wines.........

Monday October 12, 2020

Monday Monday, I am still here...........


Kate and Bryan were here this weekend so it was so much fun. We were still social distancing

So Jose and the great Salvador were here today so we decided to press all remaining wine. We had heard PG&E may turn off our power again so we wanted to get done. We are hoping  to do packing on Friday for our Wine Club and now that is great!! We have the winery now organized, next Monday we will fill the Wine Club boxes and get ready to send out next week.

OK as some will know I had some nice sports results........Nadal won and The Raiders won,,, enjoyable. but

The most important results is when I can be satisfied with getting the liar!! Like I have said my biggest thing against Trump is repeated lying. I know for us a corporation and new lower taxes for wine, I should support him..........no I can never support a liar.........sure other politicians have lied but nothing like this guy........

So tonight before I go to see NFL and politics, I am having Pat and I most interesting sparkling water, no alcohol now, later: Soleil Grapefruit..............enjoy

Wednesday October 14, 2020

Another two days of politics.........don't get me in to it!!!!!!!!!!!

Harvest is not done!!!!!!!!!! The fermentations for the Dave's Cuvee are slowing down so we will harvest a bin of about 1500 pounds and referment the Dave's Cuvee. 10 barrels of Dave's Cuvee have slowed down like last year. Remember it is the last fruit we bring in so it has been out there a long time and the grapes cause adventures and thus it is hard to finish fermentation.....long story

It is now at 14+ alcohol and may go up to 15.8 and it is slowing down, it may get stuck and leave residual sugar. SO

We will harvest what is out in the vineyard tomorrow. We may get about 1500 pounds according to Catarino's computer so we will start fermenting by adding a lot of yeast and add back the slowly fermenting Dave's over a few days in hope to finish for this year...........

Last night I had a taste of 2019 Dave's Cuvee compared to 2017 Block 4 and Dave's Cuvee is a nice wine almost as nice as the Block 4.


Pat and I have been going into the propositions on the California ballot and it is complicated but we will drop off soon?

10 days ago I was instructed by Amazon, if I wanted to do a refund for one of my shorts I ordered........and I said it was too small, so is this a 3 party company who I have heard from that? I had to pay $5 and no refund yet it is concerning to many people? So after 10 days now after handing to my great USPS lady, I have not got a refund yet so what is going on???

Now it makes me concerned to a trust her or any post office around here to deliver my ballot successfully? Trump is messing with us!!!

I will have an update on our last harvest tomorrow.......tomorrow is another day.......................



I am thinking about Thanksgiving, I love a turkey with all the trimmings so Pat and I may be by our selves. I know Bryan would like Turkey but Kate would not, but I did hear Susie will be here?.......time will tell

Today we did receive about 1600 pounds of fruit from a relative of Catarino's and it will be fermented tomorrow.....we will add a lot of yeast and we will add some slow acting Dav's Cuvee, 2020 in the next few days. It will be an adventure...........

Friday October 16, 2020


Today is another day. The USPS, finally came through and gave me a refund on my shorts, they had to send it to Florida and slow train, so it took a week. Pat and I are now confident the USPS will take our vote???..........We better hand it to her a week a head of time????

Vinnie brought me 2 cases of Mind Circus, we traded wine.........

Salvador and Jose inoculated our restart for the sluggish Dave's Cuvee this year. I will report how it goes over these next several days. The neighbors grapes as Zin goes swelled up to 28 sugar so we added a lot of water to tone it down and then we added a lot of yeast this afternoon and we plan to add the 10 barrels slowly over the next two days and make sure the yeast has done its job..........

I could talk about my cats again, no old stories for now. My cat now is lazy. We saw a big Rat.......long tail start running in the winery today and we scared it away.......where is my lazy Cat. So he is not bothering me anymore,,,,,,,,,........somewhat........since Pat has been feeding him. I feel for this cat..........There was a time when cats were the most interesting things a round me except for Pat. Way back in 1975 I had a cat named SINWIT. It is a long story and I hope to finish it tomorrow........but after a few sips of Mind Circus, I am up for politics or MLB...........

Saturday October 17, 2020

Way back when we were younger, Pat and I both loved cats rather than dogs. We had a cat we called little, but nickname Wit. She was a beautiful calico. It was 1975 or 1976 I believe. She got pregnant with a local cat and several months later she had 4 kittens right in our bed. They were so cute!! We gave three away and kept one and he was a very fluffy cinnamon color, very long fur. We called him the son of Wit, but  nickname of Sinwit, because he was cinnamon and the son of Wit.. For some reason be liked to sleep in the bathroom and I remember in 1977 when there was a severe drought in Marin County we had parties at our house up 120 stairs in Fairfax. There was a phrase we all used: "If it is Yellow, it is Mellow, if Brown Flush it Down. Sinwit enjoyed all the action in the bathroom.......

I did not get him neutered, I guess it was a man thing. He was so much fun but in 1978 he started wandering around the area and would spend more time away than at the house. His fur started feeling rough. I took him to a vet and the he said he is not doing well!! On the day before we moved out of Fairfax and came here in Dry Creek Valley I could not find him. I looked for a long time and found him not moving over by a tree I had planted. I buried him right with the tree, a very emotional time. To this day he was my favorite cat........

Wit and Sinwit loved to wonder up the hill in Fairfax. When we moved here, Dry Creek Rd was right up 50 feet from our house. Wit stayed in the house for a few days and one night went up the hill onto Dry Creek Rd, she was the first cat of many who were hit by cars over the years. Pat and I cried that day........................


Now an update on my obsession to lose weight and reduce the size of my big belly. Since I injured my foot I have not been able to do many exercises to reduce the size of my belly flab, but I have lost a lot of weight. In the past I have always tried to limit my Carbohydrates to 60 a day at the beginning of the year. I know Carbs stick to my body. Of course I have always admitted that it is calories, stupid. Counting calories is the best way to lose weight and you can eat anything.

Over the past few years I have not ballooned up as high after the holidays. For years I would see my weight up over 230 pounds in the first two weeks of January. See the chart below. As you see in the last few years My weight in January has been less. I know this chart is hard to figure out, but you see at the top it started in May 2004 and ends as of yesterday on October 16. My lowest weight was on July 19, 2004 at 211 pounds. That was just before we drove across the USA in my fist 2003 BMW 5 series, a nice car, but not a Model S Tesla, I digress......

Last month on September 23 I was 222 and I wanted to get down to 218 by Thanksgiving. My weight when I got married was 221 but my belly is bigger!!  After a few days I saw I could get lower. Instead of counting Carbs I concentrated on total calories. Since then I have averaged 1900 calories and 95 Carbohydrates a day. So calories are the most important thing to count. I know at my weight if I average 2700 calories a day, I do not gain weight. Yesterday I weighed 215.4 pounds the lowest since 2004 and I hope to continue to count calories and see how low I can get.......time will tell.......

BTW, of those 1900 calories, 240 are from a Tequila Drink with Campari and Grapefruit with a small lime, 300 is from Coffaro wine and 75 calories from 4 ounces of an IPA SO about a third of the intake. I have a lot of fun in the evening!!!

Weight Chart


So I just came in back from the winery and it looks like fermentations are starting.

Cory our recent cat who did not catch that Rat yesterday, still greeted me when I came in to the office. He still wants to be with me.......it is hard I feel for him and after several recent cats like him I can not give him love right now. He is not a cuddling cat like Sinwit, this cat is more like Sinwit's mother, Wit  All cats are different like a lot of us..............He is confused like I am and he is a family member.........

Jose was in earlier and we decided to wait for tomorrow to add a barrel of the stuck , 2020 Dave's Cuvee. It was just started earlier yesterday with a lot of yeast so tomorrow morning should be good to add a barrel to each 5 bins and see what happens. We want to slowly ferment Dave's Cuvee to finish to dryness, thus no sugar left..............

So tonight I tried a bottle of our Dry Creek Red Road and I thought it was very nice......Compared to Block 4 2018, it was close, nice value.......... I know I love my wine like many Club members who were charged to day.

So  Salvador and Jose will come back tomorrow morning and I am sure we can start adding the 10 barrels we have that are slowing down.............tomorrow is another day................


For any comments or questions I encourage any of you to e-mail.....david@coffaro.com

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